8 Times When Harry Potter Should Have Taken A Stand

When Harry Potter Should Have Taken A Stand:

As a true Gryffindor, Harry showed bravery throughout his time in Hogwarts especially during times of danger. That bravery often turned into recklessness that put him and his friends into bigger troubles. But surprisingly, Harry used to be quiet when he was being misjudged or treated badly even though he was innocent. The same chivalry that helped fight dark wizards always disappeared when it came to facing his mates and professors. We have listed 8 instances where Harry should have spoken for himself.

 1. Harry, Ron, Hermione Vs The Troll

When Harry Potter Should Have Taken A Stand

Harry and Ron were obediently returning to their tower as ordered by the professors when a troll was let loose at Hogwarts. But realizing that Hermione was still in the washroom, completely oblivious to the danger, it was right on their part to go and inform her. It was reaching to the girls’ washroom that they bumped into the troll (even though they were the ones to lock him in with Hermione). They fought the troll not as arrogant fools but only as a measure of defense.  Harry and Ron should have told Professor McGonagall the whole story when she was scolding them. It was Hermione who had to lie and save them but even the truth harmless as both were innocent.

 2. When He Speaks Parseltongue

During Harry and Draco’s match against each other, while demonstrating the dueling technique, Malfoy leaves a snake on Harry. But to everyone’s surprise, Harry easily converses with the snake in parseltongue and instructs him to leave s student alone. But it misfired as everyone assumed the opposite that he was encouraging it to attack the boy who even snaps at him in anxiety. Harry let everyone judge him when he could have told them the truth.

 3. When His Name Appeared In Goblet Of Fire

When Harry Potter Should Have Taken A Stand

When Harry’s name came out of the Goblet of Fire, everyone almost hounded on him for using a trick to put his name. But Harry was silent and didn’t fight for himself despite being innocent. He grew more haters and even his friends were starting to turn against him. He should have announced his side of the truth and his unwillingness to participate.

 4. When He Saw Thestrals

Things About Luna Lovegood

Harry’s friends were amazed at Luna Lovegood when she was addressing the Thestrals. Instead of letting his friends judge Luna, Harry could have explained to them what Thestrals were, and why only he and Luna could see them. It would have opened their minds and prevented them from making assumptions about Luna and him.

 5. When Harry Was Isolated

Even though having to scream out your own merits and goodness is not Harry’s style who is modest and resorts to action over words, he still shouldn’t have tolerated everyone’s mistreating him in Order of Phoenix. No one trusted him after Cedric’s death and went with the news headlines that called him mad. Harry should have advocated for himself, reminding everyone how many times he had put interested in Hogwarts’ before his own.

 6. When Dumbledore Was Unavailable

After dealing with Voldemort face to face and losing Cedric Diggory in front of his eyes, Harry was still coping with his trauma. But his woes didn’t get a moment of relief as Voldemort kept contacting him through dreams. Dumbledore was the only answer to his pain but he had suddenly become hard to reach that year. Dumbledore kept avoiding Harry making it almost impossible for him to confront him. But given the graveness of the situation, Harry should have tried harder than waiting for the professor to show up. He didn’t even bother Dumbledore when Umbridge mistreated and tortured him with the spelled quill because the headmaster was ignoring him.

 7. When His Friends Didn’t Believe Him About Malfoy

When Harry Potter Should Have Taken A Stand

Destruction could have been averted had Harry sounded more convincing to Hermione and Ron about Malfoy. His friends not believing his claims about Draco was obvious given their history of being at loggerheads. He should have adamantly involved his friends more into his plans so they could eventually learn about Draco being a Death Eater.

 8. When Snape Asked For Harry’s Potion Book

When Harry Potter Should Have Taken A Stand

Even though Snape had his best interests at heart for Harry, he was still mean and unfair to on many occasions since the first year. When Harry injured Draco with the Sectumsempra spell, Snape immediately found them and asked for the potion book that Harry had been using. Though he smartly handed him over Ron’s book, Harry could have begun with a protest as Snape had no business with potions book since he no longer taught that subject.

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