Movies With The Most Dangerous Shooting Tales

Movies With Most Dangerous Shooting Tales:

Filming a movie in the studio and designed-sets is always the safest option but they render an artificial essence which the audience is smart enough to catch. Therefore, adventurous and passionate actors and directors get on the field to capture authenticity. Most of the time they are successful in impressing the audience and the critics but they couldn’t fight the powers of nature. This list consists of some of the most dangerous and bizarre incidents from the set that put the crew’s life in danger.

 1. Fitzcarraldo

Movies Dangerous Shooting Tales

An epic drama about an Opera lover who decided to bring a huge boat on the mountain with the help of locals. But trouble followed when the director demanded to make the movie authentic by lifting the boat literally up a real mountain instead of using CGI and the studio. And then began a dangerous adventure of the crew itself. As they pulled the steamboat on the hill during the rain, a chain of unfortunate problems ensued. The hand of the poor cinematographer cut open and another crew member was bitten by a snake. But treating them was not a relief either as the cinematographer had to get stitches on the spot without any anesthesia and the snake bite victim had to cut his foot off, according to sources.

 2. Cartel Land

Movies Dangerous Shooting Tales

Capturing the true picture of the cartel-dominated Mexico threw the director into real-life dangerous situations. Blinded by the passion to keep the documentary authentic and feel the essence, he went on night patrolling at the Southern US border with the Arizona Border Recon. But he got the painful taste of the reality when he joined few vigilantes on the border and got himself shot.

 3. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Depicting a very frightening version of the dystopian era, every moment in the movie was wild and consisted of dangerous stunts and action sequences. We can’t deny how merely watching the stunts was spine-chilling, but shooting in such an environment was even riskier for the crew on the sets. According to BTS, many people injured themselves while filming where some broke their femur in a bike stunt and others broke either vertebra or heel.

 4. Apocalypse Now

It was a freaky coincidence that a movie titled Apocalypse Now was hit severely by a natural disaster. To depict the Vietnam War, the director selected the Philippines as the shooting spot. But the productions had to battle its life-threatening challenges when a Typhoon hit the city, and tons of disease and heart attacks fell upon the crew.

 5. Ben-Hur

Though un-intentional, the dramatic accident during the chariot race was not reel but real. One of the stuntmen almost flew across the air and smashed on his chin. As this accident got rolled on the camera, the director used it in the movie for a dramatic effect.

 6. The Passion of the Christ

The Passion of Christ was another movie that met with a deadly fate. Actor Jim Caviezel’s endurance level was put to test by the cold while filming the crucifixion sequence. But that wasn’t all as the crew was attacked by unlimited bizarre accidents during this biblical drama. The most unfortunate was when Jim was struck by lightning followed by two more members within the next few minutes. As the deafening thunder fell upon them, they saw a red beam that put their hair on fire.

 7. Waterworld

Movies Dangerous Shooting Tales

Waterworld depicted a post-apocalyptic life where everything sinks underwater. This naturally called for seaside shooting in Hawaii for an unstoppable number of days and months. The chosen location came with its own set of challenges for the crew. Most of the members started to get sea-sick and an actor kept getting stung by jellyfish regularly. Amidst all these troubles even the weather betrayed them when a series of storms destroyed their sets and risked the lives of the crew members.

 8. The Revenant

The iconic Leonardo DiCaprio had to put himself through hell for the Oscar jury to finally appreciate his skills. Though already considered as the best and the most formidable actor with unmatched skills, Leonardo left us all speechless and spellbound in The Revenant. To get in the skin of his character and emanate authenticity, he jumped into a frozen river of Alberta where the temperature was below -22’ F. Dicaprio was almost in a minute away from getting hypothermia.

 9. Super Size Me

“A moment on the lips, forever on the hips”, we couldn’t agree more with Rachel Green’s sister. In his burger experiment, Morgan Spurlock gained 24 pounds within a month after living on McD’s burgers for 30 days straight. But weight gain didn’t come alone and it brought mood swings, heart diseases, and cholesterol with it also. Sadly losing was not as fast as gaining was. It took about 14 months for Morgan to lose a significant amount of weight.

 10. Roar

Movies Dangerous Shooting Tales

The crew members were inviting when they decided to shoot with tigers and lions. They worked with over 100 big wild cats and got injured on several occasions. Not just the actors but even the cinematographer was attacked so severely that he got 220 stitches.

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