New Theory explains Identity of Aang’s Secret Fire Nation Friend

Aang’s Secret Fire Nation Friend:

Aang spent almost all his life frozen within a huge iceberg. But we know almost jack about what he was like before the Hundred Year War before the Air Nomads were destroyed by the Fire Nation Army. He was merely twelve years before the Air Nomads were wiped out. Aang did have a life though. In Avatar: The Last Airbender series, Aang mentions that back before all this happened, Aang had a friend from the Fire Nation named Kuzon. That has gotten the fans intrigued to know the real identity of Kuzon and who it might be. A new theory might shed some light on that matter.

Aang mentions Kuzon for the first time in Season 1. After he is captured by Admiral Zhao’s forces, he is saved by Prince Zuko who is disguised as the masked vigilante the Blue Spirit. Aang ends up saving the Blue Spirit and both then escape to the nearby forest. There when Zuko wakes up, Aang mentions his time when he had a friend named Kuzon from the Fire Nation.

Aang’s Secret Fire Nation Friend

The animated series never actually shows Kuzon in the flesh unlike Aang’s other older friends like King Bumi. Even Monk Gyatso is shown in a flashback but not Kuzon. When the Invasion of the Fire Nation began, Aang was the most sympathetic of the Fire Benders and empathized with them. This could be attributed to his friendship with Kuzon, the Fire Nation Pal we never get to see. But there might be a catch here. Aang’s Fire Nation Ally, according to this theory, is incredibly important to the events of the series. It is because Kuzon is related to Fire Lord Ozai.

This theory states that Kuzon is the Son of Sozin. He is the erstwhile ferocious Fire Nation Emperor known as Fire Lord Azulon. This would make him Zuko’s grandfather.

If found to be true, this theory changes everything in the world of Avatar! We know so far that monarchies tend to be based on bloodlines in this world. Bumi’s father was the ruler of Omashu and Bumi would one day end up becoming King of the Earth Kingdom. Almost all of Aang’s friends from other nations were closely related to the royal bloodline of different nations.

Aang’s Secret Fire Nation Friend

The Order of the White Lotus., which was formed to protect the Avatar and conserve the Avatar Cycle for centuries, was first created during the reign of Avatar Kuruk. They most probably worked with Monk Gyatso to gather allies for the Avatar from different regions of the world. Members of the White Lotus include incredibly powerful and well-connected individuals. Iroh and Bumi, for example, are royalty. Both were appointed to become advisors to the Avatar when Aang comes of age and is strong enough to embrace his destiny.

Aang’s Secret Fire Nation Friend

This is probably the reason why Kuzon was friends with the Avatar. Fire Lord Sozin would have never allowed his son to befriend an Air Nomad Avatar. But it could have been orchestrated by the secret actions of the Order of the White Lotus. Azulon aka Kuzon and Aang became childhood pals and best friends. Fire Lord Sozin and Avatar Roku were once best friends when they were kids. The son is just following in his father’s footsteps. The White Lotus members might also have a secondary objective – leverage Aang’s friendship with Azulon to stop him from turning out like his father. It was only after the Air Nomads were killed and Aang ended up missing in action that Azulon eventually became ruthless and brutal in his ways.

Now we know that the writers of the Avatar have gone on record to claim that Azulon was born after Aang was frozen in the glacier. But there have been many times that the events within the Avatar Universe have been rectified to suit the fans’ narrative. We will not be surprised if the writers do it again. We mean come one, this theory is so cool and fits into the entire continuity so perfectly! The theory is just way too good to ignore.

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