Here’s The Evidence That WB Already Has Plans For Batman Beyond Movie

WB Has Plans For Batman Beyond Movie:

We have talked about how a Batman Beyond movie has now become a major possibility in the DC Films Universe with Michael Keaton’s Batman coming to The Flash solo movie. But did you know that it was the Crisis on Infinite Earths event on The CW (December 2019 – January 2020) that had set up Keaton’s arrival in The Flash? Obviously, the Crisis event was the one that connected all the DC TV shows to the different film continuities. And while establishing this connection, the Crisis event actually gave WB the means to bring the Multiverse to the films, and use it to connect two different movie Universes.

WB Has Plans For Batman Beyond Movie

Just a few days ago, we got the news that Michael Keaton will show up as an older Batman in The Flash. The events of Batman Forever and Batman & Robin will obviously be ignored as the story of Keaton’s Batman will continue 30 years after we last saw him in Batman Returns (1992). Keaton’s Batman is supposed to become a mentor to Barry Allen in the DCEU’s Earth. But we pitched the idea that he will jump to the DCEU’s Earth to not just protect his Earth from the danger that Barry’s Flashpoint event might bring to it, but he’d also make the jump knowing that his city (on his Earth-89) is safe in the hands of Batman Beyond.

That means, if a Batman Beyond movie happens with Keaton training a young Terry McGinnis as Gotham’s new Batman, it will be a prequel to DCEU’s The Flash. How do we know this? It’s because the Crisis event gave us the Evidence that Batman Beyond already exists on Keaton’s Earth-89. In that event, we saw DCEU’s Barry Allen meet the Barry Allen of the Arrowverse. But in the same event, we got to see that Keaton’s Earth 89 is also a part of the DC Multiverse. Here’s the footage of Earth 89 that was seen in the Crisis event:

In this cameo, we see actor Robert Wuhl playing the character of Alexander Knox, the same reporter Tim Burton’s Batman movies. As the skies turn red due to the anti-matter wave, Alexander Knox says “I hope you’re watching big guy.” This was obviously a reference for Batman. But did you notice the call signal in the sky? Take a proper look at it:

WB Has Plans For Batman Beyond Movie

The Bat-signal here is red instead of the typical Black Bat-signal that we’re used to seeing in every Batman movie. Now one may argue that this Bat-signal could be for Batwoman because she was an insignia almost exactly similar to the one we see here in the sky. But Alexander Knox here says “Big Guy.” Hence, if a Batman with a red insignia is present in this Universe, it has to be the Batman Beyond version.

WB Has Plans For Batman Beyond Movie

This is clear evidence that the idea of a Batman Beyond movie has already been set up by WB. Another reason why this cannot be a set up for a Batwoman movie is because they’re already planning a Batgirl film for Keaton to show up in. They cannot have a Batgirl movie & a Batwoman movie franchise at the same time. Especially when a Batwoman series is already running on The CW. So all of us should gear up for a Batman Beyond franchise because it’s certainly coming!

According to our theory, the first part of Batman Beyond will involve Keaton and a young actor around the age of Robert Pattinson as Terry McGinnis. Once he proves himself by saving Gotham under the guidance of Keaton’s older, wiser Bruce Wayne, Keaton could then go on to help The Flash, Batgirl, or any other hero in the DCEU.

In the sequel to Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis will prove to be his own hero. He will fight crime in Gotham without any aid from Bruce Wayne. Although he’ll still have access to Bruce’s resources, he won’t have Bruce Wayne around him. That’s when the going will get tough for him. The idea of a Batman Beyond movie or a franchise has always fascinated the fans. But stupid WB keeps finding new ways to reboot Bruce Wayne. Let’s see if they could actually land a Batman Beyond movie this time.

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