Top 10 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

Every TV show has a character that the fans cannot stand as whenever they are on the screen, they annoy the hell out of us. Some characters are written specifically to be annoying, whereas some characters turn into an annoying character as time passes, whichever is the case, the characters on this list have annoyed the fans the most with their antics. Here’s a list of most annoying TV characters.

#10: Dylan Marshall

Played By: Reid Ewing

TV Show: Modern Family

Dylan was introduced in the first season of Modern Family as a goofy character who could never do anything right. He added a lot to the show at first but his schtick ran out after a few seasons. But the makers decided to drag the character without any real development till the very end, and it became annoying after a while.

#9: Elena Gilbert

Played By: Nina Dobrev

TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

Elena Gilbert was a fan favorite when The Vampire Diaries started but she became really annoying as the show went on. She transformed into a whiny character who does everything wrong, without any accountability, unlike the others. This did not go down well with the fans and everyone was happy when Nina Dobrev finally left the show after the sixth season.

#8: Andrea Harrison

Played By: Laurie Holden

TV Show: The Walking Dead

In the Walking Dead Graphic Novels, Andrea is an awesome character. Unfortunately, the show butchered this character with bad writing. In the show, Andrea messes up all the time and she only does the things that she is not supposed to do. She even fell for the Governor, and that was the last straw.

#7: Kimmy Gibbler

 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

Played By: Andrea Barber

TV Show: Full House

Kimmy Gibbler is specifically written to annoy the Tanners in the show Full House, but she did not stop at just that, she successfully managed to annoy the viewers as well. We get it, you have smelly feet, now stop bombarding us with this fact every episode!

#6: Lori Grimes

Played By: Sarah Wayne Callies

TV Show: The Walking Dead

Walking Dead fans could never develop a liking towards Lori Grimes as she is highly condescending, and only thinks about herself even during an apocalypse. She was the main reason Shane turned evil as she tossed him aside as soon as Rick came back, then to top it all she blamed Rick for it.

#5: Newman

 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

Played By: Wayne Knight

TV Show: Seinfeld

From his annoying voice to his evil mind, everything about Newman annoys us. He is a diabolical character who is also the sworn enemy of Jerry. He plays a pivotal role in this series but we have looked into his eyes. He is pure evil.

#4: Janice Hosenstein

Played By: Maggie Wheeler


Janice’s laugh in FRIENDS still haunts us and gives us nightmares from time to time. The character is supposed to be annoying and Maggie Wheeler excels in that role. Unlike the other characters, the fans do not hate Janice even though she is annoying and that is a big compliment.

#3: Skylar White

 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

Played By: Anna Gunn

TV Show: Breaking Bad

Logically, Skylar was in the right most of the time, and no one expected her to get all the hate. The fans wanted Walter White to succeed in his empire-building business and they were annoyed whenever Skylar was in his way. She always pushes Walter around and the fans do not like her for that.

#2: A.J. Soprano

Played By: Robert Iler

TV Show: The Sopranos

AJ is a dumb, spoiled, and entitled brat that annoys everyone whenever he’s on the screen. For years, we waited for him to wise up but that never happened. His whining never stops and nothing makes him happy. During the end, we even feel sorry for the character at times, but that fades once he starts talking.

#1: Joffrey Baratheon

 Most Annoying TV Characters of All Time

Played By: Jack Gleeson

TV Show: Game of Thrones

Joffrey infuriated the fans whenever he was on screen and there aren’t many characters who have achieved this feat. He is a total psychopath who doesn’t care about anyone and he is an insufferable character from the start. Kudos to Jack Gleeson for playing such a difficult role.

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