MCU: 10 Times When Marvel Actors Spoiled Their Own Movies

Marvel Actors Spoiled Their Own Movies:

Behind the perfect plot, action, and special effects, there lies a whole family of goof ups residing in Marvel Studios. Watch how these MCU actors gave in to their excitement and ruined the movies not just for MCU but also for the fans.

 1. Joe Saldana & Dave Bautista

Marvel took extensive measures in maintaining the mystery by requesting its fans and the viewers to refrain from giving out spoilers. But apparently, the studios forgot to instruct its own cast as 7 out of 10 of them were blabbermouths. Joe and Dave ended half the debate by revealing that Drax and Gamora would return in Endgame.

 2. Gwyneth Paltrow

Tony and Nebula are stranded

Watching Pepper Potts in her custom-designed Iron Man armor was supposed to be one of the biggest surprises of Endgame. But actress Gwyneth Paltrow stole our thunder by giving out this detail beforehand. She posted a picture of herself in the iron suit on Instagram prior to the movie’s release. That wasn’t it as she spilled another big surprise by telling us about Morgan Stark, again, before the movie hit the theatres.

 3. Samuel L. Jackson

Captain Marvel Goose

From what we make out from Captain Marvel and Samuel  L. Jackson’s statements,  Nick lost his eye to an alien cat named Goose. But rewind a few movies and you can recall Nick Fury mentioning how he stopped trusting “people” after his eye incident. Fury referring to a cat as a human doesn’t make sense especially in Marvel Universe where every little detail matters and ends up having a significant meaning.

 4. Mark Ruffalo

MCU can never be lucky with its Hulk actors and this time we are talking about our favorite, Mark Ruffalo. By now, the actor has successfully managed to earn the title of a big green SPOILER. Most of all, we think he is lucky to still retain his job at Marvel Studios.

His most infamous goof-up was at the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok when Mark interacted with his fans on live chat but he forgot to turn it off during the screening. Thus, he ended up broadcasting the first- fifteen minutes of the movie.

 5. Frank Grillo

Avengers: Infinity War had ended on one of the biggest cliffhangers by wiping out half the superheroes and also by winning the villain. Fan theories were at their highest figuring out every possible way to revive the gone Avengers and to defeat the Mad Titan, Thanos. But Frank aka Crossbones revealed that Endgame would involve ‘time-travel’, one secret that linked all the broken pieces together.

 6. Letitia Wright

Marvel Actors Spoiled Their Own Movies

As we all know, Letitia is the famous face for Black Panther who plays Shuri. The actress once sent everyone into a tizzy after letting out a tiny but groundbreaking detail in an interview by mentioning how she enjoyed working with Chris Pratt. Fans went nuts as Shuri and Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy had never met, thus leading to only one explanation that the two would be back in Avengers: Endgame. Now, that would be a spoiler that MCU surely wanted to avoid after the big cliffhanger of Infinity War.

 7. Mark Ruffalo (again)

Avengers: Infinity War Mark Ruffalo Josh Brolin

If RDJ is the face of Marvel Studios, Mark is the face of Marvel Studios’ Spoilers. Not learning his lesson from Thor: Ragnarok incident, the actor brazenly spilled how everyone dies in Avengers: Infinity War while promoting the movie in an interview.

 8. Tom Holland

We eagerly wait for the annual comic con where Disney announces its next big projects with Marvel. But Holland snatched Disney’s mic, metaphorically of course, by announcing himself about Spider-Man’s 2nd and 3rd installments. Guess, there isn’t much difference between Tom and Peter after all when it comes to taking matters into their own hands.

 9. Tom Holland (again)

Tom Holland Robert Downey Jr.

After Mark Ruffalo, it’s been Tom who has carried the mantle of spoilers. He made a huge goof-up at the screening of Infinity War by announcing that he was “still alive” before the movie had even begun. Fans obviously couldn’t get his reference to being blipped away in the movie but it had already compelled them to suspect the impending snap. Maybe it was excitement or anxiety that got the better of young Tom.

 10. Elizabeth Debicki

It’s always a mystery as to discovering the next comic storyline that Guardian of The Galaxy would adopt. But Elizabeth ruined the guessing game by blabbing about Ayesha becoming an evil. For comic book readers, it was a huge spoiler as Ayesha was the sister Adam Warlock and hence a well-known character.

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