The Line Up for The First MCU X-Men Movie Has Possibly Been Revealed

First MCU X-Men Movie:

Kevin Feige & co have the next 5 years of the MCU mapped already. They aren’t revealing anything beyond Captain Marvel 2 as of now because the conditions aren’t stable and they don’t want to lock themselves in a situation where they have to reveal massive delays due to things that are out of their control. So, anything that has been revealed about the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and other projects like the Midnight Sons, the Young Avengers, and Weapon X should be considered merely as speculation and nothing more. But that doesn’t mean that we would stop discussing exclusive scoops that give us an idea about what is coming next.

 Line Up for The First MCU X-Men Movie

The X-Men are going to become a major part of the MCU 5 years down the line. Obviously, it will take years for them to be properly introduced as Marvel is seemingly taking “the Avengers” route with the mutants. We may not get an X-Men movie until 2024 or 2025, but the latest scoop from Marvel Scooper Mikey Sutton via The Cosmic Wonder seems to have revealed the potential line up for the X-Men in MCU. Obviously, things are in the early stages and it is just the brainstorming that has been going on at the Marvel HQ. There is no script for the X-Men film written yet, but there is surely a plan in play involving certain familiar & new unfamiliar mutants.

Here’s what Sutton wrote in the scoop that he acquired from his industry sources & submitted to The Cosmic Wonder YouTube channel:

“Marvel Studios’ plans for the X-Men are indeed at the earliest stages of development. The Mutants are indeed coming to the MCU and will be introduced Avengers style in other characters’ films. They are currently looking at the initial lineup of the X men to include Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Thunderbird Nightcrawler, Sunfire, Havoc and Storm, who is going to be from Wakanda.”

 Line Up for The First MCU X-Men Movie

Marvel Girl is basically Jean Grey. It is obvious that she cannot be kept out of the X-Men line up as her bond with Scott is essential for the team. It’s good to know that Cyclops & his brother Havoc will both be in the team as this would work story-wise. Nightcrawler is another character that we did expect to be in this line-up. We did expect new unfamiliar characters to be in this team and the likes of Thunderbird & Sunfire totally fit the bill.

Another thing that we did expect previously was Storm (Ororo Munroe) being from Wakanda just like the comics. She was married to T’Challa, and that might just become a future plan when Nakia dies or gets separated from the King of Wakanda. For now, Ororo could be introduced as a childhood friend of T’Challa and nothing more. She should arrive in Black Panther 2 now that Marvel has the rights to use her. Because her relationship with T’Challa played a major role in the X-Men vs. Avengers storyline, we expect that this could be built up years in the future. Let’s move on to the rest of the scoop from Sutton.

 Line Up for The First MCU X-Men Movie

This next part could contain a potential spoiler as Sutton reports that one of the X-Men is supposed to die in the first movie. But things are so early in development that this spoiler doesn’t really matter as of now. He wrote:

“Kevin Fiege wants an all new, all different approach, at least somewhat compared to what Fox did for so long with the X men. The president of Marvel Studios is focusing on the team as a school with some students joining Professor X on missions while others still studying and training (essentially a Hogwarts for mutants). The seriousness of what professor Xavier school does and what the X men do is brought to surface when spoiler alert Thunderbird is killed during a trip to Krakoa.”

Well obviously, Professor X is going to be a part of the X-Men as he is the one that runs and funds the Hogwarts of the mutants. But, Thunderbird dying on the trip to Krakoa, the living Island is something we should take as speculation for now. Wolverine hasn’t been named for this line up just yet. It has been rumored that Wolverine might make his debut in the Weapon X series on Disney+. So let’s wait and see whether he will be in the X-Men films or not. Perhaps he might be the one to connect the X-Men and the Avengers by appearing in both projects.

 Line Up for The First MCU X-Men Movie

In his previous scoop about the X-Men movie, Mikey Sutton also stated that the mutant team will be traveling to the Savage Lands. So, Krakoa and Savage Lands are two iconic Marvel locations that has name-dropped. Furthermore, he said that the big villain the X-Men will fight at the Savage Lands is Sauron. Sauron is the alter ego of Dr. Karl Lykos. Lykos can turn into a freakin’ dinosaur. Other villains like Ka-Zar & Shanna the She-Devil will be introduced as well. But they won’t be the real big baddies. As always, someone else will be pulling the strings. And this time it’ll be none other than Mister Sinister.

As for Magneto, he will come into the X-Men franchise a little later. Sutton stated that he’d become a huge deal when he gets introduced later. Magneto will be used as an anti-hero of sorts, who will first lead the X-Men to fight against Doctor Doom in Secret Wars. After that, he’d be the one to lead the mutants against Avengers in the X-Men vs. Avengers film. So far, Sutton’s scoops are all over the place. But his scoops have been right in the past. So it is upon you, whether you want to believe in his sources or not.

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