10 Incredibly Powerful Dragon Ball Fusions All Fans Are Desperate to See

Dragon Ball Fusions:

Fusions are now a thing in the Dragon Ball Universe. Gogeta, Vegito, Gotenks – are just some of the most notable fusion warriors. But since the concept is now canon, it opens up a lot of possibilities for the anime and manga. Do we say why stop there? The fans are eager to see what happens when their favorite Dragon Ball Warriors combine. We even have some combinations in store.

 1. Piccolo and Goku

This had to be the first entry on our list. Piccolo and Goku are the moral and ideological anti-thesis of each other. Goku likes training hard and fast to gain strength while Piccolo likes to take the quieter and more peaceful route of meditation and self-reflection. Sure both train hard but compared to both, Goku’s method provides result in terms of brutal strength. Piccolo, on the other hand, has embraced a level-headed approach to battle. And frankly speaking, in a battle, it takes guts and courage to remain calm when standing against insurmountable odds. Goku has never developed that ability fully. Piccolo has mastered it. A fusion between Goku and Piccolo will give the combined form Goku’s strength and Piccolo’s Mind – a super deadly combo no matter from whichever angle you look at it.

 2. Whis and Beerus

Dragon Ball Fusions

It is a proven fact that the Angel Attendants are more powerful than the Gods of Destruction they serve. Beerus is the most powerful God of Destruction to ever exist. This is said to be the most powerful of all Angels. Their fusion will create a being who is probably the most powerful immortal warrior ever, second only to the Grand Priest in terms of strength and combat ability. Considering they have so pretty good chemistry with each other, their fusion will be all the more powerful and strong.

 3. Beerus and Goku

Dragon Ball Fusions

Yeah, we know how crazy this sounds. Can a God of Destruction merge with a Super Saiyan? Is it even possible for a mortal being and an Immortal entity to fuse? Provided it is possible, it opens up a lot of possibilities for the Dragon Ball universe. Beerus is still the stronger of the two. But Goku is not far behind. More often than not, Goku’s feats of raw physical strength astound even Beerus. Goku once did 1 trillion sit-ups in mere seconds, something even Beerus found hard to believe. Goku still envies Beerus’ power and skills and aspires to attain that God Like strength Beerus radiates. A Super Saiyan God Ultra Instinct and the Multi Verse’s most powerful God of Destruction coming together would give that combined force a power that might even rival that of the Grand Priest.

 4. Vegeta and Frieza

All his life, Vegeta wanted to find a way to become stronger so that he could avenge his race. Frieza was the one who orchestrated the Saiyan Genocide that wiped out planet Vegeta from the face of the universe. Vegeta has become a million times stronger than he as during the Frieza arc. And Friezaq too has achieved new heights of strength after training for the first time, turning into Golden Frieza. Both still rank significantly lower than Goku, who has started to gain access to Godly abilities. Frieza and Vegeta are both proud, veteran warriors who have complete faith in their abilities. The only mortal who would stand a chance against a fused form of Vegeta and Frieza will be Goku. But we believe it will not be as difficult for Vegeta and Frieza to defeat him once they join forces.

 5. Buu and Cell

Dragon Ball Fusions

Majin Buu was the last and final menace of Dragon Ball Z. But the saga also had several other villains. Take for example Frieza, or even Cell. Both are equally popular villains. While Frieza finally found a way to become an official member of the Z Fighters during the Tournament of Power, Buu and Cell were never really given that much credit outside of their arcs. Both the latter villains are ruthless and brutal and should be given a chance. Provided the fact that Frieza has taken strides in terms of power level, the only way Buu and Cell even hold a chance to become relevant again is by fusing to form a singular, all-powerful entity. Buu’s vast array of powers and Cell’s menace and evil will make for a cool combination.

 6. Goku and Shenron

Dragon Ball Fusions

This might be trying to stretch it way further. Maybe we are trying to bit off more than we can chew. But this entire list is about imaginary fusion characters. So why not take it a step further and do something outrageous! Let’s be honest here we all laughed at this point but it would be so cool if they manage to pull this off. Shenron is an Immortal Dragon. He is an ancient being of magic hailing from the race of Dragons, a species that are powerful enough to use magic to bend the rules and fabric of reality to their wishes. Goku has already merged with Omega Shenron, the Shadow Dragon of the Dragon race that resided within the Dragon Balls, in Dragon Ball GT. If Goku manages to fuse with Shenron, then he will hold the power over all of creation. He might become more powerful than the Omni King.

 7. Jiren and Toppo

Dragon Ball Fusions

Jiren holds a power that the Angel Attendants claim rivals that of an Immortal God of Destruction. His aura is so strong that it could be felt across universes. Whis once claimed that Jiren has already surpassed many Gods of Destruction. Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11, is also a potential candidate for taking over the mantle of Universe 11’s God of Destruction after Belmod steps down. Both Jiren and Toppo hold power that is at least equal to or above that of a God of Creation and Destruction. If the fuse, they just might be able to challenge Lord Beerus to a duel and win it! Their fused form would wreak more absolute havoc on the battlefield. There is a high possibility that the Angels might have to intervene to stop the fight.

 8. Kale and Broly

Dragon Ball Fusions

Kale is the Saiyan Warrior chosen to represent Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power. The Saiyans of Universe 6 is a tad bit different from the Saiyan battlers of Universe 7. For starters, they do not have a tail after centuries of evolutionary processes removed that vestigial part out of their bodies. They also hold a lot of potentials. It took them a few minutes to understand how to transform into Super Saiyans, a feat that took Goku a hell of a lot of time and energy to accomplish. But Kale does not just go Super Saiyan. She went a step further and went Legendary Super Saiyan, the true Super Saiyan form in Saiyan Lore. Broly is the Saiyan from Universe 7 who has also managed to achieve that feat. What happens when two Legendary Super Saiyans merge? Can they defeat Ultra Instinct Goku?? Can two people from different universes even merge??

 9. Android 17 and Dyspo

Both Android 17 and Dyspo have something pretty much in common. Both are underdogs of their respective teams. Some might claim that Gohan is the dark horse of Universe 7 but we have to give it to Android 17. Nobody ever thought that Android 17 of all people would win the Tournament of Power and get to wish all the universes back to their former self. Dyspo may not be the strongest in the Pride Troopers team of Universe 11 but his greatest trick is his Super Speed Mode.

Dragon Ball Fusions

Using his magnificent reflexes and agility, Dyspo even gave Golden Frieza a run for his money. Both Dyspo and Android 17 have had the luxury of being underestimated, something that could cost their enemies in a fight dearly. We know a combination between the two does not make much sense but the more you think about it, the more you start believing that a Fused form of Dyspo and Android 17 could become one of the strongest warriors of the Dragon Ball saga.

 10. Piccolo and Vegeta

Both have been underdogs throughout their lives. Vegeta always trails behind Goku in terms of strength and raw power. Before Vegeta entered the scene, it was Piccolo who always lived under the shadow of the Saiyan Warrior of Earth. They have become far stronger since. Piccolo has the knowledge and experience that allows him to gain the upper hand in any fight. Vegeta has the strength of a Super Saiyan in his blood. Both fusings could give them a shot at something they have always wanted to achieve – surpass Goku once and for all. Piccolo has been overlooked for quite some time in the anime and manga and Vegeta seldom gets the recognition he truly deserves. Both toil hard but Goku takes away all the glory. Their fused forms could do the trick that their selves have a hard time accomplishing.

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