New Concept Arts From Avengers: Infinity War & Doctor Strange Revealed

New Concept Arts From Infinity War & Doctor Strange:

Ever since his debut, Doctor Strange has turned into the most important hero for the MCU. No other newcomer got as big of an importance as Doctor Strange in Infinity War. He was the one to lay down the entire plot of the next movie, and apart from the big 3 of the MCU, he was the one who got the coolest fight in Avengers: Infinity War. Now moving on, Doctor Strange is going to become an even bigger deal as he saves everyone from the Multiverse of Madness. But before we discuss the future, let’s take a look into the past.

We’ve already seen the above set photos of Doctor Strange & Tony Stark switching suits. Robert Downey Jr. even wore the Cloak of Levitation on the set. And we recently got to know that even Benedict Cumberbatch shot his motion capture scenes. So that’s proof enough for us to believe that we almost got the Iron Mage armor in Avengers: Infinity War. But what we don’t know is that there was another plan for Doctor Strange’s escape besides him turning into Iron Mage or Tony & Spidey saving him.

Apparently, Doctor Strange would have guided Tony Stark on how he could save him. This would’ve happened while Ebony Maw tortured Strange’s physical body. Since the Maw would’ve been distracted, Strange would’ve used his astral form to make a plan with Tony Stark. Before we go back to talking more about Doctor Strange, here’s another cool piece of art from Marvel Concept artist John Staub:

Here, Thanos is using the Soul Stone to torment the souls of all the Avengers and Guardians present on Titan. It would’ve been great to see Thanos using the Soul Stone in some significant way since there was a lot of hype to get it. But that didn’t happen as the film was already too stuffed. Thanos only ended up using it in one tiny moment that people didn’t really spot until later. Anyway, moving on to Doctor Strange, he will return in Doctor Strange 2 probably with a new outfit. Now his new outfit won’t be as significantly altered as the following unused design, but it’d be nice to see a change anyway:

This is an unused art from the original Doctor Strange movie where the Cloak of Levitation is blue instead of the classic red. Fans would’ve lost it if Marvel made a bold change right from the beginning. They could do a version of this now as a Doctor Strange from an alternate Universe could have a blue Cloak of Levitation. But since the next Doctor Strange movie will be extremely jam-packed, we aren’t really sure if we’d see a second version of Doctor Strange in the film.

New Concept Arts From Infinity War & Doctor Strange

Let’s discuss everything we know about Doctor Strange 2 so far. Doctor Strange 2 will arrive exactly 5 years after the original, releasing on November 5, 2021. Here’s everything else that is confirmed about Doctor Strange 2:

It has found its new director in Sam Raimi. His trademark yellow gloves will be back. Wong, Mordo & the Ancient One will return. Rachel McAdams isn’t coming back as Christine Palmer as Clea will be the new love interest of Strange. Jericho Drumm aka Brother VooDoo will be in the film. We will get to see 1980s style horror sequences. The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will be connected to the film and WandaVision will directly lead us into it. So obviously Wanda will play a big role in the movie. But it’s interesting that the Loki series will also have a tie-in with Doctor Strange 2. Kevin Feige has confirmed that Doctor Strange will bring new characters. We hope those characters are Namor, Blade, Ghost Rider, Captain Britain and Deadpool. Let’s see what happens.

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