Top 10 Most Loved Kid Characters in Movies

Loved Kid Characters in Movies:

Child actors are often fantastic or downright obnoxious, there is no in-between. But this list is all about those amazing kid characters who, even though being just kids, are an inspiration to the entire world. These characters are very relatable and most of them have not let any childhood trauma define their lives. They are braver than most adults.

#10: Charlie Bucket

Played By: Freddie Highmore

Movie Name: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie Bucket is loved all over the world by fans due to his humble beginnings and his sweet personality. He had to face a lot of difficulties growing up as his family was very poor, but he did not let that change him as he remained selfless and helpful.

#9: Chunk or Lawrence Cohen

Loved Kid Characters in Movies

Played By: Jeff Cohen

Movie Name: The Goonies

Chunk is one of the most memorable characters of all time as his antics made the Goonies iconic. We love Chunk because he loves to eat and loves to have fun. The chronic liar just couldn’t catch a break until the climax. We still can’t forget his legendary dance the Truffle Shuffle.

#8: Gertie

Loved Kid Characters in Movies

Played By: Drew Barrymore

Movie Name: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Drew Barrymore had the knack for acting since she was just a toddler and we will remember her sweet character Gertie for a long time. She started as a mischievous character, as all kids are, but her character grew a lot as the movie progressed and she became passionate about her extra-terrestrial friend.

#7: Dorothy Gale

Played By: Judy Garland

Movie Name: The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Gale is an inspiration for kids all around the world as she displayed a lot of courage in the face of adversity. She accepted her vulnerabilities and overcame them. She always looks out for her friends and always stands up for what is right.

#6: Mowgli

Loved Kid Characters in Movies

Played By: Bruce Reitherman (Voice)

Movie Name: The Jungle Book

Mowgli has been a big part of our childhood and most of us dreamt of having an adventurous life like that of Mowgli. We love Mowgli for his bravery, curiosity, and compassion. He stood against the terrifying Shere Khan to protect the ones he cared about, which makes him a hero.

#5: Wednesday Addams

Played By: Christina Ricci

Movie Name: The Addams Family

At first, Wednesday seemed like a dark and grim girl who rarely smiles. But as soon as the movie starts, we know that she is very sweet and caring. She is very smart, strong and cares a lot about her friends and family.

#4: Kevin McCallister

Played By: Macaulay Culkin

Movie Name: Home Alone

All of us saw ourselves in the creative, quick-witted and bold Kevin who completely outsmarted a bunch of burglars. He took care of the burglars while having a ton of fun which was very exciting to watch. His love for cheese and pizza only made him more relatable.

#3: Hermione Granger

Played By: Emma Watson

Movie Name: Harry Potter Franchise

Hermione Granger is a self-driven and determined witch who always followed the rules, at least at first. If not for her intelligence, Ron and Harry would not have survived. Her loyalty towards her friends is unrivaled and her bravery makes her the perfect female character.

#2: Mathilda

Nominated For Oscar

Played By: Natalie Portman

Movie Name: Leon: The Professional

Mathilda’s childhood is filled with violence, but she did not let that overcome her innocence and sweetness. She did not let her dysfunctional childhood affect her personality. She was determined to avenge her family, a concept most 12-year-old would never understand, except her.

#1: Harry Potter

Loved Kid Characters in Movies

Played By: Daniel Radcliffe

Movie Name: Harry Potter Franchise

Harry Potter’s parents died just after his birth, he grew up in a home where everyone despised him but he never gave up on being a kind-hearted and friendly person. He risked his life countless times to save his friends and his journey is an inspiration for us all.

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