10 Unknown Facts About Majin Buu That Prove Even Gods Don’t Stand a Chance

Facts About Majin Buu:

Majin Buu is one of the most powerful and memorable foes in the history of the Dragon Ball Universe. Even after so many years, we still do not know much about this little pink-skinned baboon’s true potential. Even the Gods tremble in fear when they hear Majin Buu’s name. And here’s why.

Let’s known some facts about Majin Buu.

 1. He is a combat genius

Well not the Kid Buu or Fat Buu, but if we consider Super Buu, then it changes the game for the Z Fighters. Both Kid Buu and Fat Buu were impulsive and rarely relied on intelligence and cunning to win a fight, rather using their magic (Fat Buu) and sheer strength (Kid Buu) to do the trick. Super Buu, on the other hand, realized that in a fight, the mind is as equally as powerful as the body. After absorbing Piccolo, he gained some much-needed battle intelligence. Piccolo’s combat experience gave Buu the necessary skills required to outmaneuver his foes and gain the upper hand. That is how he was able to defeat Gotenks and trick Gohan into being absorbed by him.

 2. Absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai

Facts About Majin Buu

In the Dragon Ball Universe, the Kais are like the lords of the afterlife. They are caretakers of the universe and the world that transcends it. The kids have a strict hierarchy with each person on every hierarchy stronger than the ones under him or her. The one that sits atop them all is the Grand Supreme Kai. Before Majin Buu made his appearance in Dragon Ball Z, he had already created quite an infamous name for himself in his previous incarnation.

He went to war against all the Kais of the Universe and even managed to kill some. But the most painful fate was delivered to the Grand Supreme Kai. Buu’s power allows him to absorb his opponents and use his enemies’ abilities. Buu not only absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai’s abilities but also his personality. Even the shape of his body changed after that.

 3. Only a Spirit Bomb is known to kill him

Majin Buu is always associated with death and chaos. His coming signifies destruction since he is told to be its avatar. Before they gave away that mantle to Lord Beerus and came up with the concept of Lords of Destruction, Majin Buu was the living version of End Incarnate. The only thing that can destroy death is life. Majin Buu’s regeneration powers mean he can heal himself from the gravest of wounds in a matter of seconds.

No matter what Goku or Vegeta threw at him, Buu would take it head-on and either deflect it or survive it. And thus Goku realized that the only attack that could be potent enough to kill Majin Buu is the Spirit Bomb. Interestingly, the Spirit Bomb has only ever killed one supervillain in the Dragon Ball series – Majin Buu, who literally disintegrated upon impact from the attack.

 4. Super Buu is stronger than Kid Buu

Facts About Majin Buu

Kid Buu is the final form of Majin Buu. It is a short, well-toned and amazingly nimble version of Majin Buu that is said to be the strongest of all of Buu’s forms. But that is actually not the case. If you look at the source material more carefully, you will realize that Super Buu, the last but second form of Majin Buu, is way stronger. Kibito Kai claims that Kid Buu is the most dangerous Buu form because it is nigh unpredictable and downright sinister. But Super Buu has more combat prowess than Kid Buu.

This means that if Kid Buu and Super Buu ever engaged in a fight, the latter would easily win it. That is because Super Buu had absorbed many of the Z fighters like Gotenks, Gohan, Piccolo, and even Fat Buu. He also had many other abilities like dimension-hopping. Goku claimed that his Super Saiyan 3 form could defeat Kid Buu but not Super Buu.

 5. He can transform endlessly

The reason Dragon Ball’s villains resonate so well with the fans is because of the power-up transformations they have. Take for example Frieza. The guy has a total of six transformations including the latest Frieza Gold. The cell has had four transformations with the Perfect Cell form being his final version. But, on the other hand, has had upwards of ten transformations. We have Kid Buu, Super Buu, Fat Buu, the reincarnated Uub, the fused Majuub, Gray Buu, and there’s also the Good Buu that the evil Gray Buu fought.

There is another facet of his abilities that account for so many transformed versions of Buu. Buu’s absorption power means he can absorb any enemy or hero, and thus transform again. He has used this on Gohan, Piccolo, Gotenks and a lot of other powerful warriors. Every time he absorbs a powerful foe, Buu changes his appearance along with gaining new levels of power.

 6. Buu is infamous throughout the universe

Buu is not just an Earth-based villain. His reputation precedes him by a mile. Majin Buu is so infamous that even King Cold, the father of Frieza knew about him. In the Dragon Ball: Resurrection F movie and in Dragon Ball Super, this fact is brought to light when Frieza quotes his father claiming that his father had told him to only be scared of two beings in the universe: Lord Beerus and Majin Buu. Since Goku had already defeated Majin Buu by then, it was a testament to Goku’s growing abilities and strength as a warrior. Buu being referenced by Frieza was a nice little touch of continuity by the writers of Dragon Ball, which is otherwise known to have detached storylines that seldom care about continuity in the first place.

 7. His voice can rip apart dimensions

Piccolo and Gotenks try to trick Buu into being trapped in an endless, lifeless reality within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Buu follows the duo into the Chamber and suddenly finds himself trapped in a realm that he has no idea of how to get out from. And then he does something totally unexpected and from out of the blue. Buu stands atop a high ground, opens his mouth, and screams so loudly that it tears apart the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The rip in time and space creates a portal through which Buu manages to travel back to Earth. Imagine having a voice box strong enough it can create rifts between dimensions!!

 8. Has healing powers

Facts About Majin Buu

This is not a regular healing ability like you have seen in anime. Buu’s healing powers are so incredible they can bring back a person from the very brink of death. Majin Buu does not use these abilities too much partly because the writers wanted him to be the bad guy. A supervillain that pranced around the Earth as the Evil Super Villain Doctor who destroyed the world by healing people does not send a good message.

Buu can shoot a beam of blue healing energy from his hands that were once able to resurrect the sorcerer Babidi, who was then cut in half. Buu even saved Mister Satan after he was shot to death. He could also use this ability to eliminate disabilities which were shown when he used it to give a blind boy his sight back and even saved his injured dog.

 9. Could not be defeated without the Dragon Balls

Facts About Majin Buu

After Buu challenged all the Z Fighters to a duel, not one warrior proved to be powerful enough to beat him. The Super Saiyans were supposed to be the most powerful warriors of the Earth. They too fell to Buu’s might. Gohan then forced himself into transforming into Super Saiyan 2. The Z Fighters thought that this might help them win the battle. That too proved to be insufficient. Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb is the last resort that they believe will do the trick. But at the end moment, Buu manages to deflect it back. Goku has lost all his energy. He is spent. The Dragon Balls are used to wish back Goku to regain his original strength. That is how Goku kicks back the Spirit Bomb at Buu and he finally dies. Without the Dragon Balls, giving back Goku his strength, Buu would have easily won the fight.

 10. The Human Extinction Attack

Facts About Majin Buu

Probably the greatest energy-based technique in the history of Dragon Ball, Buu is the only being who is capable enough of coming up with such a devastating tactic. The Human Extinction Attack cannot be performed by anyone but Buu and there’s a reason for that. The Human Extinction attack is basically Buu firing a barrage of energy beams that lock on to each and every human being’s aura on the planet and then disintegrate them.

Facts About Majin Buu

Once locked, each beam is like a guided missile and will not stop until they reach its target no matter the location. This is also one of the cleanest attacks to destroy a civilization. The planet is left intact but the dominant race is extinguished. Buu has the sensory abilities necessary to lock on to an entire population scattered throughout the globe which makes this attack possible.

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