Captain Marvel – Alternate Starforce Suit Design for Carol Revealed

Captain Marvel Alternate Starforce Suit Design:

Captain Marvel is a film that Disney is very proud of. After all, it made over a Billion Dollars, so any studio will be proud of that. Was it one of the best MCU movies? No. But was it fun and are we hyped to see what the sequel has to offer? Yes absolutely. Because of its big success and the responsibility that lies upon the shoulders of Captain Marvel as a character, Marvel has greenlit the sequel to arrive in 2022 itself. But before we discuss the sequel, let’s look back into what almost happened in the first Captain Marvel movie.

The history of Carol Danvers is mainly rooted with the Kree even though she grew up as a human on Earth. Since Yon Rogg took her to Hala with him and trained her as a Kree soldier, she ultimately became a member of the Kree Starforce. And all that did for her was give her a cool color changing suit. Changing her suit is actually the easiest for Captain Marvel since her suit allows her to change the colors of her suit into whatever she likes. This was one of the smart decisions taken by Marvel’s creative team. But suit choosing decision could have easily been the dumbest if Marvel had chosen the following design instead of the one we got in the movie. Take a look at how “Vers” and possibly the other members of the Starforce could’ve looked like:

This design came from concept artist Constantine Sekeris and he wrote:

“Here is another captain Marvel early exploration of her Kree costume a bit alien with a red pallette and different hair style…..did this design at Marvel studios in the Visual Development team lead by Andy Park. Was on this kool [sic] project for a short time to help explore different options …..was allot of fun and really enjoyed the film…..I was lucky enough to work with my friends and amazing talented artists and designers”

While the design in itself is cool and unique, tying the Kree suit design to the final design of Captain Marvel was important. That’s why this Starforce look wouldn’t have worked. And besides, it would’ve made her look more like the upgraded Sentinels from X-Men: Days of Future Past. So we’re really glad that it wasn’t used.

Now, moving on to Captain Marvel 2, it really has a big responsibility on its head. Rumor has it that the film will involve a cosmic adventure where Carol will assemble the A-Force as it was teased back in Avengers: Endgame. But this film has to do 3 or 4 other things very well – tell us what’s up with the Secret Invasion storyline, establish Carol as the leader of the New Avengers, tell us what she has been up to throughout the previous 25 years and possibly give us a pay-off to the warning that Carol gave to Yon Rogg.

Also, we feel that this movie has to solve one major problem that the first film had. In the first film, the biggest flaw of the film was that Captain Marvel was the all-powerful hero who never really struggled against any problem or the villains. Yon Rogg & the Supreme Intelligence were the true villains of the film. They weren’t bad villains at all. But they were nothing against Captain Marvel. Because Captain Marvel is insanely over powered, not a lot of villains can make her feel vulnerable. The final confrontation between Captain Marvel & Yon Rogg was actually quite unique and inflicted a funny moment. But it wasn’t the one that we’d remember.

Through the film, we only saw little teases of how Carol had to struggle growing up. The film kept showing how Carol faced an issue and overcame it almost immediately. Now, the sequel has to make Carol a bit more inspiring. That could be done by either bringing in a villain stronger than Carol, or depowering Carol and making her a little more vulnerable. Let’s see how things will be handled. Captain Marvel 2 arrives on July 8, 2022.

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