7 Senseless Post-Credits in MCU That Were Never Explained

Senseless Post-Credits in MCU:

Marvel Cinematic Universe has a signature way of ending its movies. While half of the audience leaves the theatre as soon as the movie ends, fans sit patiently through the credits in the empty hall. Most of the mid and post-credits scenes are super exciting as they take us ahead to the next movie by showing a glimpse of it. Whether it’s Ant-Man getting stuck in the Quantum Realm or Spider-Man facing the threat of his identity being revealed, most of these post-credits are cliff-hangers that are continued in the subsequent movie. However, it leaves us in a major euphoria and makes it impossible for us to wait.

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There are some post-credits that made no sense and were never solved were never answered in the following movies. It’s unlikely for a studio like MCU that is meticulous with every aspect of the superhero movies. Find out the 10 most senseless mid and post-credit scenes in the MCU movies that were never explained.

 1. Avengers: Age of Ultron- Thanos

Thanos Age of Ultron Infinity Gauntlet Joe Russo

The very reason why Ultron came into existence was because of the Mind Stone which Loki lost to Tony Stark in the events of The Avengers. It was clearly a minor setback for Thanos. Then what did Thanos mean in the post-credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron as he wielded the Gauntlet and said “Fine, I’ll do it myself”. His dialogue lining with Ultron’s rise and eventual destruction implies that he meant for Tony to create Ultron. So, did he send Loki only to be defeated by the Avengers? Can someone please throw some light here?

 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2- Stan Lee

The great Stan Lee always had a fun and unexpected way of making his cameos. He makes an innovative appearance in GOTG 2 by accompanying the Watchers. That’s when he recalls his days as a Federal Express man which made no sense because Stan Lee made his cameo in Captain America: Civil War as the Federal Express man that released 2 years later. It’s unlikely of MCU to goof up with such detail. Why did they even add such a detail that made no sense?

 3. Thor: The Dark World- Hand Over The Aether To Collector

The mid-credits scene of Thor: The Dark World cemented the fan theory that the MCU storyline was regarding Infinity Saga. As Sif and Volstagg hand over the Aether to the collector,  Volstagg says, “it is not wise to keep two Infinity Stones so close together”. As the Collector embraces the Aether after the Asgardians’ departure, he reaffirms himself “ One Down, five to go”.  This makes perfect sense on his part he was a collector who obviously wouldn’t stop at one Infinity Stone. Weren’t the Asgardian royal warriors aware of what the term collector meant?

 4. Thor- Selvig Mind-Controlled By Loki

Senseless Post-Credits in MCU

The post-credit scene of Thor showed Dr. Selvig being summoned by Nick Fury to have look at the Tesseract while the former was under mind-control by Loki. This scene needs more explanation since Loki was too preoccupied with a life-threatening situation in the preceding moment. In order to mind-control Selvig, Loki had to be recruited by Thanos first.

 5. The Incredible Hulk-Tony Stark and Thunderbolt Ross

Tony Stark visiting General Ross for Avengers recruitment had thrown the audience on a loop. Nobody understands who is Tony referring to when there were three options- Ross, Hulk, and Blonsky’s Abomination. But MCU was quick to repair the damage by releasing The Consultant where Phil Coulson revealed that it was his plan to thwart S.H.I.E.L.D’S plan to bring Blonsky on board. Apparently, Coulson knew that Ross would turn down Tony.

 6. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Bucky Goes To Smithsonian

Senseless Post-Credits in MCU
Senseless Post-Credits in MCU

The post-credits of this super spy-thriller ended with Bucky Barnes trying to dig deep into his true identity before turning into Winter Soldier. He visits the Smithsonian exhibition on the adventures and mission of Captain America and the Howling Commandos that Bucky used to be a part of.

Senseless Post-Credits in MCU

But it seems too risky and silly for a highly-trained assassin who is a most wanted fugitive to wander around freely. Moreover, the whole place was filled with his pictures from 70 years back while Bucky himself went there without any disguise. Some things are so conveniently possible in movies. What if someone would have recognized him from the pictures?

 7. The Avengers- Thanos and Death

The Avengers was the first movie to introduce and indicate the storyline towards Infinity stones. Just when we thought that it was a regular superhero movie where the big bad was defeated, Thanos emerged on the screen. While the Avengers were celebrating their victory over Loki at the Shawarma Place, fans were being shown how the mastermind was still out and definitely there devising another plan.

Senseless Post-Credits in MCU
Senseless Post-Credits in MCU

Thanos appeared in the mid-credits when he was being reported about Loki’s failure. His servant the Other also tells him that the Avengers unruly and “to challenge them is to court….(long pause) Death”. The long pause definitely emphasized on “Death” thus indicating that it not the ordinary death but the embodiment of death and Thanos’ s love interest who inspired him to gather the Infinity Stones. However, MCU might have decided to take a different route from the comics and drop Death. It showed Thanos with a real and personal purpose to wipe out half the world.

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