10 Most Powerful Species in Dragon Ball – Ranked

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball:

With the advent of the Dragon Ball Z universe, we were introduced to the concept of an entire Dragon Ball Universe, populated by multiple alien species who vie for power and control. Some of them are peace lovers and only practice combat for self-defense. Others are wannabe conquerors who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

 10. Yardrats

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Yardrats have only appeared twice in the history of the Dragon Ball universe. After the fall of Namek and Frieza’s death, Goku encounters the alien species in their homeworld. The second time they made an appearance was during the Tournament of Power. The Yardrats lack the physique and the attributes necessary to become a rugged warrior race. But they more than makeup for it in powerful techniques that fill that void. The Yardrats taught Goku something that he still uses to this day.

The technique is called Instant Transmission and is gives Goku the ability to travel at near light-speed. The Yardrats may have many such techniques in their sleeves and we have had the opportunity to visit only one of them as of now.

 9. Humans

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Humans rank pretty low on this list for the most obvious of reasons. Sure there are certain examples that stand out but when you take humanity as a whole, the humans score a pretty low one compared to other races like the Saiyans and the Namekians. Humans neither have the technology to supplement their low power levels like the Yardrats or the physical make-up to fill that void via training like the Saiyans. The human body has limits and no matter how much they train, they can only grow so strong. Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien, and Yamcha are some of the strongest fighters of Earth but when compared to the rest of the universe, they are nothing but ants.

 8. Kaioshin

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Kais are pretty darn powerful. As beings of Godhood, they are bound to be stronger than the rest. But Goku has taken them all out. Goku has outdone Kami, Karin and a lot of the other Gods by the end of Dragon Ball Super. But the ballad of the Kaioshin is different. The Kaioshin is a class apart. While the Kais never achieved a level of power to make the enemies of the Z Fighters cower in fear, the Kaioshin has managed to get past them in terms of power.

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

Shin claims that any Kaioshin could have easily defeated Frieza with one single blast on Namek. The Saiyans manage to outdo the Kaioshin level of power pretty soon with Vegeta and Goku achieving Super Saiyan God. But the Kaioshins still remains a powerful force to be reckoned with.

 7. Namekians

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Namekians are pacifistic creatures. They do not believe in violence and hence they are not known to be fighters. But within the Namekian structure of society, there are different clans. Two such clans have gained the attention of the Dragon Ball Universe. The Dragon Clan, whose members include Dende and Kami, have access to powerful magic. They can use this magic to heal others and after reaching a certain level, create Dragon Balls.

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Warrior Clan has far fewer numbers since they are pretty rare. The members of the Warrior Clan like Piccolo have heightened physical attributes and also have access to some magic. The Namekians could have scored higher on this list had it not been for the Warrior Clan to be so little in number, which brings down their average power as a species.

 6. Demons

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

When we talk about Demons, we do not mean the trolls that run the Other World under the Snake’s Way or Hell! We are talking about beings from the actual Demon Realm. One such example is Dabura – the Demon King. Goku has claimed that Dabura is as powerful as Cell. But his power levels were dampened at that time so he might be even stronger than what we think him to be capable of. We are yet to see any other Demons that are as powerful as Dabura. But if we keep him as the standard and anticipate that there could be other Demons far more powerful than him since it is an entire realm we are talking about, the Demons rank somewhere in the middle of the list.

 5. Frieza’s Race

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

We still do not know the actual name of Frieza’s race, which has surprisingly gone unnamed even after multiple appearances by Frieza in the series. The race Frieza belongs to is very unfairly overpowered. They never have to train even for a day since they are born powerful. They have think layers of naturally produced armour that act as both offense and defense depending on how you use them. Frieza has also shown that each member of his race can transform into different forms, increasing their strengths by a large margin.

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

But there is one drawback to Frieza’s race. Since they never train, they are not able to unlock new levels of power so they remain stuck and stagnant with a power ceiling. Frieza was probably the first member of his race to break that tradition and start training, achieving his powerful golden form.

 4. Saiyans

One of the most prominent species in the Dragon Ball universe, the Saiyans race is an army of warriors and fighters. They live to battle and trading fists is their only religion. Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Gotenks, Broly – they represent the best and brightest of the Saiyan Race. They have proven time and again that with proper training and the right guidance, they can achieve godlike strength and challenge the top management themselves.

The Saiyan race was so fearsome that Frieza decreed that it would be better if he destroyed their planet and their Empire rather than see them grow because he believed that the Saiyans had the potential to out-match him if given a longer leash. He was right. Goku and Vegeta have the God Ki that allows them to stand toe to toe against the Gods of Destruction themselves.

 3. Majin

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

Many would claim that Buu is the only one of his kind so he does not count on this list. We would beg to differ. Majin Buu has existed since the dawn of time. He is as old as the universe itself, maybe even more. Majin Buu is a powerful foe and was the strongest enemy Goku and the other Z Fighters faced during the Dragon Ball Z saga. In the Dragon Ball Fusions video game, it is revealed that Buu can create smaller duplicate copies of himself if the situation demands it and they can live independently, acting as individual sentient entities in their own right. These copies can combine to form Majin Buu. What if Buu is an independent copy of a larger, more powerful Majin, who is yet to be seen in the Dragon Ball Universe?!

 2. Angels

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Angels are the attendants of the Gods of Destruction. They are the ones who teach the Gods of Destruction on how to use their power and train them in the art of close combat fighting. That is enough to prove that they are better than their students. The Angels, who amount to 12 in total, were created by the creator of the Multi-Verse. They have access to God Ki, something Goku uses when he transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue form. They also have the ability to control space and time and have excellent control over energy and know-how to manipulate it to the maximum effect. They are also pretty well-trained fighters who can easily defeat a Saiyan or any God of Destruction for that matter.

 1. Dragons

Powerful Species in Dragon Ball

The Dragons are ancient beings that have the power to use magic to grant any wish. Their magic transcends time and space and can alter the very fabric of reality. The fact that they are able to defy laws of physics and go against nature if need be to grant wishes is a testament to the potency of their magical proficiency. The Dragon God Zalama was said to be so strong that he could grant literally any wish, something even the lies of Shenron has certain limitations too. The Dragons are not fighters but you do not need to be one if you can wish your enemy away using powerful ancient magic.

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