Top 10 Fantastic Movies You Never Want to See Again

Movies You Never Want to See Again

Fans often rate a movie based on its re-watchability, but it is not always a correct measure as certain beautiful movies are masterfully made, but you cannot watch it again for reasons like excessive violence, disturbing themes, and brutal honesty. Cinephiles should not miss these movies at any cost as it will change their entire overview.

#10: Boys Don’t Cry (1999)

Boys Don’t cry is a powerful and disturbing movie based on the true story of Teena Brandon, who is in the midst of a sexual identity crisis. This movie is a must-watch for those people who still discriminate against others based on their sexual orientation. Hilary Swank won an Oscar for this movie, and we believe Chloe Sevigny should have also won.

#9: Natural Born Killers (1994)

Natural Born Killers is a very colorful movie and it is full of violence that will make you sick after a point. It is one of the most controversial movies of all time due to its boldness. The violence is too much even for avid fans of this genre. The characters in this movie have zero morals but fans still love as it works well as a social satire.

#8: Black Swan (2010)

Movies You Never Want to See Again

Black Swan is a wonderfully made movie that is dark, twisted and haunting. It is an emotional roller-coaster as you will root for Natalie Portman’s character at the start, but as she descends towards darkness, you would start questioning yourself. The movie will leave you exhausted and it is not for casual viewers.

#7: Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

Even if you are not a fan of dogs, this movie will break your spirit. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is an incredibly emotional movie about loyalty and friendship and it will leave you in tears. The movie is beautifully made, but we don’t want to go through it over again as we won’t be able to handle it.

#6: The Green Mile (1999)

Movies You Never Want to See Again

The Green Mile is an emotional roller-coaster as it can make even grown-ups shed tears uncontrollably. You won’t ever be able to forget some of the sequences in this movie. The Green Mile will let you dive into the crazy mind of Stephen King. Everything about this movie is perfect, but we are not sure if we can go through it again.

#5: The Passion of the Christ (2004)

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It doesn’t matter if you are religious, atheist or agnostic, The Passion of Christ will leave a lifelong mark on you. It is one of the most controversial movies of all time as it features a lot of violence against Jesus Christ. The movie focuses primarily on the suffering of Jesus Christ, and that is not a sight the fans want to go through again.

#4: American History X (1998)

Movies You Never Want to See Again

Edward Norton is a genius when it comes to acting and his performance in American History X is one of his best. This movie lays out a strong message against racism and it will move you to your core. There are several controversial scenes in this movie that are gut-wrenching and not many people can go through it again.

#3: Schindler’s List (1993)

Movies You Never Want to See Again

Schindler’s List shows the true horrors of the Holocaust, and it is a necessary but difficult watch. Some scenes of this movie would leave you angry, sad and helpless but you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. The Holocaust is a very dark subject and going through it all again is very painful.

#2: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Movies You Never Want to See Again

A Clockwork Orange is a highly disturbing movie, the depiction of violence and sex in this movie will make you uneasy. The movie is a perfect satire and due to that the people must watch it once. But going through it again is very difficult due to the sequences with excessive violence.

#1: Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Not even the fans with the strongest stomachs could watch this brutal movie more than once. Requiem for a Dream shows the awful side of drug-addiction and it will leave you stunned. This movie will break your heart and you will never forget this movie. But fans still love this movie due to its honesty and uniqueness.

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