10 Greatest Dragon Ball Warriors From Another Universe

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe:

With the Tournament of Power arc, we were exposed to the idea of an entire Multi-Verse existing alongside the mainstream Dragon Ball Universe. This opened up the gates for a plethora of different never before seen warriors to enter the Dragon Ball franchise, some of them are truly Gods amongst Men.

 1. Cabba

Cabba is a relative novice fighter who does not boast of the same martial arts prowess as his other Universe 6 counterparts – Kale and Caulifla. But he is still a good fighter who can hold his own against extremely powerful opponents. Cabba uses a rather unique fighting technique that uses his legs instead of the traditional fist based fighting style the other warriors of the Tournament of Power use. This gives him an advantage in battle. He can easily transform into the Super Saiyan 2 base form.

Although he is by no means a push-over, Cabba has still much to learn. Cabba was part of the Tournament of Power where he was a member of the team consisting of Universe 6’s 5 greatest fighters. That is enough to add a few feathers to his cap already.

 2. Frost

Frost is basically Frieza’s equivalent in Universe 6. Frost is as gifted as Frieza with respect to combat and battle. Much like most members of his race, Frost has a naturally well-endowed physique that makes him an excellent fighter. His body has several layers of bio armor that help him with the added layers of protection and defense. Frost can transform into different forms, which adds on to his strength and power. The one thing Frieza has that Frost lacks his Frieza’s ability to transcend the power ceiling cap his race possesses.

Dragon Ball Warriors

Frost was apparently never able to achieve the Golden Form Frieza managed to attain. That makes him significantly weaker than Frieza. He was still strong enough to take down more than a dozen fighters single-handedly, and this proves that this guy means business.

 3. Kale

The Legendary Super Saiyan transformation should never be taken lightly. Broly made sure that nobody does when he fought Goku and almost made him make a run for his money. Kale is a Saiyan Warrior from Universe 6. We will see a lot of Universe 6 Saiyans on this list because of their truly amazing potential! Kale has achieved his Legendary Super Saiyan form, something her other Universe 6 Saiyan counterparts could not. Her power is fuelled by pure rage and hatred for Goku for hurting her friends.

Dragon Ball Warriors

In her legendary Super Saiyan form, Kale tanks a Kamehameha from Goku like it’s a cakewalk and is on the verge of defeating him, with Goku being in his Super Saiyan Blue transformation. It was only because of Jiren’s intervention that Kale stopped ion her tracks.

 4. Hit

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe

The hit had to be on this list. The only problem is with the Tournament of Power imposing so many restrictions and limitations on the fighters it is very hard to quantify Hit’s true strength. Hit is his Universe’s Greatest Assassin. Oh, he is also a 1000-year-old boxer!! Hit has a myriad of abilities which include the ability to manipulate time and space and energy manipulation and absorption. His power is equal to or more than Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe

When Goku and Hit joined forces to stop Jiren, Hit did a fairly good job of being able to stall Jiren enough. For some time, he even managed to stand toe to toe with Jiren, who according to Whis, has a level of power that far surpassed that of a God of Destruction. Some claim Hit could be more powerful than Goku in his Ultra Instinct state if there were no limitations placed on him.

 5. Anilaza

Anilaza was the result of the top fighters of Universe 3 merging to form one single, all-powerful entity. Anilaza is a freak of nature. He has the power to absolutely destroy the Z Fighters. He was done and dusted in the Tournament of Power but everyone knows that the Tournament’s restrictions meant Anilaza could not unlock his true strength for the world to see. Even while fighting within the Arena of Tournament of Power in a space that literally separates the realm from reality, Anilaza’s attacks were able to bend reality. That is testament enough of the brute’s power and strength as a warrior. It took all the warriors of Universe 7 joining forces to bring this behemoth down.

 6. Caulifla

Caulifla was never supposed to be a threat to Universe 7’s warriors. But the Saiyans of Universe 6 has a knack to learn everything pretty quickly. Caulifla managed to tap into the power of Super Saiyan 2 while in the midst of a fight with Goku in his Super Saiyan God mode. A Super Saiyan 2 level Saiyan managing to keep up with a Super Saiyan God should be enough to prove the true power of Caulifla, if she has proper training and a good mentor. Like Goku, she likes to train and fight and is ready to do anything to improve her-self. Caulifla is already one of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball franchise but if given some training, she could easily rival the greatest of them all in Dragon Ball.

 7. Dyspo

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe

Dyspo claims him-self to be the fastest of all the Pride Troopers members. And he has what it takes to back up his claims. Dyspo is the third strongest member of the Pride Troopers and the third most powerful warrior of Universe 11. Despite being weaker than Toppo, Dyspo manages to put up quite a good fight against Gohan and Frieza. Dyspo knows how to use his abilities to his advantage, tapping into his light-speed to run a circle around his enemies. It was only after Gohan sacrificed him-self for Universe 7 during the Tournament of Power that the Universe 7 warriors were able to take down Dyspo.

 8. Toppo

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe

Toppo is said to be a God of Destruction in training. Only the most fearsome of warriors have the abilities necessary to become a God of Destruction and Toppo was one of them.  In the exhibition match, he had with Goku, the latter had a tough time trying to make Toppo bite the dust. The manga tells a different story.

In the Manga, Toppo actually won the Exhibition Match. Toppo has even fought Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form to a standstill. Although the Prince of Saiyans from Universe 7 managed to beat him out of the arena, it took the entirety of Vegeta’s strength and energy to create a blast powerful enough to knock Toppo out. But still, Toppo did not have any significant damage, and he was surely able to get into a fight if need be the very next moment.

 9. Zamasu

Now hear us out. He is from the future timeline of Universe 7 but Zamasu’s tale is different. Zamasu actually does not belong to the mainstream Dragon Ball continuity. He is from an alternate timeline. Due to Future Trunks traveling to the past, Zamasu’s timeline changed to an alternate reality arc and thus his universe became a parallel reality altogether. So he qualifies as a warrior from another universe.

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe

Zamasu is an evil Kaioshin, Gods that the Kais serve. As a Kaioshin, Zamasu is immortal and can never be killed. His immortality means that he can take an inhuman amount of punishment and still not breathe his last. He is also a genius when it comes to fighting. Even without proper training, Zamasu was considered a prodigy. When he went rogue, all the Gods cowered in fear.

 10. Jiren

As someone who is truly unstoppable, Jiren is the definition of a two-legged force of nature. After fighting in the Tournament of Power for so long, Jiren never even broke a sweat. Jiren is an absolute monster. His aura is powerful enough to shake all the universes. Even after fighting so many powerful opponents, it took Goku to reach his point of absolute fatigue to unlock his Ultra Instinct Form that he was finally able to keep up with him. Even then Jiren was not defeated and he was able to use his power to make Ultra Instinct Goku back down a few steps.

Dragon Ball Warriors from another Universe

Jiren was able to fight Frieza in his Golden Form, Android 17, and Goku all at once and he was able to do it with brilliant panache the likes of which nobody has ever seen. Whilst, the Angel Attendant of Beerus – the God of Destruction of Universe 7, claims that Jiren could be the rumored mortal who is more powerful than a God of Destruction.

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