All Gods of Destruction of The Dragon Ball Universe – Ranked

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball:

The Gods of Destruction are the agents of Chaos in the Dragon Ball Universe. Composed of the strongest warriors of their respective universes, the Gods of Destruction are the entities responsible for preserving the balance of creation and destruction in the universe. There are 12 known Gods of Destruction and each of them is a class apart from the rest.

 12. Sidra

Sidra is a pacifist. He might be the God of Destruction of Universe 9 but the mortality rate of his universe has been the lowest and as a result, he has mostly been side-lined. Sidra has lost all his zeal to fight and seldom trades fists with anyone, only killing people and taking to battle when it is absolutely necessary. Sidra is a benevolent God. But that should not be seen as a sign of weakness. As Universe 9’s God of Destruction, Sidra is the most powerful warrior of his side of the Cosmos. He is quick enough to dodge multiple attacks from his fellow gods and even claims to be powerful enough to sideswipe Frieza like a piece of cake if he feels like it. Sidra once created a shield that was able to withstand a point-blank attack from Beerus’ energy blast.

 11. Rumsshi

Rumsshi’s method of operation as a God of destruction is pretty much similar to Sidra’s. He likes to have minimum interference in his subjects’ way of life. The only thing he wishes in return is that the people he did not kill or in his language “saved”, worship him for his charity. Rumsshi is also a rather lazy God. He is a bit narcissistic as well. Rumsshi does not like to be taken lightly though. He has the power to knock down warriors who were at the Supreme Kai level of power or higher very easily. Only Beerus managed to stop him before he did more damage. He is still too weak a warrior in terms of God of Destruction standards so he is last second in our list.

 10. Heles

Heles is the Goddess of Destruction in Universe 2. Each God of Destruction is tasked with destroying civilizations and worlds based on certain criteria. Heles considers the criteria to be vanity. Anything ugly or even remotely not beautiful is swiftly taken down by the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 2. Heles is even more narcissistic as Rumsshi and is a well-endowed Goddess with good looks, unlike the others. Heles still has a heart though. She was terrified at the idea of a Tournament to judge the fate of an entire universe containing a countless number of lives. She was one of the Gods who were killed during the Tournament of Power.

 9. Liquiir

Liquiir is the God of Destruction of Universe 8. There is a certain continuity error when it comes to Liquiir’s powers in the Manga and in the comic books. The Manga reveals him to be very powerful. But in the anime series, Liquiir’s power levels fluctuate to a great extent. Liquiir considers anything that hinders him from fulfilling his duty to be the criteria for destruction. Anything that reduces the mortal rate of his realm suffers Liquiir’s wrath. In the Zen Exhibition Match, Liquiir fell to the might of the other Gods. Both Heles and Mosco managed to subdue him in the match.

 8. Mosco

Mosco’s power levels are a thing of controversy. Many claims that Mosco is only as powerful as the Old Robot he drives around. Originally known as Mule, Mosco is the God of Destruction of Universe 3. He holds a deep hatred towards Beerus and Universe 7 in the Manga. In the anime, he is actually shown to have a deep level of respect for Beerus and his team of warriors. Mosco is shown to be capable enough of keeping even Beerus within his hold. He is also exceptionally smart, managing to best both Liquiir and Heles in a battle of wits. Nobody knows how powerful he really is without the robot.

 7. Iwne

Iwne is the God of Destruction of Universe 1. He is also the most efficient of all the Gods of Destruction. Iwne looks like a cross between a ground mole and a tunnel rat. But do not let the appearances fool you. Iwne is a ruthless God of Destruction who has the distinction of having the record highest number of mortalities in any universe. That is why his universe was spared from participating in the Tournament of Power. Iwne has fought both Arak and Liquiir at the same time all the while holding his own. He is brutal in his ways but is also very compassionate as long it concerns subjects from his own universe.

 6. Arak

As the God of Destruction of Universe 5, Arak is a force to be reckoned with. What makes him unique from the rest of the Gods of Destruction is that even after achieving Godhood Arak never stopped training to become stronger. He is also an advocate of the principle of ‘Mind over Matter’. Arak is careful in what he destroys. He is rather smarter. With only a minimum amount of destruction, he was able to increase the value and potential of his universe. He was able to hold his fort against Liquiir and Iwne, two other powerful Gods of Destruction. Arak also values life and sentience since he was horrified at the sight of Universe 9 and Universe 10’s destruction.

 5. Giin

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball

Out of all the Gods of Destruction, Giin is the one who actually looks like a warrior. His appearance is that of an amphibian and/or a Mer-Man. Giin is buffed up to the core and has the brains to back up his brawns. Universe 12, Giin’s Universe, is the one that developed Time Travel for the mortals. Giin was genuinely happy when the Tournament of Power was announced since he had gotten bored and wanted to unleash his true strength. He claims to be strong enough to take on Beerus. He would have done some serious damage to him too if not for Sidra using his Energy Shield to negate his attack.

 4. Quitela

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball

Quitela is the God of Destruction of Universe 4. Never easily amused, Quitela likes to work from behind the scenes and spend his time sleeping or fooling around. Quitela likes to make others do his bidding. He is also a very inconsiderate entity. He remained unfazed and was actually amused at the sight of Universe 9 being eased. The Sadist God still is powerful enough to take down Beerus and defeat him in a one on one arm-wrestling match. Still, in the Zen Exhibition arc, he was unable to defeat the God of Destruction of Universe 7.

 3. Belmod

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball

Belmod looks like a clown. But appearances can be deceiving. As the God of Destruction of Universe 11, Belmod is nothing short of extraordinary even when compared to the Gods of Destruction. Whis claims that Belmod holds a level of power that even dwarves that of Beerus. Belmod is one of the few Gods that actually listen to his Angel Attendant all the while beating his chest about how amazing his universe and its warriors actually are. His energy attacks include Imprisonment balls and Energy Cards. He has used that to bring down the hurt to the other Gods of Destruction, especially Sidra.

 2. Champa

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball

Champa is the twin brother of Beerus and the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Forever considering his brother as his rival, Champa has worked hard to be second to none. Every time he has failed to achieve the level of power Beerus has managed to reach. Like Beerus was trained by Whis – his Angel Attendant, Champa was trained by Vados – the older sister of Whis. Even though Vados was considered to be stronger than Whis, she could not train Champa enough to make him stronger than Beerus. Champa once grew so jealous of Beerus that he tried to destroy Earth rather than let Beerus enjoy it. He is strong enough to destroy a planet with a single punch. Together with Beerus, he can destroy entire universes.

 1. Beerus

Gods of Destruction of Dragon Ball

Beerus is the strongest of all the Gods of Destruction. He is much stronger than his brother Champa. Beerus has fought all the Gods of Destruction in the manga and managed to hold his own against them all. Beerus is at a level of power Goku aspires to reach but is so high up there that it would be impossible for Goku to get there no matter how much he trains. He has easily defeated Goku in his Super Siyan 3 form. He has also defeated Goku in his Super Saiyan God form. The only reason Beerus spared Earth was not that Goku defeated him (which will never be possible because Beerus is too powerful) but because Beerus likes Earth’s food.

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