10 Characters from the Dragon Ball Universe Stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction:

The Gods of Destruction are the most powerful entities and Agents of Chaos in the Dragon Ball Universe. They are tasked with being the judge, jury, and executioner for entire civilizations. Only the most powerful warrior in any universe is allowed to ascend to the God of Destruction mantle. But sometimes, the Dragon Ball Universe shows us warriors who are more than capable of holding their own against these unstoppable cosmic forces of nature.

 1. Zamasu

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Zamasu is touted to be the strongest Kai to ever exist in all of the Universes. He is also a genius when it comes to battle. As a gifted strategist and a brilliant fighter, Zamasu was considered a threat to all universes because he had amassed all these skills on his own without any proper training. Zamasu soon went rogue and decided that the only way to save the cradle of creation is by conquering it and starting things afresh.

Zamasu was outclassed by Goku and Vegeta in the Tournament of Power but his true abilities came to light only after he was seen again teaming up with Goku Black. After being fused with Goku Black with the latter being in his Super Saiyan Rose form, Zamasu gained the ability to have infinite access to the Super Saiyan God energy. He might be evil but in his eyes, he is on a righteous path.

 2. Hit

Many will not consider Hit to be a proper threat to the Gods of Destruction. But taking him lightly is the reason many have bit the dust. Underestimating Hit cost Goku dearly when he fought him and realized that he was dangerously outclassed. Hit ended up beating Goku in his first match with him although Goku later trained a lot and came back even stronger. Hit is the greatest and deadliest assassin of Universe 6.

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

He is known to be extremely resourceful and has a plethora of abilities at his disposal. He has the power of creating copies of him-self, phasing through objects and people, and even control time. Hit might not be able to defeat a God of Destruction in a prolonged fight but if he uses all his power and skills and plays his cards right, he can end the fight pretty quickly.

 3. Gogeta

Gogeta was first seen in action in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT universe. In Dragon Ball: Z Fusion Reborn, Gogeta was called to take upon the might of the sinister Janemba. Janemba did not stand a chance against Gogeta. Gogeta, like Vegito, is the fusion form of Goku and Vegeta but is a tad bit different. Gogeta can be very arrogant and overconfident at times though he has the power to back it up. He once defeated the Omega Shenron with relative ease. His power levels are said to be above 2.5 Billion. That makes him more powerful than Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms. He is a credible threat to a God of Destruction.

 4. Jiren

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Jiren is the most powerful mortal warrior to ever exist. His powers easily rival that of any God of Destruction. The Gods even claimed that there was the myth of a mortal whose power levels outmatched that of any God of Destruction and everybody knew that they were taking about Jiren. Jiren was not born strong. He was a weak little kid who went through too much trauma and ended up training so hard that he became the strongest being in all the universes.

The fact that he was being considered to replace the current God of Destruction of Universe 11 is a testament to his abilities. Jiren can grow even stronger if he keeps training. As of now, his strength is incomprehensible by even God of Destruction standards.

 5. Whis

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Whis is the Angel Attendant who serves the God of Destruction of Universe 7 – Beerus. His prowess in th arena can be judged by the fact that he was the one who trained Beerus and turned him into a seasoned warrior. Whis is called the fastest being in the entire universe. The only known warrior who is said to be stronger than Whis is Vados, his older sister (although many would claim that is no longer the case).

Beerus used a single swift strike from his hand to take down Beerus. He held his own pretty easily while fighting both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan blue forms. And he did that simultaneously!! They don’t call him the most powerful Angel ever just for show.

 6. Goku

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Goku is the one that literally fought a God of Destruction who had come to destroy Earth and lived to tell the tale. Throughout the history of the Dragon Ball Universe, Goku has trained harder and harder to unlock unimaginable levels of power no mortal should be allowed to possess. His strength is at par (maybe even more than) of that of a God of Destructions. The Angels consider Goku and Vegeta to be prime candidates for becoming the next Gods of Destruction themselves. In his Super Siyan God form, Goku is literally unstoppable and can give even Beerus a run for his money.

 7. Vegito

Vegito is a combination of Vegeta and Goku. He has Vegeta’s eyes and Goku’s body. Mentally, his psyche is a mixture of Goku’s happy goes lucky attitude along with Vegeta’s cockiness. Vegito likes to toy with his enemies. He is also very impulsive and does not take well to threats. Vegito is considered to be the strongest warrior in the original Dragon Ball manga series. Overall, he is always seen amongst the top ten most powerful Z Fighters lists. Vegito has the powers of Goku amplified with that of Vegeta’s. He is easily more powerful than a God of Destruction since he has the abilities and strengths of not just one but two Super Saiyan Blues.

 8. Vados

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Vados is the older sister of Whis, the Angel Attendant who serves Beerus – the God of Destruction of Universe 7. Vados is the Angel Attendant of Champa, Beerus’ Twin Brother and the God of Destruction of Universe 6. Vados and Whis are extremely powerful but Vados is considered the stronger of the two because she is older. When they used to train and spar, Vados would continually make Whis kneel before her fighting skills. Whis was never able to defeat Vados in a one on one fight.

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Whis now claims that it was only millennia ago and he has blossomed into a fighter capable enough to defeat Vados in her own game. But since both had enough time to prepare, and Vados was already more powerful than Whis, we believe that Vados’ strength and power have also increased significantly.

 9. Vegeta

Vegeta is considered to be the second most powerful warrior amongst the Z Fighters in Universe 7. Time and time again fate has dealt Vegeta a heavier hand and the guy has managed to get out of all kinds of the situation through sheer determination and dedication to becoming stronger and stronger. Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans. He has achieved levels of power that were thought to be unachievable. He can easily destroy planets and fight Goku to a standstill.

Dragon Ball Characters stronger Than Gods of Destruction

Vegeta is a master martial artist and all his life, he has only known how to bleed and make others bleed. After the Tournament of Power, we come to the conclusion that the Gods of Destruction might no longer be the most powerful entities of the Universes. That mantle might soon fall onto the shoulders of fighters like Goku and Vegeta.

 10. Grand Minister

The Grand Minister, also known as the Grand Priest, is the father of all Angels. Each Angel is claimed to be at least ten times or more powerful than any God of Destruction that become attendants to. Whis and Vados, two of his strongest Children, are nothing compared to the power of the Grand Minister. He is the Grand Angel who serves Zeno and acts in his absence. The Grand Minister is claimed to be one of the five most powerful fighters in all the universes. Even people like the Supreme Kai and all the Gods of Destruction bow down to his might. He is also pretty sadistic, taking the joy out of destroying entire universes.

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