Agents of Shield: The One Who Destroyed Earth Is Finally Revealed!!

The latest Episode of Marvel’s Agents of Shield left us with our heads scratching in all the wrong places. The Hydra, The Kree, and General Hale are working hand in hand. They are trying to take down Shield as well as secure the necessary resources for something grander than anything Shield had ever seen. In the future timeline, the good guys find out that the Earth has been shattered to a million pieces. The person who is responsible for cracking open the Earth is none other than Quake aka Daisy Johnson. Or that’s what the Kree tell the humans to believe in. Remember that the Kree have been ruling over the human masses ever since the extinction level event occurred. Since they are the ones controlling everything in the future, they must also be the one writing or re-writing history as they please, making Daisy look like the one who did it. The latest episode of Agents of Shield finally helps us realize the one who actually destroyed Earth.

Gravitonium, a mysterious element with the ability to generate and manipulate gravitational fields, was soon introduced to Agents of Shield Season 5. For some unknown reason, Hale is scouring the Earth for Gravitonium. She has secured most of it though. Yo-Yo is told by her Future self that they must let Phil Coulson die to break the time loop and save the world. Agent Coulson is dying after his wounds he suffered at the hands of Loki in 2012’s Avengers come back to haunt his body. AoS Episode ‘The Devil’s Complex’ brings all these equations together.

In the present timeline, Hale is kidnapped by the Agents of Shield. In the interrogation room, Hale tells Coulson she is trying to save the world from itself. And she needs Coulson’s help to do it. Hale later escapes Shield along with Coulson. At the end of the Episode, Hale is seen meeting a mysterious figure. The figure is strangely connected to both the Kree and Hydra. The Equation just got a lot more complicated.

General Hale and the mysterious meeting

Hale has been pulling all the strings she could to make something new. She reveals her plans to make something new out of Hydra. She even puts up a strike force team consisting of her own daughter Ruby, Werner Von Strucker and Cark Kreel aka absorbing man. T the end of the Episode, Hale meets a mysterious fellow.

The room both are in has blue markings on the wall. The figure says Hale must prove her worth in salt if she wants a seat at the Confederacy. This means that everything Hale does is aimed towards only one goal – the mysterious organization referred to as The Confederacy.

The Confederacy has been pushing Hale’s buttons since the moment she became a part of the show. Exactly what is this Confederacy?? It is clearly evident that they don’t want Shield to interfere with their plans and they have tasked Hale to capture Coulson, the key to holding the Shield together. The Mysterious Man also hands Hale a vial of Odium, a substance when drunk, renders his wearer invincible which will soon consume him or her ‘in a blaze of savage glory’. That is a specific Kree tradition. The Man also says ‘Hail Hydra’ at the end of the Episode.

Who is Qovas?

The character known only as Qovas is only introduced at the end of the Episode. The name is only known after the cast list for the episode was released by the ABC. Qovas is not related to any comic book character. He is a character solely developed for the show itself. So let’s dive in and find out clues.

The term Confederacy isn’t new to the show. Kasius once mentioned his Father commanded a Confederacy, conquering planets and worlds with its help. Kasius’ father wished to conquer Earth. Clearly, he couldn’t because of the fact that there is not much left of the Big Blue Planet to be conquered. So, whatever happens, must be happening before the Earth went Krakatoa on everybody’s ass. Besides, Qovas holds the Odium in his hands which he gives to Hale. That is a specific Kree tradition. To be precise, that is the tradition of Kasius’ family. Drink the Odium and die a hero’s death. The Odium tradition has passed on to the Confederacy somehow.

How are Hale, Hydra and the Kree connected?

Agents of Shield

Hale is just a pawn in the grand scheme of things. Kasius’ father is using her past dealings with Hydra to manipulate her into thinking they are the real masters. Remember Hive was a Kree experiment. The Kree could be using that event to manipulate Hale into thinking that they are the real masters of Hydra. They are the ones holding the magic wand. And they have come to save Earth – by conquering it. Hale has and as it looks like, always will be a pawn when you look at the bigger picture. And unfortunately, she has now got her hands on the ‘Final piece of the Puzzle’ – Agent Phil Coulson.

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