5 Most Humiliating Defeats of Justice League

It’s not new for the Justice League to take on villains even bigger than itself, but the league can always be seen triumphing, or well, usually. There are a lot of times when the league has lost to a lot of people. And some defeats are way bigger than the others, here are a few of them:


We all know how the arc, Injustice: Gods Among Us goes, it is when Joker infects Superman with the fear gas after which he kills Lois and his unborn child thinking Lois is Doomsday, the stopping of her heart triggers a nuke and Metropolis is in shambles. Enraged by this Supes kills the Joker and begins his rule. He, a dictator and some of his team members kill all those who oppose Superman’s rule, a lot of Justice League’s members die and Batman has to bring heroes from Earth 1 in order to stop the Mayhem.

Tower of Babel

Batman is known to be the one who’s prepared for all possibilities, this was the case in the arc, Justice League: Tower Of Babel, where the caped crusader had made all the contingency plans to stop every Justice League member, if they went rogue, these plans are stolen by Ra’s Al Ghul and used against the league. Though he’s stopped, the league now distrust the Bat, who even leaves the team for some time.


Well, we all know how savage can Prometheus be, the villain once took out almost the entire Justice League single-handedly. He, in the beginning, takes on, Steel, Huntress, the Flash, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter, a post which faces Batman and defeats him in a hand to hand combat after downloading a martial arts mastery software in his mind. He then asks Supes to commit suicide for the lives of two hostages that he has, the league almost doomed, is saved by Catwoman.


Darkseid is the worst of all the villains that the DC Universe has to offer. Literally a God, Darkseid has always wanted to rule the earth. In one such arc, he infects the minds of all the Earthlings with an Anti-Life equation and possesses the bodies of various superheroes and alters the multiverse. It is Batman who mortally wounds him with the Cosmic bullet that he used to kill Orion, but Darkseid being the badass that he is sent Batsy to pre-historic times.


Justice League

The biggest Gun that the league has can often be seen going against them, here in one such arc, Superman: The Red Son there is a ‘what if’ scenario where Superman is raised by the Soviets and Jimmy Oleson is a CIA agent and Lex Luthor a scientist. Hal Jordan is a U.S. Colonel given a power ring, and Wonder Woman is a princess, all fail to stop him. Bats too try but in the end commits suicide so that Superman can’t lobotomize him.

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