Black Widow: Who Could Actually Be Under The Mask of The Taskmaster!

With the final trailer for the upcoming Black Widow movie finally being launched, several questions have been dogging the fan circles. The new faces in the trailer have shot up rumours that Marvel Studios could be looking for a Black Widow replacement. There is also the fact that we still do not know absolutely anything about Taskmaster, the Marvel Super Villain who will be the primary antagonist in the movie. To top it off, even the actor who will play Taskmaster has not yet been revealed. And that is confusing the fans even more. Who is under Taskmaster’s mask? Which actor plays him on screen?? Presenting – Black Widow: Who could actually be under the Mask of the Taskmaster!

Black Widow vs. Wonder Woman 1984

Black Widow will be Marvel’s second attempt at creating an espionage action thriller, the first being the spectacularly well-made Captain America: The Winter Soldier. With the same action choreographic artists coming to take part in the new Black Widow movie, we know that the movie is in safe hands. The trailer reveals several amazing action sequences true to the Marvel caliber.

But it is the Taskmaster that steals the show. With his unique ability to copy and mimic any fighting technique he sees, he is a threat to be reckoned with. The comics have Tony Masters, a mercenary and international assassin, play the Taskmaster. But the movies might take a different approach.

Here’s how.

The trailer for the movie revealed quite a bit of information as to who and what the new super villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have in store for Natasha Romanoff. We know that the Taskmaster is the one who heads the Soviet Red Room Program. While now defunct, it was the project backed by the USSR government to create the deadly Black Widows – super spies that are masters at espionage and are equipped with several bodily enhancements to become truly incredible killers. Taskmaster also has a personal connection to Black Widow given the fact that he blind sides Natasha during that bridge scene.

Previously, Marvel Studios always followed the tradition of announcing it before hand as to who will be playing the villain on screen. Jake Gyllehaal, Mads Mikkelsen, Josh Brolin – all of them were revealed to the fans before the movie came out. Marvel uses these big names to help ride the hype train. But in Black Widow’s case, the name of the actor who will play Taskmaster is yet to be revealed. This creates several suspicions. Marvel is cooking up quite an intriguing broth right now and we can’t wait to taste it when the movie hits the screens in a couple of months.

There are several theories regarding the Taskmaster’s true identity. Some claim that it is Hawkeye or maybe even a clone of Natasha Romanoff her-self who is behind that mask. But right now all we can do is guess. The answers will be revealed in a short while. All good things to those who wait!

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