Black Adam Rumor – The Post Credits Scene Will Feature Both Superman & Shazam!

We’re as psyched about the upcoming Black Adam movie as Dwayne Johnson is. It has everything that a successful Superhero movie requires. Firstly, it will be one of those films of the latest trend where we will follow a titular villain and learn about his motivations to do what he does. Second – The movie will be led by a major movie star who has been delivering big blockbuster films on the trot and has a massive future in Hollywood. Third – the antagonists of this movie are going to be multiple superhero characters. All these are elements that Shazam! didn’t have. Even its little Superman cameo wasn’t truly a Superman cameo. That’s why Shazam! didn’t turn a lot of heads, but Black Adam certainly will.

Black Adam Release Date for Shazam 2 & The Flash

Since Black Adam & Shazam! 2 are to film & release one after the other, we have to believe the fact that both these films will be setting up a conflict in Shazam! 3. But what’s interesting is that this conflict will actually be set up at the very end of Black Adam itself. Furthermore, it will set up what we’ve all been wanting for a while will finally happen.

Shazam! 2 Releases

According to the report from We Got This Covered, the post credits scene of Black Adam will feature not just Shazam!, but also Superman. In this sequence, Sups and Shazam will learn of Adam’s existence, and they’ll get ready to go after him. This will tease the showdown we’ve all been wanting to see. But given the fact that WGTC doesn’t really have a great track record for the report that come from their own alleged “sources”, we have to take this just as a rumor.

Shazam! Constantine

If there is any truth to this scene, then it’d mean that Shazam! 2 will show us Black Adam vs. Superman & Shazam!. But in the post credits scene of Shazam!, it was teased that the Shazam! family will have to take on the Monster Society of Evil. This should nullify the latest report from WGTC unless the events of Shazam! 2 will take place before Black Adam’s post credits scene and lead us right into that tease.

Black Adam Rumor Post Credits Scene Feature Superman & Shazam!

It would make sense for a scene like this to happen at the end of Black Adam because very recently, a few script details have leaked. FandomWire revealed that the first 30 minutes of Black Adam will be devoted to establishing his character and him taking on the JSA. The members of the JSA include Hawkman, Hawkgirl, The Flash – Jay Garrick, Alan Scott as Green Lantern, Doctor Fate and the young version of the Wizard Shazam (played by Djimon Hounsou). Even though Black Adam is insanely strong, one can’t help but wonder that how will he take on so many heroes who can all arguably go toe to toe with him individually? Well, the answer is that he will also have a bit of help as he will be releasing the Seven Deadly Sins that we saw in Shazam!. This will be a payoff to what was teased in Shazam!.

Black Adam Rumor Post Credits Scene Feature Superman & Shazam!

But as we’ve suspected, the JSA is still quite strong and so they will manage to imprison Black Adam. Then, the movie will fast forward to the present day and this is when Adam would escape to establish his reign of tyranny once more. So, a new version of the JSA will regroup and this time, the team will include the immortal Doctor Fate (why not?!), Atom Smasher, Cyclone, and different reincarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. They will also bring in Black Adam’s love interest, Isis. Although, her name will be changed to Adrianna in the present day. This is where the details from the “leaked” script end.

So, if the movie brings us to the present day, then it is entirely possible that Shazam! 2, which comes after Black Adam will actually take place before it. And the Black Adam post-credits scene showing us Superman & Shazam! gearing up to battle Black Adam will make perfect sense. Dwayne Johnson recently teased that a Black Adam & Superman showdown could happen in the future. Since Johnson’s former wife, business partner, and fellow Black Adam and Shazam! producer, Dany Garcia are the ones who also manage Henry Cavill, we have reason to believe that only Black Adam could save & bring back Cavill’s Superman.

Black Adam releases in December 22, 2021.

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