10 Things Fans Would Love to See in Captain Marvel 2

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gears itself for a new age of Superheroes, one of the superheroes who will be leading the charge is Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was a movie that was a huge hit amongst the fans and they expect the sequel to be even better. There are certain things about Captain Marvel that the fans did not like though and they expect Captain Marvel 2 to fill those gaps and satiate their hunger for everything superhero.

 1. Ms Marvel

Many do not know this but the superhero known as Captain Marvel began her career, not with the same name. Carol Danvers became part of the Avengers as Ms. Marvel. Over the years, she has switched between both of her aliases before permanently settling for the mantle of Captain Marvel. Kamala Khan is an Inhuman who gained superhuman abilities after being exposed to a global Terrigen mist cloud. She considers Captain Marvel as her greatest inspiration.

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Kamala Khan is also a hit amongst the comic book fans who would love to see her show in Disney+ that is being produced as we speak. But why stop there? Disney+ shows for the MCU will basically be an over-extension of the superhero universe. Ms. Marvel could actually be featured in Captain Marvel 2 signaling an epic team-up of incredible proportions.

 2. Hints for Civil War 2

The comic book storyline may not have garnered rave reviews. Civil War 2 was not Marvel’s brightest moment but it was a definitive one. A lot changed after Civil War II that will stay that way for a long time. Marvel realized that they cannot use POC characters as plot side jail-bait anymore. Iron Man had an incredible development in terms of character and a new origin story.

Captain Marvel also learned a lot and the after-effects of Civil War II reached every major superhero and superhuman community on Earth and beyond, including the X-Men and the Inhumans. We are not saying that Marvel Studios should start making plans for the sequel to Civil War but they need to hint at a possible event similar to it if they want to remain true to the source material.

 3. More interaction with the Avengers

Captain Marvel and the Avengers never talked too much in Avengers: Endgame. In Infinity War, Captain Marvel came at the very end and only after Nick Fury activated the beacon. The Avengers literally know nothing about Carol Danvers while Carol seems to know a lot about them. The fans, on the other hand, know nothing of any transactions that might have happened between the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Captain Marvel.

Moreover, how do Earth’s Mightiest Heroes react to such a behemoth of a superhuman within their midst? Do they trust her with their secrets or should they stay wary of her?? Captain Marvel herself is said to be very suspicious of new people.

 4. Nick Fury

Nick Fury showed his younger days in Captain Marvel. Back then, Nick Fury was a young hot-shot in action who was trying to prove himself in the battlefield against forces he him-self was unaware of. Nick Fury showed us a side we had never seen before. He was reckless, ready to go against orders, and had little to no friends within his circles, something that stands in stark contrast to the Nick Fury of present times.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Nick Furry Marvel

The one-eyed super spy showed the best of his glory days in Captain Marvel. He was also pretty hilarious to watch on screen with his dark humor antics. Nick Fury never gets to steal the spotlight in a typical Avengers movie because he is more or less a supporting character. In Captain Marvel, it was not the case and that is part of the reason why the movie did so well. More of Nick Fury will only mean more of awesomeness. And we would love to see him again on screen.

 5. Destruction of Xandar

The only space-based battle we saw in Captain Marvel was when Carol Danvers turned into her Binary Form and destroyed the Kree Armada that had come to decimate Earth. And boy was that beautiful to watch. There is another cosmic battle that the MCU has failed to show us on the screen which is also connected to Carol Danvers in a big way. Carol claimed that she was traveling the universe to find planets that needed her help.

Surely Xandar was a planet that came under her jurisdiction. Home to the Nova Corps, Xandar was the planet that held the Power Stone and was one of the first planets that bore the full force of Thanos the Mad Titan’s armies. It was destroyed. It was a battle that Carol must have had a part in and its destruction is probably Captain Marvel’s biggest failing. They need to show us the falloff Xandar.

 6. A more present-day setting

Fans love to see in Captain Marvel 2

Okay, it was all fun and games to make Captain Marvel’s premise be before the Iron Man movie. In fact, Captain Marvel’s story is set 20 years before the events of the Iron Man movie that came in 2008. And frankly, it was easier for the Studio to take such an action because that way they don’t need to explain to the fans as to why Captain Marvel was missing in action all these years when a lot of other world-ending threats raised their heads over the horizon.

There are still twenty years before the events of Iron Man and the sequel could be set for a plot where Carol helps the Skrulls find a new world to live in. But a true gamble would be if Captain Marvel 2 is set in a modern-day environment, to be precise in 2023 right after the events of Endgame.

 7. Comic accurate Supreme Intelligence

The Supreme Intelligence is the one that guides the powerful Kree Empire and is responsible for all its actions. The Kree never do anything without consulting the Supreme Intelligence. So in a way, whatever evil things the Kree did were actually the machinations of the Supreme intelligence. It was the one that ordered the Kree to take over other worlds and extend the reaches of the Kree Empire.

Many alien races including the Skrulls were actually victims of the Kree initiated cosmic cleansing. The Supreme Intelligence was not featured in a light the comic book readers wanted them to. It took the appearance of an old Kree scientist in Captain Marvel. Its true form is much more malevolent and amazing to look at. A comic book accurate Supreme Intelligence is something the first movie sorely lacked in but we hope the sequel does some justice to fans’ expectations.

 8. The New Skrull world

Fans love to see in Captain Marvel 2

Where did the nifty little Skrulls go after the events of Captain Marvel? We fell absolutely in love with Talos, played by Ben Mendelsohn, in Captain Marvel. If there are more people like him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we need to dive deeper to find them. Captain Marvel ended with Carol leading the Skrull refugee ships in search of a new haven they could call home.

Fans love to see in Captain Marvel 2

The Skrull World that is their original home planet in the comic books is called Skrulls. Maybe the new planet that the Skrulls will settle in to escape the Kree onslaught could be named the same. Skrulls is a highly important location in the Marvel Comic Book Universe that has witnessed events that shaped the cosmos for the years to come. Having a look at it makes more sense because the fans need closure.

 9. The Ultimates

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The Armoured Avenger is dead. The Super Soldier has retired. A new breed of superheroes must take the stage. The Avengers have more or less become a thing of the past. They will forever be regarded as heroes but they need to step out of the way for the new generation to kick in and save the day.

Fans love to see in Captain Marvel 2

The Ultimates is a superhero team that comprises of Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Black Panther, Miss America, and a lot of other regulating members! They are generally considered to be the next phase in the evolution of superhero team-ups after the Avengers in Marvel Comics. Since the MCU is moving towards a more cosmic environment and most of The Ultimates’ adventures are in outer space, they would be a good fit.

 10. Goose

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No matter how you put it, Goose was the real breakout character of the Captain Marvel movie. The Alien Flerken was a hit amongst the fans. It is revealed that it was Goose that had scratched the eye of Nick Fury, giving him a permanent eye patch. It was Goose who had eaten the Space Stone and later regurgitated it out, which was how Shield got his hands on the Space Stone.

Captain Marvel Goose

Goose was somehow absent from the entire MCU after Captain Marvel which should not have been the case since after Captain Marvel, Goose was supposed to be Nick Fury’s pet and had to be present throughout. We need to see more of Goose. Make it happen, Marvel!!!

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