Top 10 Darkest TV Shows of The Past Few Years

Darkest TV Shows:

Dark TV Shows are not made for casual viewers, these shows are hard-hitting, thought-provoking and explore elements that are not easy to talk about. You can find all the disturbing and dark concepts of the world in these shows and for some of us, that is the best thing ever.

#10: American Gods (2017-)

Darkest TV Shows

American Gods is a super stylish and unique Tv series filled with awesome actors. The first season of the show is visually stunning and it is a very good adaptation of the books. The show takes a thought-provoking take on the concepts of Gods and mythology. It is full of intelligent symbolism that makes it a lot more real.

#9: Taboo (2017-)

Darkest TV Shows

Tom Hardy is absolutely outstanding in this show which is set in Old London. The attention to detail is extraordinary and every detail is used to set a dark atmosphere. It is full of mystery and suspense and we advise you to not read anything about the show if you have not watched it yet.

#8: Mr. Robot (2015 – 2019)

Things About Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a show that operates on several levels. On the surface, it is a show about a digital revolution and corporate greed, but in reality, it is much deeper than that. It talks about the right and wrong aspects of human behavior. Fortunately, the makers decided to end the show on a high note instead of dragging it to make money.

#7: True Detective (2014 -)

True Detective is not your usual detective series, it is the kind of show that will tell you the truth about humanity. The story is supported by the dark atmosphere and dialogues. It is a pretty heavy watch as it will make you think about things for a long time. The show is twisted and is not scared to show reality.

#6: Dark (2017-)

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The mind-boggling story of this series is what makes it so awesome. It is full of shocking twists and turns that will spin your mind. The show is very dark and gritty as the name suggests. The show is entirely in German but you should not let that stop you from watching this show.

#5: Fargo (2014-)

Fargo is the perfect mix of dark humor and crime. It is an anthology series and each season tells a different story and fortunately, this show does not have a weak season. The best thing about this show is the interactions that the characters have with others and the production quality of this show nails the mark.

#4: Black Mirror (2011-)

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Black Mirror is a show full of crazy and twisted concepts that can shock anyone. It highlights all the negative trends that technology can take in the future. Some episodes can be too heavy for casual viewers as they are downright disturbing but in the best possible way. The scariest aspect of the show is one day it might just turn out to be true.

#3: American Horror Story (2011-)

Things about American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a creepy, weird and scary horror show that features a different disturbing story in each season. The show has everything from murder, ghosts, witches, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc. to make it darker than most TV shows. The violence in the show is disturbing and it will leave a mark on you.

#2: Mindhunter (2017-)

Mindhunter explores the deepest and the darkest corners of the minds of the vilest serial killers in the world. It gives you an opportunity to understand the psyche of a psychopath and it will attack you psychologically. Each character in this show will affect your psyche and force you to think about things you don’t want to.

#1: Westworld (2016-)

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Westworld is one of the most intelligent shows of all time as the entire show is one big symbolism. The show is modeled after Christianity and you can see a lot of similarities in the show. Westworld challenges the concept of life and creationism itself and it manages to stick the landing.

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