10 Superheroes That Will Probably Appear in Morbius & Likely to Get Their Own Solo Movies

Superheroes That Will Appear in Morbius:

Morbius is one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2020. It is rumored to be the beginning of the Sony shared superhero universe. Sony can use this to make a lot of other major characters who could potentially star in their own solo movies under the Sony banner have their debut on the big screens. Here are some of our topmost picks for this noble endeavor.

 1. Count Dracula

Superheroes Will Appear in Morbius

If we are talking about vampires, can we really omit the possibility that Sony might be pondering over the possibility of including the King of the vampires!! Vlad Tepes was an Eastern European Warlord who ruled over a territory that makes up present-day Transylvania. Tepes was deceived by Varnae – world’s first vampire, into attacking a Turkish army but he used his high-level strategic intellect to gain the upper hand and won the battle. He was then mortally injured by Apocalypse and Tulac, another powerful Warlord, ordered his vampire mage to turn the dying Vlad into a Vampire and thus give him the ability to heal from his injuries. And thus, Dracula was born. He may not be the first-ever Vampire but he certainly has earned enough power to gain Lordship over all vampires on Earth and featuring him in Morbius makes all the more sense.

 2. Alistair Smythe

Alistair Smythe is the billionaire heir to the Smythe fortune and the son of the Genius inventor Spencer Smythe, creator of the Spider-Slayer robots. Alistair Smythe uses a wheel-chair to move around because he was born with a disability that crippled his legs. Later using genetic research and bioengineering techniques, Smythe developed a process that turned him into a biological terminator. He called himself the Ultimate Spider-Slayer. Alistair Smythe could be shown as a rival businessman to Morbius, who is himself a billionaire businessman that created an empire out of his own scientific research. If Tony Stark had Justin Hammer, Morbius could have Alistair Smythe.

 3. Kraven the Hunter

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Kraven the Hunter has basically been a Spider-Man villain all his life. Kraven comes from a long line of hunters. He considers himself the world’s greatest hunter, a title he has fought for and proved beyond doubt to be his. While he typically goes after Spider-Man, Kraven has no qualms at taking down other monsters as long as he enjoys the hunt. In the trailer, we saw Morbius being hunted by a group of paramilitary forces. Maybe the people who sent them after Morbius will hire the best of what is available once they realize that no matter how many numbers of veteran soldiers you throw at Morbius, the only one who can stop him is someone who also possesses skills that are as extraordinary as the prey’s. And that is where Kraven comes in.

 4. Black Cat

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Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy has been a long-time romantic interest of Peter Parker. She has been featured in several videogames and comic book arcs as an anti-hero and burglar-thief that is a sometimes ally and sometimes foe of Spider-Man. She was all set to appear in the Silver Sable movie that was being planned by Sony as an installment to extend the Venom-Verse. But those plans have been dropped ever since. Black Cat can be in the movie as someone who is sent by the bad guys to steal the Morbius Formula that can turn any human into a superhuman vampire. An origin story of Black Cat for the Sony Superhero Universe is currently in the works, according to some sources. But we suggest you take this news with the biggest pinch of salt you can find.

 5. Man-Thing

Superheroes Will Appear in Morbius

Man Thing’s real name is Ted Sallis. And he is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, a magical gateway that holds the key to ultimate power. Morbius is a dark themed superhero. His adventures revolve on the fringes of horror and thriller genres, and not just the superhero genre. Morbius was also part of the Legion of Monsters in the comic books that also had Man-Thing as one of the first members of the team. Since Post Credits are all the rage in superhero movies nowadays, the Legion of Superheroes could be referenced with Man-Thing greeting Morbius. It could be the start of a new era of superheroes for Sony and the origin of a truly shared superhero universe.

 6. Scorpion

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Mac Gargan was just a down on his luck private investigator. J Jonah Jameson decided that this sorry waste of life could be better used if he was turned over to a top-secret science project. Gargan was given genetic modifications that combined his gene code with that of a scorpion. Since Scorpions were natural predators of Spiders, Gargan was theorized to be far superior to Spider-Manin each and every way. Gargan has failed to appear as the Scorpion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe Morbius could finally lead to the debut of the actual Mac Gargan character. His solo movie could show him how he has manipulated into taking part in an experiment against his will and his acts of revenge to get back at the people who wronged him.

 7. Hannibal King

Superheroes Will Appear in Morbius

Hannibal King was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3. And Reynolds’ portrayal, even though funny and hilarious, was nowhere near to how Hannibal King is in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Hannibal King was an occult investigator who was attacked by Deacon Frost and turned into a vampire. He then started working with Blade and decided to control his urge, using the powers bestowed upon him for the forces of Good. Hannibal King could appear as a mentor figure to Morbius. He is probably one of the only few people who could connect Morbius to the supernatural and sympathize with his pain since he too went through the same ordeal once.

 8. Werewolf by Night

Superheroes Will Appear in Morbius

Werewolf by Night’s real name is Jack Russell. He belongs to a family that carries a powerful curse in their blood. Jack Russell hails from a long line of werewolves. Every night, Russell turns into a man-wolf hybrid and fights crime. Werewolf by Night has also been a member of the Legion of Superheroes. Sony is dead set on making Morbius under the Marvel Studios banner, even though the reference was mainly passive and no direct connections exist within the Sony Superhero Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Werewolf by Night could be the missing link that gives Sony a chance to be an extended version of Marvel since Werewolf by Night is going to be featured in the new Blade movie that is about to get into production under the Marvel Studios banner.

 9. Lizard

If Sony intends to make a Sinister Six movie, the one villain that would complete the six-pack team would be the Lizard. Featuring him in the Morbius movie might be difficult. But let us not forget Michael Morbius is not the only scientist way ahead of his time. Doctor Kurt Connors is also one of the very few, extremely gifted scientists who is also working on helping humanity get over crippling disabilities. Connors has only one hand and all his life, his research was intended to make him and millions of people like him, whole again. Like Morbius, he too is searching for a cure to cure himself of his handicap. There are a lot of similarities between Morbius and the Lizard that the movie could exploit and explore.

  10. Morlun

Morlun is an immortal Vampire that feeds on energies radiated by Spider-Totems. Spider-Totems are people with Spider-like abilities that exist all across the Multi-Verse. Morlun travels from one reality and plane of existence to another in search of the next Spider-Manto kill. He has already killed several such Spider-Totems. Morlun only hunts Spider-Man. So why does he need to be in the Morbius movie? It is better not to forget that Morlun is also a vampire-like Morbius, and he is way older than Morbius could ever be. Morlun could be featured as the new big bad wolf for Morbius and the Sony shared superhero universe as a whole just like Thanos was for the MCU.

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