Star Wars: Vader Immortal Shows The Secret Behind The Origin of Life In The Universe!!

As Star Wars starts spreading its wings and adds more and more installments into its umbrella, the Galaxy far, far away keeps expanding above and beyond our wildest imaginations. Star Wars has started tapping into the Virtual Reality segment with the release of two back to back VR Storylines where the player is the protagonist trying to stop Dark Side forces at play. The third and final installment – Star Wars: Vader Immortal takes us to a barren planet called Mustafar – the stronghold of Darth Vader and the planet that holds his fortress of Solitude. There, the series reveals that life in the Universe began with something that we could have never anticipated to be the key to sentience. Presenting – Star Wars: Vader Immortal shows the Secret behind the Origin of Life in the Universe!!

In Star Wars: Vader Immortal, the player takes the role of a hero who is trying to stop Darth Vader from using an ancient artefact called the Eon Engine. The Eon Engine was created by alien forces that are long gone and could tap into the primordial essence of the Force itself. But it is not just the Eon Engine that catches our attention. The game tells us that the Eon Engine’s energy source it-self is extremely special. It is called the Bright Star. The Bright Star was created as a singular construct housing a giant Kyber Crystal. Kyber Crystals are crystalline rocks that can channel massive amounts of energy through them. They are the ones that generate the laser blade in a Light Sabre. Several Massive Kyber Crystals were combined to form a singular energy beam that could destroy an entire planet. That is the same technology as in the Death Star. The Star Killer Base also uses Kyber Crystals to destroy entire star systems it-self.

Darth Vader intends to use the Kyber Crystals for a very nefarious purpose. He wants to use it to change the laws of physics and bend the fabric of reality and fate to his will. Darth Vader longs for his long-dead wife Padme. And the Eon Engine, powered by the Kyber Crystal within the Bright Star, could be powerful enough to help him do the impossible – successfully resurrect someone and bring that person back, in flesh and blood, from the land of the dead into the land of the living.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Shows

The Eon Engine also has a rich and powerful past. Lady Corvax was a powerful ruler who once ruled Mustafar. She was a just Queen and her Planet was lush green and fertile. When her husband died, the death of her one true love devastated her. You know what they say – the things people do in the name of love. Corvax was a gifted scientist her-self. She, along with a couple of Mustafar’s top minds, created the Eon Engine. Corvax wanted to play God. The Eon Engine could tap into the quantum realms between life and death and open portals for the souls to pass through. But the amount of energy it requires is enormous. Even with the Star Wars Universe’s super advanced technology in their hands, they could not find a powerful enough source of energy to charge the Eon Engine. That was until Corvax realized the existence of the Bright Star.

She stole the Bright Star and used it to bring back his husband back from the dead. She failed. But the after-shock of the failed experiment changed the fate of Corvax and her planet forever. Mustafar was bombarded with energy from the Dark Side of the Force and turned into a barren wasteland full of active volcanoes. Corvax was doomed to dwell a realm that lay beyond the realms of time and death, cursed to roam eternity alone. Darth Vader is going to repeat Corvax’s mistake again.

Will he succeed? Will Darth Vader manage to do something even Lady Corvax could not? Star Wars: Vader Immortal never shies away from showing the similarity of the Bright Star and the Eon Engine with already established tech within the Star Wars universe that use Kyber Crystals. The Death Star, as we talked about uses Kyber Crystals as its primary source of energy and weaponry. The Bright Star is basically a spiral-shaped Kyber Crystal. It looks the same as the ones used by the Night Sisters in the land of Dathomir. The technology has a huge light-eyed centre emitting immense amount of radiation, which is how the Star Killer Base looks like. The series wants us to know that the tech is pretty similar to what we have seen in the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Shows

There is yet another aspect to the Kyber Crystal within the Bright Star. The Kyber Crystal not only radiates energy but also absorbs it. It does not absorb ambient energy found everywhere within the Cosmos though. The Kyber Crystals have long been proven to have a strange relationship with the Force. They are somehow stimulated by it. So the Kyber Crystal within the Bright Star targets the life force of all life in the planet. Since all living beings within the Galaxy are connected to the Force, the Bright Star Kyber Crystal literally sucks out the life energy of any sentient being in its vicinity. And the radius of the Crystal, since it is huge as hell, is basically the same as that of the entire planet of Mustafar!!

Slowly and steadily, the Eon Engine, powered by the Kyber Crystal and its perpetual life energy absorption of an entire planet throughout millennia, has finally given it enough energy to pierce the force field that exists between the land of the living and the land of the dead, and bring back a soul to life.

The Priestess of Mustafar is the one that guides the player in his adventure to stop Darth Vader from activating the Eon Engine. At regular intervals, the Priestess claims that the Player must act fast otherwise the entire planet’s essence will be sucked into Bright Star forever. Even the Priestess herself is growing weaker by the minute as she too is a living being and Bright Star’s Kyber Crystal is sucking out her life force as well. The priestess soon dies and the Player is left alone to fight Vader and stop him at all costs. Vader on the other hand, is dead set to bring back Padme. He claims that if Mustafar’s Life Force is not enough, there is always “Countless Other” Worlds.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Shows

Lord Corvax and the player then team up and destroy the Eon Engine with Corvax’s Light Sword. Lord Corvax states that Darth Vader’s belief that Lady Corvax failed because she did not have the will power to see things to the end. It was never about will power. Darth Vader will not be able to complete the chain reaction that will start once the eon Engine is activated because it is beyond human comprehension and capabilities to do so.

The Eon Engine’s destruction plunges the player into a different scene altogether. The Barren Planet of Mustafar is seen to start hosting a lush green canopy and hordes of flora and fauna. The vision is of the future. Destruction of the Eon Engine would lead to Mustafar healing it-self and returning back to its former self.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Shows

And that is what the Kyber Crystals do in the end. The movie “Rogue One”, Chirrut Imwe mentions that the strongest of the stars have hearts made of pure Kyber. Star Killer Base also had naturally occurring Kyber Cystals at its core. The Planet of Jedha was once struck by an Asteroid made out of Kyber Crystals. Maybe that is what led to a spurt in life on the barren wasteland of a planet which would have otherwise never been able to become a habitable world. The Kyber Crystals may be responsible for channelling whatever ambient life forces they had absorbed throughout the universe and radiate outwards, eventually leading to the origin of Sentient Life.

This changes things in the Star Wars Universe. This changes things A LOT!!!

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