The Mandalorian: The Empire Wants Baby Yoda For His Midichlorians

The Mandalorian is being called the best thing that ever happened to the Star Wars franchise after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The TV Series tells the story of a time when the Galactic Empire has been defeated and is in shambles. The Empire has retreated and is currently operating behind the curtains in the cover of darkness. They are currently pursuing a baby from Yoda’s race. Nobody knows why. Many claims that Baby Yoda holds some deep, dark secret that might unlock new facets of truth for the Force – the mysterious energy that binds all life forms together in the galaxy far, far away. Until now, we did not know why the Empire was so hell-bent on getting their hands on Baby Yoda. Turns out, there might be a huge reason that was right in front of our eyes but never came to our notice. Presenting – The Mandalorian: The Empire wants Baby Yoda for his Midichlorians!!

The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda For His Midichlorians

As of now, the Empire is not strong enough to take on the Jedi Order. So they cannot risk coming into the spotlight. But they desperately want Baby Yoda. So in order to kill two birds with one stone, they have put out a bounty on his name.

The bounty is enough for someone to buy their own planet. As a result, a lot of deadly and brutally efficient Bounty Hunters well known across the galaxy have come to take part in this game. But to the Empire’s Bad Luck, the one that won the game and captured Baby Yoda was someone who had a conscience and was more or less a good guy. It was the Mandalorian and he just could not let the baby be taken into the custody of these monsters.

We know almost nothing about Yoda’s species. Which planet are they from? How many are there? What is their origin story? Why do they look like little green plush toys? So many questions, so little answers! George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars Universe, had always stayed mum when asked about Yoda’s species and home planet. Even the rest of the guys who sit at the high table of Lucas Film do not divulge any secret regarding Yoda’s species. When Doctor Pershing – the Scientist under the payroll of the empire scans Baby Yoda, he finds it healthy. There must be something we are missing here. Why do they want baby Yoda so badly???

Why is Yoda’s Species so special??

Up until now, we have seen only three people from Yoda’s species in the movie universe. More of them have been spotted in the comic book series. All of them were part of the Jedi Order and warriors of the Light Side of the force. Judging by the fact that almost every species from Yoda’s planet is Force Sensitive and extremely powerful, we come to the conclusion that all of Yoda’s kin are extremely powerful warriors that are somehow gifted with powerful Force powers and abilities.

The Mandalorian: The Empire Wants Baby Yoda For His Midichlorians

George Lucas added the concept of Midichlorians to the Star Wars universe with the prequel trilogy. The Midichlorians are microscopic organism found in each and every sentient life form in the Galaxy. They are the ones that connect all life to the force. Each living being in the universe, no matter how miniscule or gargantuan, has some Midichlorians in them. It is common knowledge that some species have a higher amount midichlorians in there body than other species. Yoda’s species naturally possess a higher midichlorian count. In fact, Yoda’s midichlorian count was the second-highest in the Jedi Order, the first being Anakin Skywalker’s. The rest of the species to which Yoda belongs to may possess the same amount of Midichlorians, if not higher. And that could be a reason why the Empire is after Baby Yoda.

Doctor Pershing is seen talking to a mysterious benefactor in the third episode of the Mandalorian. The benefactor orders Pershing to extract the “necessary materials” from Baby Yoda’s body and be done with it. We do not know what he meant by that? It could mean that the Doctor has been tasked with extracting the Midichlorians from the baby. The nature of the conversation and the enigmatic scene have made the audience draw the line for only one conclusion – the Empire wants Baby Yoda’s Force sensitive Midichlorians. If they manage to extract it, it will probably kill the baby.

What do they intend to do with it?

Okay imagine if the Empire succeeds in their mission. Even if they manage to get all the Midichlorians out of Baby Yoda, what do they intend to do with them? The answer is rather simple – create more force sensitive warriors for the Empire!!

It is the Midichlorian count that determines whether a person will be eligible to gain force sensitive powers. If you have enough Midichlorian count, you are basically ready to be trained to become a Sith or a Jedi. If not, then you are just like the rest of the normal folks – connected to the Force through their miniscule Midichlorian count but not enough to actually tap it to gain super powers. And that is where Baby Yoda’s Midichlorians would come in.

The Empire already possesses a range of soldiers, followers and spies that are trained in martial art techniques and are ardent supporters of the Imperial Code but are not Force Sensitive. They may know all about the Force and about the Dark Side but do not have access to it. Baby Yoda’s Midichlorian injection could give them a key to unlock their Force powers. The most dedicated of Storm Troopers and Pilots will be the first ones to gain such powers. To top it off, the New Republic declared that it had disbanded its army after the infamous Battle of Jakku. A resurrection of the Empire led by a new wave of Force Sensitive Sith Warriors would be the last thing they would expect given that the Empire had just been defeated.

Has the extraction process been completed?

The Mandalorian: The Empire Wants Baby Yoda

If you recall, Baby Yoda was already handed over by the Mandalorian to the Empire’s forces before he had a change of time. Under Doctor Pershing’s supervision, Baby Yoda was already undergoing some experimental procedures. We still have no diea what were they all about but if you ask us to take a guess – Doctor Pershing had already initiated the extraction process. The Midichlorians were already being sucked out of Baby Yoda’s body when the Mandalorian swooped in to save the day.

And that brings us to another possibility. The extraction process was obviously incomplete since it would take more than a few hours for all of the Midichlorians to be extracted from the body of Baby Yoda. But Pershing just might have enough Midichlorians extracted to turn at least one of their soldiers into a Sith. This soldier would then be tasked with tracking down the Mandalorian and then recover Baby Yoda at all costs. But there is one more thing that we forget to take into account. Baby Yoda just underwent a painful Midichlorian extraction process. It has been said that there exists a symbiotic relationship between the Force and the Midichlorians within one’s body. The relationship is supported by a delicate balance. If someone tips that balance, then the life form may see adverse side effects that may range from a weaker link to the force to almost certain death. If Baby Yoda is actually dying due to his reduced Midichlorian count, then it will be a race against time for the Mandalorian to save Baby Yoda all the while being pursued by a Force Sensitive maniac working for the Empire hot on their tails.

The Mandalorian was released on Disney+ on November 12, 2019. The official synopsis for the movie reads:

After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. The series depicts a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.

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