The Ancient Time Period of Marvel’s Eternals Possibly Revealed

Ancient Time Period of Eternals:

Eternals is a movie that we know the least about. Sure we know which actor is playing which role, but the general audience is unfamiliar with all the new characters that the film is bringing in. Moreover, we thought that the film will take place entirely in the past and tell us the tale about Marvel’s rich ancient history. But what’s happening is totally opposite of that. Yes, we would be told about the past, but all of that will be through flashbacks.

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

Set photos have proven that the story of Eternals will take place in the present times. Richard Madden’s Ikaris has been seen posing as a human in the present day casual attire & the same goes for Jemma Chan’s Sersi. But since this film is supposed to dive into the past, we have to figure out the ancient time frame this film will depict. And, according to a news story shared by Lauren Ridloff (supposed to play the Speedster Makkari), we seem to have gotten a clue that places the timeline to “800 BC”.

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

This seems to be the suit of Makkari that Ridloff will wear in “Babylon 800 BC”. About a month back, we also got a look at the Babylonian set that was being built in the Canary Islands. So now we know how far back in time the Eternals is set to go.

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

There has been a recent plot leak which suggests that plot leak which suggests that the family of Eternals will be stranded on Earth having forgotten all about their past lives. Part of the leak states:

“The Eternals receive news about the activities of Earth from a Black Knight, a servant who wields the Ebony Blade and guards humanity from the Deviants when the Eternals are occupied. The Black Knight of this generation is Dane Whitman (Kit Harrington). He and Sersi fall in love. Ajak forbids the relationship. Sersi enlists the help of Sprite (Lia McHugh) for wisdom. Sprite says that there is an ancient gravesite called the Tomb of the Gods that is enchanted with Asgardian magic that can grant the wish of anyone who wishes for it, as long as they deliver the Ebony Blade. Sersi steals it from Dane and wishes for her to become human.

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

The spell works but quickly backfires. Instead of just Sersi becoming human, Makkari, Phastos, Kingo, Sprite, Druig, Ikaris, and Thena become human as well, and they do not remember their past lives. Dane Whitman is also no longer the Black Knight but an archeologist. In this new reality, Gilgamesh’s uprising succeeded, and the Eternals have become world conquerors all around the galaxy, and Ajak is exiled.

Sersi is the only one whose memories are intact, and she discovers that there are Deviants on Earth, and Gilgamesh’s forces are arriving. To prevent a mass war, Sersi must find her friends and jog their memories to prevent a catastrophe.”

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

This explains why the Eternals are seen as humans in these set photos and why no one has heard of them for a long period of time. But when Sersi will assemble all of them, she’d try to make them remember all about their past. That’s how we’d get to know about the history of these Eternals that goes as far as Babylon 800 BC. The leak further suggests:

The story has numerous flashbacks to the past. We will see ancient civilizations both on Earth and in space. We will see a young Odin and a young Thanos.”

Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

What director Chloe Zhao is working on seems to be quite interesting and rather complex. We will obviously have to wait and see whether any of the details in the aforementioned plot leak will come true or not. But we can be sure of the fact that we will be taken on a trip to 1000s of years in Marvel’s past, while at the same time, the Eternals will be established as new heroes of the present. Eternals will arrive on November 6, 2020.

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