10 Highly Underutilized MCU Characters That May End up Becoming Mainstream in Future

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a good job till now when it comes to introducing and slowly expanding a cinematic universe in a calm and structured manner. Boasting more than a dozen mainstream superheroes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is only about to get bigger as new superheroes enter the fray. And yet, there are still so many complaints regarding a lot of superheroes, supervillains, and characters that could be used so extensively but are not. The comic books show it so well. Why could not the movies do the same? Screen Time is not a luxury that every superhero or supervillain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could afford. Only a select, chosen few get to grace the stage while the rest are made to toil in the background. But the future might hold a bit of a surprise for these characters. Marvel is starting to retrace and rethink its stance with respect to these characters and might change the way they are featured in the future MCU movies.

 1. Scarlet Witch

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

One of the only two mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckoned with! The power to alter the fabric of reality gives Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff a very versatile set of abilities. But that did not warrant a sure shot spot in the spotlight for Wanda, who was then side-lined to make way for other female superheroes like Captain Marvel and Black Widow. But Scarlet Witch also deserves to be up there, sitting on one of the seats at the high table. We all know Elizabeth Olsen is probably the hottest actress in the MCU. And she is extremely talented. So why does not Marvel use her more often? That is a question that escapes our wits and must be addressed before there is a backlash.

 2. War Machine

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

The Black man was always seen as the sidekick to the white man, who is the savior in each and every story ever told in the West! But the times are changing. No longer the movies that Hollywood produces, are just Black and White. There are infinite shades of colors in between. So why is War Machine being set aside as an exception to that rule? War Machine had always been seen as a sidekick character to Iron Man. Even in the comics, it is featured as so. But the MCU has a wider reach. They should think twice before they try something like this in the theatres. War Machine has huge potential in the movies since he represents African American culture – he is one of the first African American superheroes in Marvel Comics history. Maybe Marvel should use that and start featuring him more.

 3. The Warriors Three

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg are the Warriors Three – the most fearsome trio of Warriors in the nine realms. The Warriors Three are almost immortal and have been chosen by Odin himself to be a part of Valhalla. All the three warriors belong to different realms and only became famous after they battled alongside Odin and Thor on his many conquests together. Do you know how the marvel universe shows them as? They are nothing but comic relief. They tried to show at least Hogun in a different light in Thor: Ragnarok when he fought Hela to a standstill. But the way the movies feature the trio of warriors is downright evil.

 4. Vision

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

The android avenger has not had much of a chance to show the true level of his powers after he debuted in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Vision is made up of Vibranium and has the Mind Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones (the most powerful weapon in the whole wide universe) attached to his forehead. He can do much more than just fly and shoot rays. Vision, if you ask us, was more than capable of handling Thanos alone in Infinity War. The Directors had to make him look weak so that the storyline could progress. The personality of Vision is also very complex and he has good character development in the comics. Why can’t the movies follow the comic books and make the guy be what he actually is in the comics – a true hero that does not need anybody’s help!?

 5. Erik Selvig

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

This guy is a beat when it comes to genius-level intellect in the comics. Doctor Erik Selvig is a very popular scientific personality whose research in the fields of particle physics and inter-dimensional sciences are adored and appreciated in the scientific fields. He was the one who cracked the code of how to use the Space Stone to open a portal. He literally decoded the science behind an Infinity Stone and he did it singlehandedly. Not everybody could boast of that achievement. Erik Selvig deserves all the attention he could get in the future MCU movies.

 6. Malekith

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

The Lord of the Dark Elves is one of the fiercest villains the God of Thunder has ever faced. Malekith is the master of Dark Elf Magic and an exceptional strategist and manipulator. The guy knows how to be resourceful and is so cunning that he conquered Asgard using just his wit. Malekith is not a grave and serious-looking soul the way he was shown in The Dark World. Malekith could be better than that. Malekith also has crazy abilities that the movies did not show.

 7. Ultron

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

In Spiderman: Homecoming, which was supposed to take after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see the Vulture going through his spoils. And then we see an Ultron robot head with eyes glowing red for a split-second before he tosses it aside in another scene. Ultron was very easily defeated in Age of Ultron, not something that Marvel Studios would like to put across when they introduce a supervillain into their universe. The entire world’s governments are now frantically looking for a solution to keep the world safe from another catastrophic rampage like Thanos’. They could try and revive the “Suit of Armour Around the World” program. Ultron could return, with a vengeance.

 8. Quicksilver

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

Pietro Maximoff could have become so much more than just a side piece. The Mutant Superhero is one of the fastest beings in Marvel Comics. He should not be used as a human shield. A guy who is faster than lightning could not outrun a barrage of bullets in Age of Ultron. That is just some lazy scriptwriting. Pietro needs to return. Maybe he becomes a part of the universe again after the Hulk Snap. We just don’t know it yet.

 9. Okoye

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

Okoye is the commander in chief of Wakanda’s combined armed forces. Wakanda is one of the most advanced nations in the world. Its armed forces are a lean, mean and super-advanced fighting machine. Okoye is not only adept at combat in close quarters but also very proficient in espionage and sabotage. She is fit to be the right hand of any ruler, may it be T’Challa or Shuri. Her loyalty to the throne only adds on to her character. It is about time Okoye is paid back her dues in full by Marvel Studios.

 10. Heimdall

Underutilized MCU Characters May End up Becoming Mainstream

It is literal shame that Heimdall – who has the power to glance through the entirety of the nine realms, the guardian of Asgard and the Bi Frost, was killed by Thanos at the very beginning of Infinity War. Heimdall got some spotlight during Thor: Ragnarok when he was tasked with keeping the Asgardian refugees safe from the wrath of Hela, who had taken over the throne by force. The guy took down an entire ship created via Dark Elf technology that is advanced even by Asgardian Standards, using his bare hands. Heimdall has a lot of potentials to become a heavy hitter in the MCU. Marvel Studios need to rethink their strategy and re-introduce this guy in the future movies.

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