10 Greatest Weapons Created by Tony Stark Aka Iron Man of The MCU

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU:

The World is now a happier place now that Iron Man has saved it. Tony Stark – a playboy, philanthropist and industrialist, uses his genius-level intellect to create wonder weapons. His greatest creation will always be the Iron Man suit. But to say that the Iron Man suit is the only noteworthy invention in Tony Stark’s Arsenal would be a huge understatement. In all these years, Tony Stark has been the backbone of Stark Industries, which once used to be a sprawling military complex with international customers. Throughout all this time, there is a huge array of offensive capabilities that Stark Industries has gifted to the world.

 1. M134 Mini Gun

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

The M134 Mini Gun is a traditional chain-fed machine gun with a super-fast rotating barrel. You must be wondering where have you seen this weapon before?!?! It is fitted on the War Machine armour and the Iron Patriot armour. The M134 Mini Gun is disliked by Tony Stark because of its highly potent destructive qualities. The Gun can cut through buildings, sheets of thick metal as well as people like a hot knife through butter. And it is so compact that it could be fitted inside any light vehicle (or a suit). It is still heavy to be carried around everywhere, which is why only a juiced-up suit like the War Machine armour can manage to keep standing with the Mini Gun strapped to its shoulders.

 2. Multiple Smart Rocket Launcher

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

When you look at the Iron Man suit, you would think that the lean hardware would not have been able to handle too many weapons. But in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, size does not matter. Performance does. Iron Man showed that you do not need a huge weapon to take out several enemies at the same time. The Smart Rocket Launcher launches several projectiles at the opponents, each rocket coming equipped with a sensor array that guides the rocket to disabling or dealing lethal damage to the target. The technology is located in Iron Man’s shoulders. He was seen using it twice – once in Iron Man (2008) and The Avengers (2012).

 3. Mark I Flame-thrower

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

The Mark I armour was made out of weapon scraps inside a cave in the middle-east. So it stands to reason to believe it will have elements of primitiveness unlike the rest of the Iron Man armours. One piece of technology in particular though had managed to set itself apart in the movie. The Mark I Flame-Thrower was a very powerful weapon that spewed fire like that of a dragon’s across dozens of feet. Its fire was hot enough to melt metal and explode weapons. Just with this flamethrower technology, Tony Stark managed to set an entire terrorist camp ablaze. We wonder why Tony did not incorporate this into his Iron Man suit. If he had done it, a lot of the Chitauri would have died a slow death in The Avengers of 2012.

 4. The Jericho Missile

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

The Jericho Missile was first seen in the first-ever Iron Man movie in 008. The Missile uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to pinpoint targets that are strategic and of high value within a designated location. The missile is also the first-ever airborne technology to use repulsor rift tech, the same technology that gives the Iron Man suit the ability to fly. The Jericho Missile acts as one unit until the very end of the trajectory where it splits into sixteen different, smaller missiles that target strategic areas for maximum kill efficiency and blast radius. The Jericho Missile may use conventional explosives but the shockwave from the blast is so strong that it would knock out an entire platoon tens of miles away.

 5. Remote Drone Technology

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

Although drone tech exists even today, the level of complexity and sophistication that we saw in the drones used by the keep the river liner ship together in Spiderman: Homecoming was way out of our league. The Drones work not only in tandem but also use Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit Artificial Intelligence to work efficiently. While this may be seen as a rather constructive weapon but you should never forget just how easily it could be converted to have military applications. A few of these drones could be modified and used in the same way Mysterio used holographic tech to fool the entire world. And unlike Mysterio’s tech that relied on an external operator to control the drones, Tony could do everything by himself.

 6. Extremis

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

Granted he did not ‘create’ the Extremis technology per se, he was though extremely instrumental in solving a critical problem that was bugging it since a long time. It was because of Stark solving the Extremis equation that Aldrich Killian and Advanced Idea Mechanics were able to perfect as well as get their hands on the Extremis technology. So in more ways than one, Tony Stark invented Extremis since, without him, there would have been no such technology. Extremis technology is an attempt at using nano-technology to recreate super soldiers. It gives its user superhuman physical attributes as well as healing properties and the ability to increase your body to metal melting levels.

 7. Ultron

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

The Ultron A.I was the creation of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner working together. The idea was to create a defence shield that could protect Earth at items of the greatest of perils. Ultron was an A.I construct that lived within the Mind Stone and was extracted out by Tony. Tony then added more sub-routines into its functions and virtually recreated the A.I from scratch with digital codes so as to create an all-powerful, all-knowing cybernetic entity. It is another matter that the A.I went rogue but the fact that Tony could create even such a dangerous technology speaks wonders about his genius.

 8. E.D.I.T.H

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

Although more of a gateway to unlock a network of resources than a singular weapon, E.D.I.T.H – Even Dead, I’m The Hero, is a powerful piece of technology that allows the user access to a horde of information and advanced technology that even Shield would drool over. E.D.I.T.H grants its wielder the ability to control and manipulate the vast Stark satellite network.

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

Some of the satellites house an army of drones that could be deployed one by one or en masse to take down an individual or an entire city if need be. While Stark created E.D.I.T.H to be a gatekeeper of sorts so that only the worthy could wield it, Mysterio found a loophole and unleashed absolute chaos when granted access to it.

 9. Arc Reactor

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

When you develop a power source that is the key to limitless energy, somebody is bound to turn it into a weapon. Like a scorpion’s nature is to sting, it is human nature to create chaos out of order. Howard Stark studied the Tesseract and created the Arc Reactor technology. Tony Stark used the same technology by miniaturizing it and using it to power his Iron Man suit. The Arc reactor, as shown at the end of Iron Man of 2008 and Iron Man 2, could be easily turned into a bomb with a huge blast radius if the perpetual energy generation process became even slightly unstable. Like nuclear technology, the Arc reactor technology could also be used to create weapons of mass destruction if it fell into the wrong hands.

 10. The Iron Gauntlet

Weapons Created by Tony Stark/Iron Man of The MCU

Last but not the least we give you the Iron Gauntlet. It took the entire race of Dwarf Smiths of Nidavellir for creating a technology that could harness all the powers of the Infinity Stones at the same time. Thanos, one of the smartest beings in the universe, could not make a technology like this on his own. Tony Stark created the arc reactor in a cave in Iron Man in a freaking cave. He upped that ante when he created the Iron Gauntlet using nothing but his own intelligence and the equipment available to him, which we might add, are not nearly as advanced as the technology available to the King Eitri and the Dwarf Smiths of Nidavellir. The Iron Gauntlet Armour was also not susceptible to damage once a wish was granted, unlike the Golden Infinity Gauntlet armour that Thanos used in Infinity War.

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