Marvel Phase IV: 15 Theories We Have After The SDCC Announcements

Recently Marvel Studios treated us with the release of Avengers Endgame, the culmination of over a decade of moviemaking, the end of their series arc, the end of avengers. And after that things went quiet for a while that is up until Saturday, when Marvel Studios came out to the SDCC and announced 11 titles for Marvel Phase IV. Now the Russo Brothers did say that they had no plans of doing another Avengers but here are 15 theories we have after the San Diego Comic-Con announcements: –

 1. Wanda Vision Timeline

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC AnnouncementsThe very revelation that we are getting a show featuring Wanda and Vision together must stir a lot of questions in the minds of your average movie watcher, especially because Vision is supposed to be dead after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and yet we are about to receive a whole new show. Well, it seems to me that the writers wish to portray either an earlier time when Wanda and Vision were on different sides post-Civil War. It may as well be a story of their fight and eventual love. Or we may get a completely different and radical storyline featuring resuscitations and multiple realities. Oh…. We can’t wait to find out

 2. The “What If” factor

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

So Alright, I have said this before and I am going to say it again Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get bigger than ever before. The scope of stories is about to cross the periphery of unreal and into the absurd. Up until now, we have observed how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone from a single hero driven storyline to an interdependent intricate living and breathing universe of diverse characters. But with the introduction of the Multiverse theory, we are about to see the advent of unheard-of universes where everything will either be drastically different to thrill us or just different enough to confuse the hell out of us.

 3. Multiverse(S)

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

It has become quite clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has now transformed into the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse with the reveal of Phase IV and the recent events of Spider-Man: Far From Home. But what if Marvel is actually planning to take it even further with the introduction of different Multiverses each with diverse timelines and completely random characters, maybe this is exactly what the Doctor Strange movie will explore.

 4. Call Me Captain America

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

After the events of Avengers: Endgame the title of Captain America is up for grabs. Ever since Steve Rogers went to the past and decided to stay with Peggy Carter he knew that he would have to pass the title of Captain America to one of his friends (either Falcon or Bucky). With the official confirmation of Falcon and The Winter
Soldier show it seems rather obvious that the shield will become an issue of conflict between the two heroes but it might also be the thing that binds them together.

 5. If (S)He Be Worthy

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

A welcome surprise to Saturday’s announcement was the new Thor movie’s title. The movie is called Thor: Love And Thunder and is supposedly based on the recent events of The Mighty Thor, a comic in which Jane Foster is plagued with cancer, Thor Odinson is no longer worthy and Jane Foster is the new Thor. It will be interesting to see how Taika Waititi incorporates this story in the main timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe, will we ever see a Odinforce powered thor in the marvel cinematic universe, it is something that we will have to find out at a later date

 6. Hawkeye Timeline

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC AnnouncementsThe story of Hawkeye is also one filled with pain and terror. The man known as clint barton has fought alongside men of great caliber and literal Gods. The man is the epitome of human capability and he is getting a solo series. It is to be expected that this show will contain the same action style we are so used to seeing from Clint Barton but it may as well be set in the present-day Marvel Cinematic Universe with Hawkeye going against one of the guys from his Rogues gallery. Or it is entirely possible that the hawkeye show is based in the past to interlace it with the black widow movie.

 7. Congratulations Kid! You are Iron Man Now

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

After the events of Avengers: Endgame one thing became painfully clear, it was the fact that maybe we were seeing Robert Downey Jr. giving his last performance as iron man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the death of a hero Disney wrapped up the infinity war saga with a nice clean bow. But the fandom expects that the character to take the central role after Iron Man will be Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It would be interesting to see what happens when the world depends on little Peter Parker and he has no Tony Stark to watch over him. Good luck kid and welcome to the big leagues

 8. The KING of Thunder

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has flourished over the years so has the story of its central characters. The superheroes known as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black widow, Hawkeye, and The Incredible Hulk have gone through a tremendous transformation throughout the years. Most notably thor has gone from being an arrogant buffoon to a righteous warrior and a noble hero. His tale has been the most tragic and recently he has attained the true powers of a GOD. The God of Thunder is all set to attain his next power-up in the marvel cinematic universe when he finally takes control of the Odinforce. And with the advent of The Mighty Thor storyline, it is time for Thor to give up fighting and take on leadership.

 9. Black Widow

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC AnnouncementsThe timeline of this movie will be tricky, especially because Natasha Romanoff is supposed to be dead in the main Marvel Cinematic Universe and people who are sacrificed for the Soul Stone can never be brought back, so there must be a complex plot point that retcons everything or the movie will have to be set in the past, before The Avengers, before Iron Man 2, and maybe even before Iron Man 1. Are we finally getting an origin story?

 10. Loki

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

The Disney+ show will see Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as everyone’s favorite Marvel cinematic Universe villain, the handsome devil Loki himself. Although we have also seen Loki meet his demise in the marvel cinematic universe during the events of Avengers: Infinity War, that universe is now effectively non-existent as the Loki from our main universe fled the scene of crime in New York due to the intervention of our Captain America and Iron Man going back in time to steal the Tesseract. Maybe this series will follow that alternate timeline or maybe this is the iteration of the show where we see Loki dealing with his true nature of a Celestial being. The timeline can also be set in the ancient past or the distant future. Again, we can’t wait to find out.

 11. Spidey Verse

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC AnnouncementsThe latest anime movie that has everyone talking was based on the comic storyline of Spider-Verse. The original comic is much darker than the movie and definitely a contender when you talk about comic book source material coming to live-action w.r.t. the Multiverse Theory. The story has redemption and violence, mixed in with a desolate setting and an uncanny hero. A superior Spider-Man in the MCU? One can only hope.

 12. The Eternals

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC AnnouncementsThe Eternals are ancient beings in the Marvel Multiverse that possess great power and knowledge, their mere existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a sign of a radical shift in the style of narration and writing. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get much more surreal. Eternals are like the Masters of the universe because they have seemingly unlimited power and they wield it with motive, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of movie storyline and universe implication do we get from this title

 13. Blade

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

The vampire hunter badass will finally make his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it is still unclear whether Blade will be accompanied by Ryan Reynolds or not. If yes, then we’d very much like it to be Deadpool than the sidekick character. The vampire-hunting shenanigans of Blade are a favorite of the fandom and his advent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be a welcome change in narrative for the fandom. It seems that Disney plans to use it’s reacquired assets to their fullest.

 14. X-Men

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC Announcements

All this talk of the multiverse reminds me of very specific storyline from the Marvel Comics. One where a certain villain attains godlike powers and builds a battle world. A story that picks up from where Old Man Logan ends. A story centered around the face of the X-Men and recently acquired property by Disney. If the X-Men are coming to the MCU it is highly likely that it will be Wolverine leading the charge with God Doom and the Fantastic Four close behind. A Secret Wars movie or series arc would be exceptional but I am sure Kevin Feige has his own plans

 15. Shang-Chi Ten Rings and Iron Man

Marvel Phase IV The SDCC AnnouncementsShang Chi was born in the Honan province in People’s Republic of China to Fu Manchu. His father was a tyrant who selected a genetically perfect mate and trained a weapon in the form of his child. Shang Chi was trained from infancy to be the Master of Kung Fu. His skill in the marvel comicverse is legendary when it comes to combat. Think of him as the spiritual elder of Iron Fist. His dispute with The Ten Rings is also noteworthy as during the Battleworld 10 Rings is ran by his father Zheng Zhu. So maybe this movie will be our introduction to battleworld.

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