10 Harry Potter Characters And Their Patronus

A Patronus is a positive force in the shape of a creature that can fight against dementors in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It is supposed to be a physical manifestation of the positivity and optimism of the conjurer and can only be produced by recalling some powerful and positive memories from the past. A person’s Patronus is also a reflection of his/her personality which is why there are many different Patronus possessed by different people.

 10. Cho Chang

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

The first romantic interest for Harry Potter, Cho Chang remains a bit of a forgotten character near the end of the series. She is often described as a graceful person who is also good at quidditch. Her Patronus is a Swan which seems fitting for her elegant personality.

  9. Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Luna is one of the most unique and positive characters in the series and her Patronus is a Hare. It is as cute as Luna herself and is a swift animal with good reflexes but is also harmless to those who don’t harm it. Luna is a gentle creature and so is her Patronus. Also, her silvery white hair make us think of a silver Hare hopping in the woods.

 8. Ginny Weasley

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Ginny is supposed to be this fearless character who is talented in athletics as well as magic. Her Patronus is a horse which may be a less violent creature but can protect itself as well as others very well. A free spirit such as Ginny Weasley deserves no better Patronus than that and it reflects her charming personality (from the books) very well.

 7. Remus Lupin

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Lupin was the best teacher who taught Harry and his werewolf identity could not make him less lovable to us. Lupin’s Patronus reflects his animagus and is, therefore, a wolf too. the reason is quite simple that both the animagus and Patronus are a reflection of the inner personality of the person.

 6. Ron Weasley

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Ron is a soulful character who is loyal and supportive of his friends. He may not get the limelight every time but he wins hearts with his simplicity and humane nature. His Patronus is a Jack Russel Terrier which is a kind of dog and it fits as Ron is as lovable as a puppy himself. These dogs are fiercely loyal and protective which is a quality Ron surely possesses.

 5. Minerva McGonagall

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Another character who has the same animagus, as well as Patronus, is Professor McGonagall. Her patronus is a cat which fits well with her personality as she is clever and feisty herself. Coincidentally she shares her Patronus with Dolores Umbridge who is probably the most hated character in the entire series.

 4. Hermione Granger
Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Hermione‘s Patronus has a special connotation as it is also supposed to be JK Rowling’s Patronus. Out of all of the characters in Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling has stated that Hermione is the one she identifies with most so it makes total sense that their Patronus would be same. Otters are adorable and inquisitive creatures who can defend themselves in moments of danger. They are intelligent and clever and their cute looks help them in fooling people.

 3. Severus Snape

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

 It is well known that Severus shared his Patronus with Lily Potter who he had loved immensely. This is not a coincidence as patronuses can be changed and can reflect the conjurer’s feelings and emotional state. His Patronus was a doe who came to Harry’s aid in the forest of dean where Snape had hidden the sword of Gryffindor.

 2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

Harry casted a Patronus for the first time in his third year which was a corporeal Patronus which means a full-fledged Patronus in the shape of a Stag. This was a huge achievement as most wizards cannot learn this intricate magic so early in their life and some are never able to conjur a full corporeal Patronus. The stag was also his father’s Patronus as well as an animagus form so it establishes Harry’s similarities with his dad.

  1. Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter Characters Patronus

It comes as no surprise that Dumbledore’s Patronus is not an ordinary creature but a mystical one. His love for phoenixes is probably reflected in his personality and Patronus as it is also the Phoenix. His connection to the mystical bird grew more important in the Fantastic Beasts series where it is revealed that Phoenixes have been closely linked to the Dumbledore family for generations and have come to them in their hour of need many times.

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