Yellipoke Yellipoke Mp3 Song Download in High Definition [HD]

Yellipoke Yellipoke song is sung by Karthik. While Ramajogayya Sastri penned its lyrics and Mickey J Meyer composed its music. And Music Label: Aditya Music did the music launch. This is a part of the Song Collection of Telugu Movie: A Aa. Given below are the details for Yellipoke Yellipoke Mp3 Song Download along with the download link.

  • Song Released on 2nd May, 2016
  • Song Title: Yellipoke Shyamala
  • Music Label: Aditya Music
  • Lyricist(s): Ramajogayya Sastri
  • Native Movie: A Aa (Telugu)  
  • Musician(s): Mickey J Meyer
  • Singer(s): Karthik
  • Song Duration: 3:35 mins

Something About A Aa

This is the life story of Anasuya the daughter of Mahalakshmi, a rich and strict business woman. Her life takes a turn for good when her father sends her to a village to visit her aunt.

The Cast of the Movie

  • Samantha Akkineni as Anasuya Ramalingam (Anu)
  • Nithiin as Aanand Vihari (Nandu)
  • Ananya as Bhanumathi (Bhanu), Anand’s sister
  • Anupama Parameswaran as Nagavalli (Valli)
  • Naresh as Ramalingam, Anasuya’s father
  • Nadhiya as Mahalakshmi, Anasuya’s mother

Yellipoke Yellipoke Mp3 Song Download

Lyrics of the Song

Nuvvu Pakkanunte Baguntadhe..

Nee Pakkanunte Baguntadhe..

Nuvvu Karametti Pettina Kammaguntadhe

Kattibetti Gucchina Sammaguntadhe

Atta Vacchi Itta Nuvvu Tippukunta

Yellipothe Aekkado Kalukkumantadhe

Yellipoke Shyamala Yellamake Shyamala..

Nuvvu Yellapoke Shyamala..

Oopiradhanta Lopala Yellipoke Shyamala

Ekki Ekki Edavalene Edhava Maga Putaka

Gunde Periginattunde Nuvve Yellinaaka

Yellipoke Shyamala Hey Aellamake Shyamala

Nuvu Yellipothe Shyamala Oopiradanta Lopala

Yellipoka Shayamala

Omm.. Naram Leni Nalukalenno

Aellipommani Pampindhaye

Ratham Leni Gurram Laaga

Bathuke Chathikilabadipoye

Nee Poster Addanga Chinpesanu Anukunna

Gundello Needhe Cinema Aaduthunnade

Switch Esthe Yeligedha, Vuff Ante Aaredha

Oopirilo Mantalle Nee Preme Vunnadhe

Prananne Pattakaaresi

Pattesi Neetho Pattuku Pomake

Gelichesi Nannu Vodilesi

Seekatyna Thotalaaga Seyyabake

Nuvvu Yellipoke Shyamala

Nuvvu Yellamake Shyamala

Emi Bagaledhe Lopala

Nuvvu Yellipoke Yellipoke Yellipoke Shyamala….

Manasukantuthunnado Mallepoola Sentu Maraka

Marchipodamante Gurthukosthavundhi Nippu Suraka

Aeti Seyyanu Ori Saidulu

Gundelona Gucchipoyinadi Soodhulu

Nanu Aeti Seyyani Ori Saidulu

Gundelona Gucchipoyinadi Soodhulu..

Yellipoke Shyamala Atta Yellamake Shyamala

Nuvvu Yellipothe Shra… Oopiradanta Lopala


This song is available online on the below mentioned link:

Yellipoke Yellipoke Mp3 Song Download Here

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