10 Insane Movie Sequels You Never Knew Are Coming to The Theatres

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Hollywood churns out hundreds of movies in a year. Ever wonder why only a fraction of those movies make it to our eyes and ears? It is because the rest of them are so niche or forgettable that it is not even worth the hype. There are a lot of such movies and most of them die a quick death. But some movies manage to limp their way into a sequel or maybe even a series. We never would have hoped that such movies would actually see the light of day again but they did. While we may not have liked those movies or it may have been a critical failure or even a financial bomb at the Box office, the Directors and the Producers seem to have immense faith in the concept. We do not even know what is going on their heads right now. Maybe they are geniuses or maybe they are just a bunch of idiots who cannot admit their own fault. Presenting – 10 Insane Movie Sequels you never knew are coming to the theatres!

Bright 2

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When Netflix announced that they were going to make a movie about a buddy cop duo fighting rogue fairies, Criminal orcs, and dragons, everyone was like – Netflix, why are you doing this to yourself? Will Smith and Joel Edgerton star as the two cops in the movie. While the acting was good, the script was critically panned. No matter how much Netflix tried to convince the fans that the movie could be given a shot, no one was willing to be impressed. When Bright released, it proved everyone wrong and got more than 11 million views on Netflix, one of the highest ever for a Netflix original movie. Bright 2 will expand on the buddy cop storyline and will include a new writer since the last one (Max Landis) kind of did a terrible job.

The Accountant 2

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Everyone likes an assassin with a heart of gold in a movie. But Warner Bro.s put a simple twist to that tale. Ben Affleck played Christian Wolff, a world-class assassin and well-buffed fighting machine that also happened to be autistic. To be frank, the movie bombed because of Ben Affleck getting the negative press as the Batman of the DCEU. The story was solid and the cast was also very good. It had Jon Bernthal for crying out loud. Any movie with Affleck and Bernthal in it is a good movie. Period. Affleck is set to return as the autistic assassin/ accountant who will rid the world of evil men and bad finances at the same time.

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Affleck recently told this in an interview regarding Accountant 2:

Yeah, I hope so. I would love to. We’ve talked about kicking some ideas around, this last movie we just did. We talked to the studio and they seemed interested, and they kind of brought it up so, we’re looking to do that. I think it would be fun. I love Gavin, I love the movie I just did with him. I had a great experience and I love the character in The Accountant. I’d certainly be open to it

Willow Part 2

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Warwick Davis is always a star in our hearts and minds. His breakout role in Willow, the 1988 high fantasy movie starring Val Kilmer and Jean Marsh is a cult classic. The movie was released over 30 years ago and it is still regarded as one of the best movies of the 20th century. Willow saw Davis’ character who aspires to be a sorcerer, travel the mysterious lands along with Val Kilmer’s character (who plays a warrior) to save a baby from an evil queen. In a world that no longer has Game of Thrones to turn to when it comes to fantasy, Willow can help bridge that gap. Disney+, Disney’s online streaming service, will be streaming a TV Series based on the Willow Universe.

Robocop Returns

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There will always be a demand for dystopian cyberpunks. Robocop has proved that to us time and again, the latest being in Jose Padilha’s somewhat questionable 2014 reboot of the franchise. The Studio that owns the rights to Robocop happens to think that there is still a future for the robot superhero. Robocop Returns will adapt a story that was actually written for a sequel to the Original Robocop movie. The Cyborg protector of the law will return along with Neil Blomkamp as the Director. The sequel is reportedly ignoring the events of the first movie and will be an entirely different storyline. Anyone who is either a fan of Robocop or Neil Blomkamp will definitely like to be a part of the audience for this one.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

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Talk about a tongue twister!! The Hitman’s bodyguard was a wild success. While the critics shot it down, the movie rode solely on the shoulders of Ryan Reynolds’ unwavering charm and Samuel L Jackson’s savage comic timing to give the fans just what they wanted – a true action comedy in every sense of the word, something that Hollywood seems to be truly missing these days. The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s sequel is titled the Hitmans’ Wife’s Bodyguard and this time the wanted duo on the run will become a wanted trio after Salma Hayek, wife of Samuel L Jackson’s character in the movie joins them on their mission that will take them all over Europe and beyond. Antonio Banderas, Frank Grillo, Richard Grant, and Morgan Freeman have already confirmed they are part of the cast for the movie.

The Boy 2

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Horror movies are generally seen as cash cows in Hollywood. They do not cost much to make. All you need is a good concept and an efficient premise and a few jumpscares here and there. The end result can be a highly profitable venture if the fans find themselves biting whatever bone you throw at them. The Boy 2 falls correctly under that category. It cost less than 10 Million dollars to make and to be honest, the story was sub-par. It still managed to rake in more than 64 Million Dollars at the Box Office. Brahams the Doll is returning to terrorize and haunt another family in the sequel to The Boy. We still do not know how they are going to explain the story for the sequel. It looks like a potential bomb to us but we have been proved wrong before.

Gladiator 2

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Maximus returns to defend the honour of his land and family in the sequel to the acclaimed Gladiator movie starring Russell Crowe in the titular role. Gladiator 2 was supposedly in the pipelines in the Studio’s upcoming projects slate for a long time. But lack of a good script was keeping it in development hell. A leak revealed that Gladiator 2 was going to take place post the events of Gladiator 1 and will see the Roman Gods resurrecting Maximus to protect Christians from persecution. The story would then flash forward to the Second World War, the Vietnam War and 21st Century Pentagon, among others. That was an absurd idea and we hope Ridley Scott dropped it when he agreed to return to help make the sequel.

Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek sequel

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Quentin Tarantino is known to make lone gunman and wild-west movies. His movies have a tone of violence and his movies have characters that like to embrace the blood and gore. For a guy like him to take up a Star Trek project is quite a shocker. For starters, Quentin Tarantino likes his movies to be original. Star Trek is a franchise and frankly, we are unsure how he would turn the cult classic movie series around after the debacle of Star Trek Beyond. Moreover, Tarantino is asking the Studio for an R-rated Star Trek production. That is just taking it too far.

The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection

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This movie does not have a big enough audience to be termed a global one. The first movie, Passion of the Christ, was a success and starred Mel Gibson as Jesus Christ. The sequel was originally titled Resurrection of the Christ but it has since been changed to The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection and will focus on Jesus’ three-day journey in Hell before his eventual return to the world of the Living. The movie already has a release date – somewhere around Easter 2020.

Django vs. Zorro

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Django Unchained was a blast and one of Quentin Tarantino’s finest works. But Tarantino was never a fan of sequels or crossovers so he stayed out of making one. The closest he came to a sequel project was the Hateful Eight, originally conceived as a sequel to Django Unchained. The Hateful Eight was later turned into an Original adaptation. In 2015, a Django-Zorro Crossover comic book adaptation was released that told the story of an aged Zorro hiring Django as a bodyguard and both teamed up to free local townsfolk from being shipped away to slavery. Tarantino liked the idea and he has decided to lend a hand to that project even though he will officially not be a part of it.

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