15 Most Powerful MCU Avengers – Ranked From Weakest to Strongest

Most Powerful MCU Avengers:

The Avengers are the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. They are many in numbers and with more and more superheroes being added to their roster, their ranks are ever expanding. But no matter how many fresh faces and blood grace the mantle of the Avengers, there will always be some that are better than the others. In the Avengers, only a chosen few are capable enough of being actually called the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. We made this list in terms of the movies, so let’s not get into the comic book history as that would only confuse some readers. So, let us begin! Presenting – 15 Most Powerful MCU Avengers – Ranked from Weakest to Strongest!!

 15. Hawkeye

Black Widow Solo Movie Hawkeye

We hate to break it down to you. Hawkeye is not as powerful as he is hyped to be. Sure he has battle expertise and later his Ronin transition, was a brutal and ruthless fighter that did not care if he crossed some lines to kill the bad guys. With a good plan, Hawkeye has even shown he is capable of taking down the Shield Helicarrier, which is no small feat. But he is just a guy with a bow. He is the most level headed of the Avengers, no doubt and he is one of their most important members. That still does not warrant a higher place for him in the list.

 14. Black Widow

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

She is the master of espionage. She is a master manipulator and even God is not a match for her interrogation skills. She is also extremely adept at close quarter combat. But she is, like Hawkeye, just a human being. She is one of the most popular superheroes in town. The main reason Black Widow is above Hawkeye is because she has actually defeated Clint Barton in one on one combat.

 13. War Machine

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

War Machine is Iron Man, if Iron Man liked his armour suit to be fitted with guns instead of lasers. He is a living, walking arsenal and has enough firepower to destroy an army. More often than not, it is not the machine that backfires but the man piloting it. Rhodey has been taken down multiple times, sometimes even while he was in his War Machine suit.

 12. The Winter Soldier

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

The Winter Soldier was a product of Hydra experimenting with Bucky Barnes and turning him into a cyborg super soldier and assassin that is a brainwashed hit man which does their bidding for free. The Winter Soldier’s close combat skills are certainly commendable. And his proficiency in firearms, as well as his battle expertise, makes him a veteran. But it is his bionic arm that makes him score higher on the list.

 11. Ant-Man

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

Scott Lang was just a burglar when he found out that Hank Pym wants him to become the Ant-Man – a superhero who uses size manipulating Pym particles to fight crime and evil. Ant-Man has had two successful Box Office runs and Scott has shown how versatile his power is. He can not only shrink but also expand. The Pym Particles also allow him to travel to the Quantum Realm. He can also use the Pym Particles to shrink or enlarge not just himself but also anything he wishes.

 10. Spider-Man

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

Spider-Man is the friendly neighbourhood superhero. After being bitten by a Spider with mutated radioactive poison, Peter Parker underwent physiological changes that turned him into a superhero with superhuman physical attributes. Peter Parker is good at what he does. He appeared first in Civil War and showed his mettle when he almost defeated Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Falcon. He is also very creative and can create elaborate strategies on the go, which gives him an edge.

 9. Black Panther

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

The King of Wakanda has trained all his life to become his nation’s ruler. Black Panther is powered by the mysterious heart-shaped herb, a plant derivative that was genetically mutated after being exposed to vibranium. Due to ingesting the herb, Black Panther has gained superhuman physical attributes of strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, and stamina. With a high tech impenetrable vibranium coated suit with claws made up of the same indestructible metal, Black Panther is quite an opponent to cross paths with.

 8. Vision

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

Vision is a product of the Mind Stone. To be exact, it was Ultron, who resided as an A.I within the Mind Stone that created Vision. After gaining sentience and realizing his true calling as an Avenger, Vision has shown to be a huge asset to the team. The Mind Stone on his forehead alone warrants a great many abilities. He could have scored higher but the way he was so easily taken out by the Black Order in Infinity War forced us to put him in a lower position.

 7. The Hulk

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

He is by far the physically strongest Avenger. Nothing in the whole wide world is capable of killing the mindless Jade Giant. The Hulk is a force of nature. Once he goes berserk, not even Iron Man or Thor can stop this guy. Only Thanos managed to pull it off and many theorize that he was using the Power Stone to stop the Hulk from beating him to a pulp. For someone to use an Infinity Stone just to get even the odds while fighting the Hulk says a lot about his power level.

 6. Scarlet Witch

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

Her powers were born of the Mind Stone. She is still realizing the true extent of her abilities, unlike in the comics. She has the power to destroy Infinity Stones. She can use telekinesis to lift and hurl incredibly heavy objects like entire alien war machines or huge boulders. She can even use it to simulate flight. Her powers also give her the power of suggestive illusion casting.

 5. Doctor Strange

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

The Master of Magic and the Mystic arts occupies the fifth position in our list. Doctor Strange has mastered several disciplines of magic and is already regarded as the most gifted human sorcerer by the Ancient one, who is herself a legendary sorcerer. Doctor Strange controls the Eye of Agamotto, which is actually the Infinity Stone of Time. His mastery of the arcane and his impressive reservoir of knowledge are extraordinarily amazing, to say the least.

 4. Iron Man

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

The first ever Avenger to be featured in the MCU, Iron Man has been a pillar for the Marvel banner. Played by RDJ, Iron Man has become an immortal Icon. His genius level intellect is the only weapon he ever needed to stand beside the other Avengers, and mind you some of them were actually Gods. He has fought heavyweights like Thor, the Hulk, and even Thanos. Once he sets up his mind onto something. There is no stopping this guy. With the Bleeding Edge Armor, Iron Man had become a force to be reckoned with. Without his ingenuity, the Universe could have never been saved.

 3. Captain America

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

He would have been at a rather low position on the list. But after Endgame, can we even argue why Captain America is in the Top four? When Thanos came back from the past in Endgame, three heroes went to fight him a first hand – Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. The latter two bit the dust but the guy who showed incredible promise was Captain America, who used the Mjolnir hammer and his shield in a crude but innovative fighting style (even though he had just picked up the hammer for the first time). His skills are so mind-numbing that even Thanos was almost taken aback. That is Steve Rogers for you. When you couple this with the fact that Captain America is a born leader with a gifted strategic mind and incredible close combat skills, there is no other guy better suited for the spot.

 2. Thor

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

The God of Thunder showed just what he is made up of in Thor: Ragnarok. While Mjolnir is one of the greatest weapons in the whole universe, Thor proved he is still a warfighter when he does not have the hammer anymore. When Thor got his hands on Stormbreaker, he singlehandedly took down an armada of Thanos’ ships and a chunk of his army in one swing. Armed with the Stormbreaker, Thor is even capable of challenging the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet – the most powerful weapon in the Universe.

 1. Captain Marvel

Most Powerful MCU Avengers

The newest addition to the Avengers is also their most powerful member. Captain Marvel has extremely potent energy manipulation powers that are near limitless. Her abilities stem from an explosion linked to the Infinity Stone – which is the source of her powers just like Scarlet Witch’s. She is capable of incredible feats like flying through a whole armored warship like a hot knife through butter and taking out several planetary scale bombs without breaking a sweat. If there ever was a death match between all the Avengers, we know who would be left standing at the end of the day.

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