New Report Suggests that Marvel Has Plans to Make At least 9 Spider-Man Movies

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With Spider-Man: Far From Home being just around the corner, we can’t help but wonder about the future of the Web-Slinger going forward in the MCU. From what we heard during the release of Homecoming, Sony and Marvel have a deal of 6 MCU appearances of Spider-Man. 3 of them had to be in crossover events like Civil War, Infinity War & Endgame and 3 had to be solo. With Spider-Man: Far From Home, Marvel will have already exhausted 5 of those appearances, with just one more solo movie left.

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But since Spider-Man has only been in the MCU for 4 years, he is still in his early days. He cannot be done after just one more appearance. Sony has profited so much from Spider-Man being in the MCU as Spider-Man: Homecoming went on to make $880 Million, and Spider-Man: Far From Home does seem to be the first ever solo Spider-Man movie that will go on to hit $1 Billion. Moreover, the absence of Spider-Man from their arsenal has allowed them to focus on other big name characters like Venom and Morbius. So, how can they take Spider-Man away from the MCU once he is done with the third solo Spider-Man movie?

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Disney is the studio that is currently reigning Hollywood, so Sony most certainly would want to be in good relations with them. Plus, we’ve established that Spider-Man being with Marvel has only brought Sony profits. So, we can safely assume that Sony & Marvel would extend their deal. Now from what we’ve discovered as a courtesy of We Got This Covered and their trusted sources is that Marvel is actually looking to make at least 9 Spider-Man solo films.

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What they are saying is that the first Spider-Man trilogy will feature Peter going through school, and then a trilogy will follow his years through College, and then finally another trilogy will deal with Spider-Man dealing with adulthood. Well, we have to take this report as a grain of salt because Marvel is known to use their heroes for crossovers. Considering how important Spider-Man is for Marvel, and how highly Kevin Feige rates the superhero, we can assume that these 9 films won’t just include solo films.

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There are so many characters that Marvel has to deal with and they cannot keep launching a Spider-Man solo film every two years. The next Spider-Man movie involving the sinister six might not be released until 2023. So, how long is it that you think Peter Parker will remain in school. The next film has to show him graduate high school and move to college because Peter’s high school timeline already seems a bit stretch.

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Also rumor has it that his secret identity will be revealed publicly at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, so, how do you think that Peter could continue his normal life after that? Yes Marvel could do 9 films involving Spider-Man, his college life and adulthood, but they cannot make 6 more solo films after Spider-Man 3. That’s just too far of a stretch.

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Well, they can actually do that in one way. The Multiverse has already come into play and we could assume that the next plan after the Sinister Six has to be the Spider-verse. And with that comes Miles Morales’ Spider-Man. That is a character that we all know could hold his own trilogy. So, we could perhaps see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man pass on the torch to Miles Morales, just like Iron Man did it for him.

Conclusion – Spider-Man’s future is extremely bright, and he is going to play a really important role moving forward. He will probably have the most number of solo movies and his involvement in the crossovers is also going to be huge. In the latter stage of his MCU career, he could take the back seat, giving the baton to Miles Morales. This perhaps is the rough blueprint of Spider-Man’s future. Let’s see what Marvel does with the Sony Man!

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