X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director Simon Kinberg Reveals His Discussion About Disney & Marvel With Kevin Feige

20th Century Fox is a part of Disney now and it seems like there’s no stopping to the Disney domination. The last film of the long-serving X-Men franchise, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is going to hit the theaters real soon. Then Marvel would introduce X-Men in the MCU, somewhere in the future. And fans are waiting to hear any sort of tease or reveal of when that might happen. We don’t have that yet but Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg has revealed what he discussed in terms of Disney and Marvel with Kevin Feige.

Dark Phoenix Simon Kinberg Kevin Feige Marvel Disney

So, recently Simon Kinberg was in talks with The Hollywood Reporter and he said,

“I have not had any talks with them about it,” Kinberg said. “Kevin Feige and I go way back to my first X-Men movie actually. He was the producer when I was the co-writer on The Last Stand. We’ve been friends over the years and are also people that root for each other and support each other. I saw him actually. We sat down to catch up. We’ll have a meal every now and then, though obviously, we’ve both been pretty busy over the past however many years. We met just before the Disney merger was made official, so we didn’t talk about any business. We actually spent most of the time talking about Twilight Zone. But it was fun. It was cool.”

Dark Phoenix Simon Kinberg Kevin Feige Marvel Disney

Where on one side, he revealed that he hasn’t talked about anything in the context of X-Men in the MCU. But, he did talk about the success and mechanism of Disney and Marvel. As he added,

“The only thing we talked about in terms of Disney and Marvel was just how great the Disney marketing team is because the only thing that has impacted Dark Phoenix from the Disney-Fox merger is the fact that the Disney team has become part of the marketing and publicity process. They are really great and I’ve known the Disney guys for a while now. I produced Cinderella over there. I had a hand in helping out and working on a few of the Star Wars movies. I know them well and to see them up close in the marketing and publicity of the film is really impressive. It’s a pretty historic run Kevin has had and Disney has had. I haven’t had any talks with them formally about their plan.”

For now, it’s our responsibility to watch X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters on June 7th, because the franchise has given a lot to us in a time when no one was talking about superheroes.

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