MonsterVerse Theory: Kong’s Ancestors Are Responsible For Anguirius’ Death

Godzilla vs. Kong is ready to hit theatres and HBO this month. The excitement is at an all-time high. We say this because theories have already started to revolve around the movie. Even before its release, the movie is set to put the fans in a position where they are already trying to connect the dots. Godzilla vs. Kong is going to be an amazing project nonetheless.

When asked on Twitter about any unfound Easter eggs in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, director Mike Dougherty said that Anguirus “may or may not” be in the scene with Godzilla’s underwater city. In Toho’s movies, Anguirus is a giant ankylosaur and the first monster ever to fight Godzilla. He appeared as an opponent to the titular kaiju in 1955’s Godzilla Raids Again. It was the direct sequel to the original Gojira from the previous year. Despite dying in battle with Godzilla, he reappeared in ‘Destroy All Monsters’ in 1968. The movie saw Godzilla team up with the residents of Monster Island to take on King Ghidorah. In the movie, Anguirus was reimagined as an ally to Godzilla. He was one of a handful of kaiju to play a role in Ghidorah’s defeat. He rose to a new level of prominence in Godzilla vs. Gigan, the movie that made Anguirus a Toho icon.

Godzilla vs. Gigan saw Godzilla and Anguirus work together to defeat the combined forces of Ghidorah and Gigan. Though this was the only movie where the two were depicted as a duo, Anguirus has remained a fan-favorite. The shot in question is the moment where Godzilla’s home is destroyed by the nuke. Right as everything is blown to pieces, a skeleton of a Titan can be glimpsed. At close inspection, it becomes blatantly obvious that the skeleton belongs to none other than Anguirus. It can be clearly clarified as Anguirus. It’s not just a different giant ankylosaur – because the Toho kaiju has a few physical features that are unique to him, such as the spike on his nose, and the shape of the spikes on the back of his head.

These characteristics can be found on both Toho’s Anguirus and King of the Monsters’ mysterious skeleton. Of course, no one involved in the film has outright confirmed that this creature was meant to be Anguirus, and that’s likely due to licensing issues. Legendary currently doesn’t own the rights to the monster. It’s worth exploring what the circumstances behind Anguirus’s death were in the MonsterVerse. All that’s known for certain is that he perished in Godzilla’s home. The King of the Monster’s credits may have offered a few clues as to how Anguirus died. The redacted text told an interesting story about a Titan war that occurred thousands of years ago. Apparently, the war started when humans tried to enslave the Titans. When some of these beasts rebelled against their masters, destruction followed. According to the redacted text, their warring resulted in a “cataclysm” that devastated humanity.

Among the places that fell as a consequence of the war was the ancient civilization that once worshipped Godzilla. This “cataclysm” could have brought death to numerous Titans as well. One of the causalities of the war may have been the MonsterVerse’s Anguirus. If it’s true that Godzilla and Kong were on opposing sides in the war that brought down Godzilla’s home, then it wouldn’t be impossible for Kong’s kind to be involved in some way with its downfall. Furthermore, one of its ancestors may have fought with the Titans who defended the city. One of these creatures could have been Anguirus. If so, the MonsterVerse’s Anguirus could have battled Kong and died at his hands. Based on his history in Toho’s movies, it feels fitting that Anguirus would have sided with Godzilla and fought against Kong.

That would also make sense because when it was mentioned in Godzilla vs. Kong that Godzilla and Kong were the only Titans standing, t was implied that multiple Titans died during the fighting. Anguirus could easily have been one of the combatants in the war who didn’t see it through to the end. Godzilla losing allies to Kong’s ancestors – including Anguirus – could fuel his negative feelings toward the monster in Godzilla vs. Kong. One of the causalities of the war may have been the MonsterVerse’s Anguirus.

Kong's Ancestors Responsible For Anguirius' Death

Godzilla losing allies to Kong’s ancestors – including Anguirus – could fuel his negative feelings toward the monster in Godzilla vs. Kong. Godzilla vs. Kong will hit the floors on March 31.

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