10 Possible Game of Thrones Spinoffs That Could be Just as Great as The Original Series

The epic saga that is the Game of Thrones has come to its end. Jon Snow is now the King Beyond the Wall. Danny is dead. Sansa Stark is now the Queen of the independent North. Bran is now the King of the Six Kingdoms while Tyrion becomes the new Hand of the King. Arya Stark has decided to set sail to the new seas west of Westeros to see what lies ahead. The ending was a bittersweet ode as we bid farewell to the Song of Ice and fire. Nobody knows now what lies ahead. HBO will never let go of a series that is as lucrative as Game of Thrones. They are already planning three different spinoffs of the original series. While they might be coming only after a long time, we have some ideas that could be used as potential settings for a Game of Thrones spinoff series. Presenting – 10 Possible Game of Thrones Spinoffs that could be just as great as the Original series!!!

The Andal Invasion of Westeros

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

We hear a lot about the King sitting atop the Iron Throne being the King of the Andals and the First Men. But we were never prying enough to try and understand what that actually meant. The First Men were the true inhabitants of Westeros. They could be called the actual natives of the continent. The Andals were a warrior race of tall, fair and thin people, who had mastered technology that was beyond the comprehension of the First Men. The latter were still using bronze weapons while the Andals had already unlocked secrets to how to make steel. The Andal Invasion could be a good setting to show how the Westerosi landscape was chiseled out and how the North and the Iron islands escaped the Andals, who still enjoy a cultural distinction compared to the rest of the Westerosi people.

The Blackfyre Rebellion

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

After the Targaryen Dynasty had set itself as the centre of power in Westeros, King Aegon the Fourth decided to gift the family heirloom – Valyrian steel sword called Blackfyre, to Daemon Waters, a bastard son of Aegon IV. The rightful heir was Daeron Targaryen, the true successor. Daemon, now emboldened by his father’s actions, started the Blackfyre Rebellion, which tore the entire continent apart into a civil war that lasted for more than half a century. A lot of loyal vassal houses switched sides and it was all a bloody mess. The fact that both Daemon and Daeron were in love with the same Dornish princess and it was all just a race to win her heart did not help either. It would make for a great story though.

The Rise of Valyria

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

Before the Targaryens and their forces migrated to Westeros, the empire of Valyria sprawled through a huge stretch of land in Essos called the Valyrian Freehold. The Valyrian Freehold was just an ordinary patch of land ruled by a monarch, just like any other kingdom in Essos. After Valyria discovered ways to tame Dragons, the equations of war changed and the odds fell into their favor.The Valyrian Freehold then went on to master all sorts of advanced science, technology, and magic, on the backs of their dragons. They waged numerous wars on several Essosi kingdoms. The Valyrian Freehold was a superpower both in terms of military and science. It would be a good premise to use a TV Series to show how the Valyrian Freehold achieved its peak and fell into the dark abyss after the Doom of Valyria, which led to the Targaryens choosing Westeros as their new seat of power, leading to Aegon’s Conquest.

The Brotherhood without Banners

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

They are the ones that fight for the people. They do not care if you are of royal blood or the largest scumbag in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. If you have done something wrong, they are the hand that deals you the punishment. They are the Brotherhood without banners. Formed during Robert’s Rebellion saga, the Brotherhood without Banners is a   highly underrated force in the Game of Thrones Universe. They have a very compelling story and history that could be foretold by using a TV Series as a medium. Lady Stone-heart aka the resurrected Caitlin Stark is the leader of the Brotherhood without Banners in the books. That is something only to begin with. There is much more to it which can be further explored.

The Rhoynar Exodus

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

The Kingdom of Rhoynar was a powerful and well-developed empire in the middle of the continent of Essos. The Rhoynar kingdom was built around the great Rhoyne River, which its people worshipped as a Goddess. When the Valyriasn Freehold rose from the ashes to become a superpower, they threatened the Rhoynar, who feared their freedom was now in danger. To save the Rhoynar from the Valyrians’ wrath, Queen Nymeria led an exodus of a huge number of ships out of the Rhoynar kingdom and out into the open seas to the south of Essos. She was ten responsible for exploring a great many number of lands – the Basilisk Isles, the Island of Naath, and the unexplored Kingdom of Sothroryos before she settled for Dorne in Westeros. The Dornish people are actually descendants of the great warrior Queen Nymeria. Arya Stark’s dire-wolf is also named after her.

Aegon’s Conquest

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

After the Doom of Vlayria led to the destruction of the Valyrian Freehold, we saw the Targaryens travel to Westeros where they became the most dominant power in the Seven Kingdoms. But to do that, there was a lot of struggle involved on account of the House that bears the Dragon sigil. Aegon Targaryen, first of his name, invaded Westeros using his massive dragons and huge armies. The existing kingdoms of Westeros tried and failed to escape judgment. Aegon’s conquest is so vast and rich in history that it cannot be described in a paragraph. But a TV series might be enough to do that.

The Age of Heroes

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

The Age of Heroes is not an era. It is an epoch – meaning it stretches for more than a thousand years. It was in the Age of Heroes that the world welcomed legends like Bran the Builder – who built the castle of Winterfell and the Wall. Lann the Clever was said to have stolen the golden sunlight from the Gods to paint his and his descendants’ hair gold. It was also this time when the first Long Night came to pass and the Night King tried to invade Westeros for the first time in history. He was swiftly repelled by the armies of men but at great cost. It was a time when magical beings like Children of the Forest co-existed with humanity.

The Kingdom of Yi Ti

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

The Kingdom of Yi Ti is only passively mentioned in the series. In the Game of Thrones Universe, Yi Ti is a land of mystery. It lies to the far east of Essos and has only a few tales to its name. Yi Ti is a land where most of the populace has Mongoloid features. It is an exotic and unexplored country that has many emperors whose reach and power are defined by the color of their clothes. The Azure Emperor holds absolute power. After exploring Westeros for so long, maybe it is time that the directors turned their heads right and look to the east for the Golden Empire of Yi Ti for further world-building.

The Night King

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

How did he come? What led him to become such a monster? Who is he really? The Night King is a mysterious entity that went away just as silently as he came. He is the harbinger of the Long Night. But why does he force himself to conquer the world and destroy everything? What is his purpose? We know that the Night King is immortal since he has already tried to usher in the Long Night a thousand years ago during the Age of heroes. A tale that explores his aims and ambitions and provides us a window to look into his past could be really worth watching.

The Rains of Castamere

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

The Rains of Castamere is a story of how Tywin Lannister came to be knwn as the most ruthless warlord to ever exist. When House Reyne rebelled against Catserly Rock, the former being a vassal house that had sworn fealty to the latter ages ago things did not look good for the Lannisters. Castamere was sitting atop one of the Rock’s largest gold mines so a rebellion was going to hurt Lannister Pockets. When Tywin Lannister’s father proved too soft to do anything to curb the rebellion, Tywin took charge and utterly destroyed House Reyne using brutal war tactics. The Rains of Castamere, the song that plays at the Red Wedding, is actually a song about how crueld Tywin can get. A five or six part TV Series could be formed out of this very tale alone. 

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