10 Most Controversial Things Happened On Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a show that has made many changes from the books it was inspired by. The fans of the books have been upset on countless occasions as the show made many bold decisions of leaving out plot points and making massive changes. These are some of the most controversial things of the show till now.

The Dorne Plot:

GOT has been criticized repeatedly for its Dorne sub plot and season 5 was especially ridiculed for it. They killed of Prince Doran and Trystane at the hands of Ellaria and sand snakes. This never happened in the books and was just stupid and unnecessary. Why would Ellaria avenge Oberyn by killing off his family?

Changing Stannis from an atheist to a religious fool:

We have seen in the show how Stannis is influenced by Mellisandre which leads to his doom. Stannis was not supposed to be a follower of any God but the show made him a religious fool. Stannis is an atheist and doesn’t believe in any God. Following Mellisandre on everything is just not his character.

Killing Barristan Selmy:

In both the books and the show we are told that Barristan Selmy was one of the greatest warriors ever. In Jaime’s words, he was “a painter who only used red”. Even after describing him as a valiant man they gave him a shameful death as he died in a back alley of Mereen. This was just tragic!

Killing the Blackfish off screen:

The Blackfish is a great warrior and the show killed him off the screen and we couldn’t even see him fight. He doesn’t abandon the Riverrun fort and ends up dying for it. They should have at least shown him fighting his enemies before he died. This was even worse than Barristan Selmy’s death.

The ‘White Savior’:

Remember the season 3 finale where the people of Mereen are cheering for their ‘Mhysa’ and it is all epic and amazing? This scene was not met with much enthusiasm in the fans as they interpreted it as a white savior saving the people of color. It was a racist move according to a lot of people that Daenerys who is a foreigner can be trusted by these people so easily and is depicted as their God in the scene.

Killing Mance Raydar:

Mance Raydar as you might remember died in the show through Jon Snow’s arrow and mercy. In the books, however, he is alive and kicking and if he was still alive in the show he would have been a vital character. There is a lot that Mance could have done and he would have been useful in the coming wars. But the show makers didn’t think so!

Sansa’s rape by Ramsey:

We watched Sansa grow up on the show from season 1 and then came the 6th episode of season 5. The scene showing Sansa and Ramsey’s wedding night was so controversial and unnecessary that we don’t understand why it was there. We already knew that Ramsey was a monster and that Sansa and Theon were just vulnerable but the scene was so brutal and showed them both completely broken. The scene added nothing to the story and was just terrible to watch.

Burning Shireen Baratheon:

One of the most depressing scenes of the show is the death of little Shireen Baratheon who was loved by everyone. Stannis burns his only daughter alive for the sake of his victory when we knew he loved her. In the book, this never happens and Stannis can never kill his own daughter. This scene was so controversial and brutal that it just breaks our heart to think about it.

 Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding night:

Another depressing scene in the show is that of Dany and Drogo’s wedding night when he undeniably forces himself on her. Dany was forced to marry Drogo and on their wedding night, he rapes her brutally. After this, it was hard to believe that Dany actually fell in love with him as it was too unrealistic. In the books, Drogo and Dany’s relationship did not start with marital rape and they actually fell in love.

 Ed Sheeran’s cameo:game of thrones

This season had the very controversial cameo by pop icon Ed Sheeran. His appearance became controversial as many fans thought it was just absurd and the fact that someone as famous as Ed Sheeran entering the fantasy show made no sense and broke the consistency. However, some people didn’t think it was that bad and didn’t give much thought to it. This surely became the most controversial part of the premiere episode.

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