Game of Thrones: What Should be Littlefinger’s Next Move?

The Game of Thrones season 6 finale will be remembered as one of the best episodes in show’s history (maybe even TV history). In the Winterfell, Lady Lyanna Mormont called out the deserters to the Northern cause including Lord Manderly, Lord Glover, Lord Cerwyn and led the campaign to make Jon Snow/ White wolf as “King in the North”. And then we saw Little Finger in the corner who doesn’t seem pleased with the turn of events, exchanged a devious look with Sansa Stark. He earlier opened up with her, told her about his desire to sit on Iron Throne with her. He pledged his support to Sansa to rally the North instead of a Bastard who was born in the South.

So what are his options? Can he sow the seeds of distrust between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow? Should he ally with Cersei instead as she is more powerful than ever? He did reach out to her earlier to make him the “Warden of the North” if he takes control of the Winterfell. The actor Aidan Gillen sat with the Vulture and talked about his role, Sansa Stark character arc:

He said “We only had a few scenes with Littlefinger in season six. But one thing he was trying to do consistently was sowed some kind of seed of disquiet with Sansa in terms of Jon, and how closely related they really are, and how valid he really is as a king, or a leader, or a brother, while at the same time encouraging what might be her own position. There’s a certain amount of, “I told you so. Is this what you want? Can you trust him?”

Speaking for Littlefinger, it was one of those moments where you go, “Fuck! Maybe this is a bigger thing than I thought it would be. How are we going to deal with this?” Given that he enjoys chaos and uncertainty and the thrill of all of that, it was a big moment for him.

“I don’t think Littlefinger would differentiate between who is highborn and who is not, but it’s a lot harder to rise if you’re not. So there would be a certain respect and admiration, but also wariness about people who made it under difficult circumstance, because if they’ve fought hard for it, they must really want it, and they’re going to fight harder to hold on to it. They’re going to be clever, more ruthless, more adversarial, possibly. Littlefinger has a keen awareness of where people are coming from, and what they want, and what they’ll do to get what they want, and using that awareness to his own benefit while seemingly promoting their cause.”

On Sansa Stark’s evolution, he said “She really is becoming more like me. More Baelish–like in the way she’s operating, and the fact that she’s operating at all. She has become a player under my tutelage, and that’s what I wanted. There’s a scene way back when we’re discussing a battle, a scene with Cersei, and we’re talking about Stannis and the Boltons, and letting the two of them tear each other apart, and coming in at the last minute with the Knights of the Vale. Who’s to say that Sansa wasn’t thinking of doing something like that as well? Let them kill each other. Again, it’s not likely, but not impossible.”

On being asked why hasn’t Littlefinger been rewarded for his aid to Sansa in the Battle of Winterfell, he said “I don’t know. But does he not deserve a reward? That would seem like a standard thing in this world. Some people do things out of honor, but it tends to be that you get something for it.


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