10 Incredible Facts About The Most Mysterious Power Ranger – The White Power Ranger

It is truly a feat when a show goes in strong into its fourth decade in show business. Power Rangers, one of the most beloved childhood fantasies of millions of children worldwide, are one of the few shows that can actually boast of such an achievement. The Power Rangers used to be every millennial’s wet dream in the 1990s. The action was pompous and the storyline was generally weak with too many cliché elements on board, but the series had everyone hooked. There have been multiple iterations of the Power Rangers and each of them has had a load of rangers depicted by the color they wear. They are typically led into battle by the Red Ranger and might consist of a Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange or any other mainstream colored Power Ranger. But amongst them, the White Power Ranger is considered the most mysterious of them all. So we have decided to curate this list that might be able to shine some light onto him. Presenting – 10 incredible facts about the most mysterious Power Ranger – the White Power Ranger!!

 10. The White Power Ranger used to be the Flagship character

White Power Ranger Facts

Back in the old days when the Power Rangers brand gathered steam in western small screens, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were extremely popular as a children’s superhero show. The White Power Ranger, in particular, was a freaking poster child for the entire merchandise. When the movie came out in 1995, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie had a poster with the White Ranger in the center with the rest of the Power Rangers side-lined to the background. When the show ran, the ad promotions were done by the White Power Ranger, who would ask the viewers to stay tuned.

 9. They are mostly women

White Power Ranger Facts

When you think of a White Power Ranger, Tommy comes to mind the most. He is the most popular White Power Ranger to ever exist. But the Power Ranger brand extends well beyond the Mighty Morphin saga. There have been a lot more White Power Rangers and most of them have been female. The female White Power Ranger is often seen as part of the core Power Ranger team in any show, so they are not typically regarded as a special power ranger like a male version of the White Power Ranger is depicted. Maybe that is why the female White Power Rangers never became famous. That is some next level misogyny right there.

 8. They always come with a sword

White Power Ranger Facts

The White Power Ranger is regarded as a rogue ranger or a secretive character, which is a huge part of its popularity. To further add that element of specialty to its character, each White Power Ranger typically comes with a sword. The sword is also designed to imitate the White Power Ranger’s character. If he is a rogue ranger, the sword is jagged and thin. If the White Power Ranger is an add-in special member, the sword is extremely thick, bulky and acts as a force multiplier. The women White Rangers get a sword similar in design to the Pink Power Ranger, only whiter.

 7. A Female White Ranger was once the leader of the Power Rangers

White Power Ranger Facts

Misogyny is not always the case when it comes to power rangers. The general Male White Power Ranger vs. Female White Power Ranger discussion that takes center stage in every Power Ranger fan base discussion has been many times put to rest by the Power Rangers shows itself. Sometimes, it does get its moments to shine bright. Delphine was the world’s first female power ranger leader. And to add into that fact, she also happened to be a White Power Ranger. Leadership was not always associated with female characters in older shows. Power Rangers was the first show to actually break tradition and gained widespread applause. Moreover, Delphine was also a part of the Legendary Power Rangers group.

 6. They used to be leaders

White Power Ranger Facts

The first two White Power Rangers were actually leaders of their Power Rangers group. Tommy Oliver, a popular character from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show, actually took charge of leadership after he became the White Power Ranger. The character that followed after him also became the White Power Ranger as well as the leader of the Power Rangers group. Nowadays, the Red Ranger is considered the de facto leader. That was never the case in the past, where the White Power Rangers used to reign supreme in most of the shows.

 5. They are special

White Power Ranger Facts

The White Power Ranger has always been provided with a sub-plotted storyline within the larger arc of the show. The result is that the White Power Ranger always gets to have some incredible character development, a feat that could seldom be boasted by the other Power Rangers. Udonna of Power Rangers Mystic Force suddenly became the Crescent Moon White Power Ranger and the audience loved the sudden turn of events. Both Tommy and Trent are also incredibly popular White Power Ranger characters with unique character development arcs.

 4. Fans created the White Power Ranger

White Power Ranger Facts

In the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show, the one character that everyone loved unanimously was Tommy Oliver, who was originally the green Power Ranger. He later departed the show but the fans wanted him back since he was immensely popular already. The show decided to bring him back but not the way the viewers expected him to be. A whole new Power Ranger character of an entirely new color spectrum was created for Tommy Oliver. Tommy became the new White Power Ranger and had a skill set that was extremely unique.

 3. White Power Rangers have talking swords

White Power Ranger Facts

The White Power Ranger and their love story with their swords came into existence after Tommy Oliver became the White Power Ranger. He got a special talking sword called Saba. Saba was sentient, could fire laser blasts, fly and impart Tommy with advice when he was in need of some. White Power Rangers got associated with swords only after Tommy’s White Power Ranger saga. Apart from that, his Zord was also special. Power Rangers always involves the Power Rangers’ Zords combining to form a humanoid warrior. The White Power Rangers typically have a one-man Zord and could transform into a humanoid Mega-Zord on its own.

 2. They are Anti-Evil

White Power Ranger Facts

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show created the White Power Ranger, they have Tommy Oliver one special power unique only to the White Ranger – he cannot be corrupted. His powers will always help and aid the forces of Good. Delphine and Udonna also exhibit such anti-darkness powers. They are immune to all sorts of evil and can never be corrupted. The White Power Ranger is always seen as the avatar of innocence and purity of heart. Trent from Power Rangers Dino Thunder was the first to break tradition. He was the first evil White Power Ranger. But as all evil must be triumphed over by the forces of good, justice prevailed in Trent’s case as well and he also joined the good guys in the end.

 1. There have been a total of only 9 White Power Rangers

White Power Ranger Facts

Power Rangers is a massive pop culture phenomenon and have spanned a multitude of TV Shows. The Power Rangers we know and love have 26 different versions. The most famous ones are the Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta, Power Rangers Mystic Force, and Power Rangers Wild Force. There have been other equally popular shows like Power Ranger Dino Thunder, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive and Power Rangers Space Force. Then again, there is always the legacy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Power Ranger that has been featured the most in these shows in the Red Ranger. The White Ranger, even though hugely popular, has only had had 9 different versions. Delphine, Udonna, Trent and Tommy Oliver are the most popular iterations of the White Power Ranger. Others include – Alyssa, Sam, Kat, Dominic, and Hayley. They have been always portrayed as special characters in the show.

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