Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Trailer Footage Description Revealed at CinemaCon

There’s not a lot of buzz around Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie in comparison to Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad. But, there’s a sense of belief, expectations, and hope that we are going to see a very tough competitor this time, as Joaquin is going to give a tough fight to the legendary Heath Ledger’s Joker. So far, we have seen several set photos and videos but now, CinemaCon served the first trailer of Joker to its panel.

Joker Trailer Joaquin Phoenix CinemaCon

Yes, it’s true and has also reported that the trailer will make its way on the internet tomorrow. The fans are really looking forward to this big release. But, for now, the fans don’t have to even wait until tomorrow because we are going to deliver you the complete detailed information about the trailer. Here’s the description:

Joker Trailer Joaquin Phoenix CinemaCon

“In the footage, Arthur talks with a social worker who only wants to help him. He walks alone through the streets. “My mother always tells me to smile and put on a happy face,” he explains. “She told me I had a purpose.” He works on the streets with signs, whirling them and trying to spread joy in a clown costume. It is stolen from him. When he chases them, they hit him with the sign and beat him in an alley. He is seen dancing with Zazie Beets, claiming the world is getting crazy.”

Joker Trailer Joaquin Phoenix CinemaCon

“Bryan Tyree Henry is a nurse, seeming skeptic of him. He descended into a painted face, manipulating his lips into a Joker smile in the mirror with his fingers. Aboard a train in his costume, he belts out a creepy laugh and gets beat up by men in suits. “Gotham’s lost its way,” he said. “What kind of coward would do something that cold-blooded,” Thomas Wayne says on the TV. Arthur descends into insanity. Robert DeNiro is a performer on a stage. The Joker realizes his life is not a tragedy. It’s a comedy. He is seen walking down the street with flowers in his hands. A hero shot of him in the full costume. He dances on the stairs and the curtains close on him. October.

So, what you think about the description of the Joker. The DC‘s movie will release on October 10.

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