MCU Star Samuel L. Jackson Fails to Name All The Infinity Stones

Samuel L. Jackson has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since its inception as Nick Fury which is why we always believed that he will surely know each and everything about this universe. But, our bubble has been burst because the man hasn’t been able to tell something as basic as the name of all the Infinity Stones. This has left the Marvel fandom is a bit of shock as we were not expecting him to not know something he has risked his life for in the MCU movies.

Samuel L. Jackson Infinity Stones MCU

Well, we come to know about this when Samuel L. Jackson and co-star Brie Larson appeared in Carpool Karaoke. In this show, we can see Brie taking up a trivia test of Samuel. When she asked him to name all the Infinity Stones, he, instead of naming the stones, went on to name the seven deadly sins from the famous and ancient mythology. It was really heartbreaking to see Samuel not being able to name the Infinity Stones. Here’s the proof:

Samuel L. Jackson Infinity Stones MCU

The tweet is getting meme-d a lot on the internet, in fact, it went viral in no time. But Larson’s reaction before and after hearing Samuel’s answer took the cake. I’m sure a lot us would have reacted the same way. Well, what’s done is done. It’s okay if he doesn’t know the name of all the infinity stones. Let’s focus on his portrayal of Nick Fury who knows things well enough he is supposed to know, right? In case, you missed Brie’s reaction, here it is:

Samuel L. Jackson Infinity Stones MCU

There are a lot of people who asked about the future of Samuel’s Fury in the MCU after the deadly snap of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Well, we all know now that he is going to come back in Avengers: Endgame and then, we will see him in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Right now, Captain Marvel is running in theaters and if you haven’t watched it yet then do watch now.

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