15 Insane Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU As We Know It

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU:

A lot rides on the plot twists of a movie as if worked well can make the story and otherwise can also make it fall flat. But before one finalizes the script, they work through a lot of other twists in the plot which eventually go unused. So, today we are going to talk about the twists which are quite famous but never came out of the paper. These are the 15 canceled Marvel twists down below which could have changed the entire timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

 15. Nightmare’s Entrance Instead Of Dormammu:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

There were a lot of reports that Dormammu wasn’t going to come in the movie Doctor Strange and instead, some other villain was supposed to make an entry in MCU and there are strong revelations that it was the director of the movie Scott Derrickson who wanted to bring the villain Nightmare in the movie. But, it was Kevin Feige who didn’t support the idea and simply went for the inclusion of Dormammu because of his giant prominence in comics.

 14. Arnim Zola In Ant-Man:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

A concept art was released at the time of Ant-Man movie in which we saw the real and new design of Ant-Man as there were talks of him seeing in the flashback scene of in which he was meeting Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, and Hank Pym. Also, the concept art revealed that he had that famous look in the movie which he had in the comics. But, the idea wasn’t supported by a lot of people at Marvel so it did not see the light of day.

 13. Howard v Tony:

There were talks of bringing Mandarin as the villain of first Iron Man movie and Tom Cruise in the role of Tony Stark with a lot of other plans for the movie. But, the biggest plan was to show Howard Stark as the main antagonist of the movie. The father and son fighting each was the main idea of the movie but it was replaced by the showcasing of their fractured relationship instead of in the movie.

 12. Captain America’s Cameo:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

In the movie The Incredible Hulk, there was a scene in which we saw that Bruce Banner was trying to get off but then became Hulk and spat out the bullet. And that scene happened in the Arctic. Well, its the same place where the shield and the body of Captain America was frozen for years and Marvel could have shown Captain America in the movie but went for a different approach and instead, showed him sleeping in a made-up room and the man simply knew that it was fake and we all know what happened after that.

 11. Hela In Thor: The Dark World:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

There were a lot of rumors on the internet and plans of bringing Hela in the movie Thor: The Dark World because Odin was dead and there was no one who could stop her from taking on Asgard. But, because of some interesting and mysterious reasons, the idea of putting Hela in the movie was dropped and it was Malekith which was selected to be the main antagonist of the movie Thor: The Dark World.

 10. Beta Ray Bill As Thor’s Ally:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

Well, we all loved the entrance of Hulk in the movie Thor: Ragnarok but you might get angry when I’ll tell you that there were plans of bringing Beta Ray Bill instead of Hulk in the movie, as the ally of Thor but the plans were miserably thrown away by the makers. Marvel wanted to include Beta Ray Bill in some other way but didn’t like the approach. This is the reason why they simply discarded the plans of bringing Beta Ray Bill and instead went for Hulk.

 9. Quantum Realm City:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

We all know that for more than 30 years, it was Janet Van Dyne who was trapped inside the quantum realm and is the reason why there was an idea of showing the whole city there but the idea was scrapped because the makers didn’t want to distract the attention of viewers from the personal connection between Janet and Hank. But, no wonder we all wanted to see that hi-tech city in the quantum realm.

 8. Adam Warlock:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

We all know that there were plans of bringing Adam Warlock in movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. as James Gunn brought a lot of wacky and amazing characters in the movie and as a big Adam Warlock fan, he eagerly wanted to bring him into the Guardians franchise.

But while writing the movie, he felt that the character isn’t going to have much screen space because of a lot of already established characters in the movie. That’s the reason why James Gunn decided to give him a cameo appearance in the movie and get an audience to prepare for his incoming in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 possibly.

 7. Peter Parker In Front Of The Press:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

Well, there were plans that Peter Parker is going to make a statement quite similar to his guardian angel and idol Tony Stark aka. Iron Man when he confessed in front of the press that he is Iron Man. The scene was thought to be part of the sequence where Peter Parker was invited to the Avengers tower for being part of the team but Peter rejected the offer by saying that he wants to be friendly neighborhood at the moment, after which he went in front of the press revealing that he is Spider-Man. But, it was not taken ahead for a lot of reasons.

 6. Madbomb In Civil War:

There were plans of bringing Madbomb from the comics because there were chances that Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t going to be a part of the movie and that’s why Russo Brothers thought that they’re going to use Madbomb instead of Tony Stark in order to bring some sort of chaos in the movie between Captain America and his own allies including civilians and Madbomb. But, the incoming of Robert Downey Jr. simply erased this idea.

 5. Grandmaster On Thor’s Ship:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

The Grandmaster can be easily given the title of the weirdest character in the movie Thor: Ragnarok. In spite of essentially losing all of his champions, he still keeps his cool to try and persuade the populace on his created planet Sakaar that he had everything under his control. This wasn’t the original plan for the character.

The post-credit scene that was shot differently by Taiki Waititi, could have had the Grandmaster and Topez pack on the ship that Thor would use later to take the Asgardians to safety. It was cut altogether as it might’ve affected the opening act in the Avengers: Infinity War a bit differently.

 4. Whiplash Takes Pepper:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

There are many who felt that the final act of Iron Man 2 was odd. After the collaboration of Tony and Rhodey on a horde of Vanko’s deadly robots, they now have to fight with Vanko himself with a powerful suit of armor with absolute industrial-strength whips as there had already been an intense final battle. There was a substitute finishing scene that featured Vanko, where he would have fought destructively and stuck around to capture Pepper. Then, Tony would have flown back in order to save her with Rhodey. But, it was a bit anti-climatic and so was not considered.

 3. Star – Lord’s Grandfather Knew:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

Guardians of the Galaxy starts with Peter Quill losing his mother to cancer. He runs outside in grievance but lesser he knew that he will be taken by the Ravagers and stuck among the stars forever. His Grandfather was the only one family member, who we got to see in this movie, and he also appears in the beginning. Moreover, there was a planned scene that featured Peter’s grandfather in the present day, looking up at the stars, as he knew the fact that his grandson had been transmitted up by the aliens. The scene was deleted because according to Marvel it was depressing.

 2. Thor’s New Passage To Earth:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

The God of Thunder had to destroy the Bifrost just to stop Loki’s plan when the Thor ended. Though, in this process, he broke off his own relationship with Earth, interdicting him from ever seeing Jane. When he made his comeback in The Avengers, many got confused as to how he managed to do it. That said, there some of the removed scenes for Thor that might have given some elaboration to this. It pursued Jane, Erik, and Darcy as they made a machine that fired a beam into the sky to help Thor come back to Earth. This was a nice gesture to show how much Jane is affected by her lover’s absence.

 1. Odin Doesn’t Help Frigga:

Twists That Could Have Changed The Entire MCU

Odin, who has always been a properly collided character, but this substitute scene would’ve made him just two times more shy of becoming a villain. In the film, Thor: The Dark World, Frigga supports Jane by only extruding her image so that Malekith would be chasing the wind. While she is taken by the Dark Elf, moments away from demise, Odin is walking ready to fight. When Frigga asks him to take out the Dark Elf, he doesn’t agree and just lowered his staff, as he believed this is the only way to protect the Aether. Ultimately, she dies and Odin did nothing to prevent it.

Which twist did you like the most from all of these? Do tell us in the comments section down below.

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