20 Hilarious Mistakes In DC Movies True Fans Can Never Forgive

DC Comics is the world’s greatest publication house by revenue. In the movie department though, they kind of suck! Before Aquaman and Wonder Woman gave DC Movies a hot in the arm, there were so many spoofs and mistakes in DC movies that could not be overlooked. 

Harley gets her hair done

In Suicide Squad, Harley is seen in a cage of sorts within a high security prison. Her hair looks normal and is just like any other crazy woman’s hairstyle. But when she is released to be a part of the Suicide Squad team, her hair is dyed. Did the prison guards allow Harley to dye her hair before they released her., It is rather hilarious to think about it in detail.

Alexander Knox’s Gas Mask

Whenever there is a poison gas attack, the last thing you would need is a dust mask. That is exactly what happened in Tim Burton’s Batman of 1989. When the Joker released his Joker Venom in a gas attack, Knox relied on a dust mask to protect himself form the chemical. How can a dust mask protect you against a deadly poison gas is something we will never know.

Blake’s magic shotgun

In The Dark Knight Rises movie directed by Christopher Nolan, Blake is the classic boy-scout that tries to protect the innocents from being killed when Gotham is taken over by the criminals. When he hears about assassins being sent after Gordon, he rushes to the hospital with a silver barrel shotgun. Then next scene shows him with a short, black barrel shotgun.

Catwoman’s Clean Slate is practically impossible

The reason Selina Kyle is working for Bane is because she wants her criminal records removed. Since she has such an extensive one, the only way for her to wipe it clean is called the Clean Slate program. But here’s the thing – what about paper records? Sure you can remove digital prints but as long as there is a paper trail to her crimes, they can always be uploaded again.

The HALO drop in Dark Knight was within radar range

In The Dark Knight, Batman does a HALO drop using a Korean Smuggler’s aircraft as the platform to drop out of radar range and stay undetected. But radar range for any standard equipment tasked with airborne detection has a range well above 30000 feet. This means Batman never did a HALO else he would have been surely caught.

Diana’s Magic Cloak

The No Man’s Land scene in Wonder Woman is one of the best superhero scenes in Hollywood history. As Wonder Woman realises that innocent lives are in danger, she lets go of her cloak and dashes into the battlefield. The cloak then suddenly appears again with Diana wearing it once more right in the next scene. How is it even possible?

Krypton’s yellow sun

Man of Steel is considered to be the greatest superhero origin story of all time. Zack Snyder’s brainchild was lauded for its thought-provoking message and paving a way for the DCEU in the future. It has one huge error though – Krytpon’s star in the movie is shown to be yellow. While in the comic books, it is red. A yellow star is how Superman gets his powers. They did a grave mistake there.

The tale of the disappearing alien goo

When Aquaman saves a fisherman stranded in the sea, he sees a strange alien goo on his hand the moment after he sets the guy on the bar table. The next scene shows Aquaman striding out of the bar but the goo is nowhere to be found. Where is the Goo? Did it move on its own?

How did Clark Kent end up in the Alien excavation site?

Clark has been a wanderer all his life. He does not have a solid background nor does he have the papers to back him up. So how did he manage to be hired as a worker in a secret government site where they are studying aliens? Looks like the government in Man of Steel is just too trustful and never suspects anyone.

Two Laptops

As Bane heads to the trading floor to steal important and highly sensitive data, the goons in his gang decide that it is in their best interest to go mobile. The laptop that is sued to steal the data is seen being loaded by the same goon into the van twice. It is never easy for an editor to do everything perfectly but the fans are not ready to let this one go off the hook.

Disappearing spies in Wonder Woman


After Diana and Steve Trevor land in England, they are pursued by Nazi spies in disguise. They corner both up into a dark English alley way. Wonder Woman makes short work of them soon after but the next scene shows that the unconscious spies are nowhere to be found. They could have woken up and again pursued the duo but somehow, decided not to.

Sinestro’s highly comic book inaccurate Yellow Lantern suit

Green Lantern was a highly ambitious movie. They even thought that the movie will be so well received that they will make a sequel to it. As a result, the post credits of the movie showed Sinestro wearing the Yellow Lantern Ring and turning into Green Lantern’s greatest enemy. The only problem was that Sinestro’s new costume was not the Fear Costume from the comic books.

Joker’s unbleached hand

The Joker got his signature white skin after he fell into chemical vat which led to the permanent bleaching of his skin and the fragmentation of his psyche. That is what the official DCEU explanation is. But in Suicide Squad, we see Jared Leto’s hand is not bleached. It is just normal human coloured Caucasian skin. What the hell!!

The Flight Plan plot hole in The Dark Knight Rises

The CIA gent clearly stated that the flight plan had provision for only one additional passenger. Banes’ entry makes him change his mind. It is more than likely that there were provisions for more than just one passenger and the writers clearly forgot to put in common sense for this one.

Aquaman’s tattoos

Atlantean skin cannot be pierced by ordinary metal. Their physiology makes them so tough and durable that not even bullets from fire-arms could pierce their skin. So how did Arthur Curry end up with those tattoos? Is there an Atlantean tattoo artist on the surface as well? Give s their address we would like to try it out sometime.

Killer Croc is shorter than expected

Killer Croc is said to be at least 8 feet tall in the movie. His enhanced reptilian physiology would make it believable. But when he teams up with the other members of the Squad, his height is just the same as everyone else. Lies!!

Lois Lane messes up Superman’s weight

Superman Returns was all in all, a good movie. But it is hard to ignore a flaw within it sometimes. In the movie, Lois Lane claims Superman is about 6 Foot 4 and is 125 pounds. How can a 125 pound guy be Superman? Clearly she meant 225 Pounds and it was just a slip of tongue.

Flash’s fear

The Parademons feed on fear. They can even sense it. The Flash is visibly scared when the Justice League come to the power plant to battle Steppenwolf. So how did the Parademons not sense the scarlet speedster’s pheromones?

Where is the second victim of Two-Face?

The Dark Knight shows a mind bending scene when Harvey Dent, guardian angel of Gotham City becomes the murdering gangster Two-Face. Gordon claims that Harvey has already taken out two cops. We know that Ramirez was just knocked unconscious by Two-Face. So who is this other mystery cop that Harvey killed?

No Time Zones in Man of Steel

When General Zod broadcasts his creepy “You are not alone” message all throughout the world, we see that the whole world is watching it. But here’s the thing that caught our attention – How come it is night time everywhere? There is no concept of time zones in this Man of Steel scene and it really pisses the fans off.

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