4 Most Terrifying Opening Scenes In The History of Horror Movies

One needs a lot of courage to watch these horror movies. One is definitely prepared that anything can happen. But nobody is cautious from the first scene. The initial scenes of these movies will scare you to an extent that you would be hell scared to watch the rest of the movie. Take a look at these 4 Terrifying opening scenes in the history of horror-movie.

1) Halloween


John Carpenter’s Halloween used a stalking “creep’s eye” point of view for its opening scene. This scary prolog sequence in Halloween in is almost its own mini film. This had an ending twist which is possibly more distressing than the bloody murder that precedes it. Halloween’s unbroken handheld shot is remarkably fluid.

2) Jaws


So, Chrissie basically wanted a relaxing dip on a nice summer night. She might have also been looking forward to getting laid by the drunk hippy she makes eyes with across the beach bonfire. However, this poor girl became the part of the scariest opening scene in all of the horror.

Spielberg made it very clear from the very first scene of this blockbuster that hat kind of a movie this is. He showed us the mighty beast’s ominous point of view. We saw the bloody work being made of Chrissie’s lower half, as she’s whipped around like a fish on a line. It is one of the most undoubted expressions of terror which is ever seen in the movie. I am sure, everyone remembers Chrissie whenever they dip their toes in a dark body of water and decide that maybe dry land is the better bet.

3) The Ring


It takes an old trope, where the two teenagers are telling the story of a legendary boogeyman, which became all the more scarily real. So this was about a VHS tape which is possessed by an evil spirit. The initial scenes of the movie are more like a class in suspense. These are back-and-forth shots of threatening rooms and horrified face. The main card is that one doesn’t even know how the creature works.

4) It Follows


This opening scene got David Robert Mitchell’s ‘It Follows’ a place in the histories of formalist horror. This scene was almost two minutes long. The scene is organized yet very abstract. The audience had no clue about this young woman. The fact the fact that she would be dead before the movie hits the three-minute mark was nowhere close to anyone’s mind. The sound and the wary, tenacious movement of the camera created the sense of an immediate threat.

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