7 Marvel Characters The Joker Could NEVER Break

Since his first appearance in 1940 in the Batman #1, The Joker has been one of the most popular DC villains. He is the most cunning, and a vicious villain who is devoted to creating chaos and mayhem. There is only one thing he believes in and that is that everyone is a lunatic like himself all they need is just a push. The Batman and the Joker have faced each other many times and every time The Joker failed to convert the Batman into something like himself, but that’s the DC universe. Now the Marvel universe is a whole different playground. There are numbers of Marvel antagonist that will definitely go through the lunacy of The Joker because they are themselves formidable. Here are 7 famous Marvel characters The Joker can NEVER drive NUTS.

 1. Deadpool

Deadpool is the best match for The Joker because of he as crazy as Joker himself. Not to give a shit about anyone is the prime rule for him. He engages the world with the outlook which makes no sense to other.

He was a product of the Weapon X program of the Canadian government giving him the healing factor same as the wolverine and physical abilities. He has a lust for men, women and basically everything that moves. He brings violence wherever he goes. He might be the craziest marvel character in the Marvel universe. With all that, joker’s band of crazy folks cannot break him.

2. The Punisher

The Punisher is a real badass in the Marvel universe. He is a crazy, battle-hardened marine with a singular focus. He only believes in justice and that’s it. He’ll kill anybody for the sake of justice – well in one reality – Everybody. In 1990 Marvel/DC crossover Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights joker crossed paths with The Punisher. Actually, The Punisher came to Gotham in a trail of Jigsaw and The Joker gets into a pursuit which led to a joke in Jokers life.

Joker finds himself at the end of the Punisher automatic pistol. This whole scenario brought out something we never see in Joker that is fear.

3. Black Panther

Black Panther is similar to The Batman in many ways. Well, first of all, he’s rich, have endless resources, he intelligent and anticipates the moves of his enemies. But there is one difference and that is he is king and a head of state. He’s wise and knows that every action has the weight tied to it and complies accordingly. If Joker comes up against him he’ll soon know that the Panther won’t allow a threat to him in his state.


Loki is a trickster god of Asgard, also known as the Prince of lies, every time he wakes up his first thought is about how to seize the throne and defeat his brother Thor. He has been in the manipulation business from centuries that Joker is no match for him. He also has the power of Asgard at his disposal. He is skilled in dark magic. Whereas Joker is just a mortal lunatic.

5. Daredevil

Daredevil has handled villains like The Jester. Well, the chemistry between Daredevil and Jester is same as the Batman and the Joker. In a storyline Jester plant fake stories for framing the Daredevil for shooting four policemen to death which was not a success.

Daredevil has faced other villains also like madcap and doctor doom who tried puzzle him. But they didn’t know that he was blind and has an ear radar sense. Plus the Daredevil has gone deep a time or two. Facing the joker would just be another normal day of his vigilant life.

6. Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange, an egoistic surgeon and a person after losing his surgical ability in a car crash led him to travel to someplace in the world seeking restoration. He found enlightenment instead, as he learned the skill and spells that made him earth’s sorcerer supreme.

He fought demons, mystical being, and gods from alternative dimensions and universe. Doctor Strange is much more capable than the Jokers manipulations and mind games. If he can defeat multidimensional creature than a psychopathic clown is nothing for him.

7. Thanos


The mad god of Titan, with the ultimate strength, cosmic level power, and unmatched cruelty. Thanos is more than a match for the joker. Manic as he is, the Joker cannot think on the scale of gods, after all, he just a lunatic human clown.

Thanos killed his own parents, destroyed his home world, conquered numerous planets and slaughtered the inhabitants, went around the universe killing his own children, as I see it Joker is just a baby against him.

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