10 Things We Would Definitely Like To See In Marvel’s Loki Tv Series!!

The Loki TV Show was a long time coming. Tom Hiddleston had absolutely nailed it as the Asgardian God of Mischief in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His journey from a guy trying to do the right thing the wrong way to being a guy that embraces the evil within him only to transition into someone that hovers somewhere around the gray line to become Marvel’s first true anti-hero, Loki has had terrific character development ever since he was first introduced into the Marvel movies.

So when Thanos snapped his neck like a little twig at the very beginning of Infinity War, a huge chunk of our hearts ached collectively. Even after his ‘death’ in Avengers: Infinity War, his popularity has only managed to increase for some strange reason. This is the reason Disney has decided to cash in on his popularity and give the fans exactly what they need.

Disney+ is Disney’s official streaming service which is about to launch soon. Amongst a variety of shows planned for the streaming service, one is Loki. But can they do justice to the character and its millions of fans all over the world? Let’s see what the fans would expect from a Loki TV Series.

Dark Humor

Marvel’s Loki Tv Series

Loki may have decided to run into the light but he has always been a guy with a twisted sense of humor. He is a God of the Night and loves to make people dance to his tunes. The way the MCU was always hell-bent to portray him as a light-hearted villain has always angered the fans. Loki is not a kid. He is a guy who loves to crack the occasional joke but he is also a guy with a purpose.

Thor: Ragnarok managed to touch on to that subject but they only managed to scrape the tip of the iceberg on that one. Loki has a dark, twisted sense of humor and he uses that even in the most precarious of situations in the comic books. If an entire TV Series is being dedicated to Loki, we would love to see that comic book element being dragged into the small screens.

Dive deeper into Asgardian mythology

Marvel’s Loki Tv Series

Well, not all of the TV Show but a few spotlights on the mythology of Asgard would be appreciated. We have had three Thor movies. Not one was able to shine some significant light into the rich back history of Asgard. We know about Ragnarok but do we know that Ragnarok is not actually the end of Asgard but the decimation of an old Asgard to make way for a new one. Do you guys know that the version of Thor, Odin and the rest of the Norse Gods you see in the movies are actually reincarnations?

Avengers 4 Thor Ragnarok

There have been hundreds of Thors and hundreds of Lokis and Odins since Ragnarok is a cyclical process and happens after a set interval of time. There is a lot about the mythological aspect that the MCU could not explore due to the constraint of time. They need to do so in the Loki TV Show.

Introduce Odin’s third son

How many of you guys know that there were three and not two sons of Odin and Freya? Thor and Loki had another brother in the mythology as well as the comic books but the movies never mentioned him. His name was Baldur and he was Odin’s firstborn ergo the rightful heir to the Asgardian Throne.

Marvel’s Loki Tv Series

His death was tragic and would make a good storyline. Why was Thor made Odin’s firstborn in the movies is a logic that will forever escape us. They need to at least mention Baldur or even better, introduce him into the MCU by making him appear in a flashback sequence of some sort.

Explore Loki and his parents’ relationship


Loki was a troubled guy. Ever since he was a toddler, he had been a problem child for both Odin and Freya. Loki’s relationship with his father was crude yet complicated. Loki loved his father but also loathed him for always seeing him in Thor’s shadow. Loki’s relationship with his mother is one of the most heart touching elements of his character development arc. The guy who was ready to rule humankind and massacre millions of people if need be was devastated after hearing the news of his mother’s death. Both relationships are actually shown worthy and need to be explored in finer detail.

The Trial of Loki storyline

Marvel’s Loki Tv Series

When we first read The Killing Joke, we were given a primary point of view of how the Joker sees the world. How he believes that the world is actually insane and he is the only sane man in the world trying to give it some course correction is something that rung hard with the readers. The Trial of Loki is to Marvel what The Killing Joke is to DC – a prima facie experience as to what made the God of Mischief, originally a good guy, tick himself out of the flow and become the bad guy.

The TV Show could take several leaves from this comic book arc and show the audience how Loki’s feeling of being the outcast in the family and his place in Asgard made him do such horrifying things. While it is no justification for his crimes, it might help us understand the character better.

His love life

Marvel’s Loki Tv Series

Loki has had a colorful life. He has been around. And we are not talking about Asgard or Earth but different planets and even realms. He has fathered hundreds of children and mastered the art of seduction, using his ‘pelvic sorcery’ to lure several innocent women to open up their hearts to him. Loki is the God of Mischief but he is also the God of Womanizing. Amora the Enchantress, Lady Sif, and even Black Widow have succumbed to his charms. The TV Show needs to shine some serious light onto that.

A better costume

The horns and the gold armor might look cool in the comics, but they look hideous in the movies. Besides for making a good grappling point for Hulk to smash him into the ground, the horns serve absolutely no purpose. When he is not wearing that armor, Loki is mostly seen in a leather jacket and green undershirt. The wardrobe needs to change. Loki deserves a better class of wardrobe than what Marvel currently has in store for him.

Loki as a woman

Loki’s mastery of the dark arts of magic is so strong that he can even use it to change his own gender. Lady Loki has appeared many times in the comics but her most notable appearance was in Loki: Agent of Asgard. In another instance, Loki possesses Lady Sif and sleeps with his own brother. That may sound yucky and we do not want the show to go that deep. Just a glimpse of Lady Loki here and there in the show is all we ask.

Loki’s New Avengers

Marvel’s Loki Tv Series

The Loki we know is a scheming, devious God who will go to any lengths to get what he wants, including creating his own version of the Avengers. In The Trials of Loki storyline, Loki combines several comic book heroes and villains together to create his own version of the Avengers. Emma Frost and Wolverine combine to become Diamond Patch while Ms. Marvel and Kang the Conqueror come together to become Ms. Kang. While it might not be for all of the characters to appear in the show, two or three that actually do not have any inter-studio restriction might be game.


Thanos Avengers Infinity War

We want more of Loki. Period!! The show may be featured within the MCU where Loki supposedly dies at the hands of Thanos but we sure would hate to watch the guy die for a second time. The first time alone was excruciating enough. Marvel needs to come up with a way to keep the God of Mischief alive for another season. Fake his death in the MCU or turn back the wheels of time in Avengers: endgame to resurrect him, we do not care. Just don’t you dare kill him, Marvel!! We are watching.

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