7 Paramount statements of Monica Geller

Monica Geller is a control freak. She is so obsessed with arranging things and for that matter her life in a particular manner. It is difficult for her to accept any change (unless and until she is the one who brought that change). Monica is exceedingly organized and persistent. I am sure you remember the way she took control of Phoebe’s wedding. Everything was timed. And for that matter when Rachel tried to clean the living area and introduced a change, which obviously was not welcomed by her. But having said that she is the Ms. Dependable of the group. Let’s have a look at her 7 paramount statements:

Of course, nobody can tell Monica Geller what to do. She does this for herself and everyone for that matter.


Well, that’s Monica Geller, you gotta trust her words.


She is Monica Geller and she is absolutely right. She is the hostess.


Monica is a perfectionist. She wants to be best at everything. Oops..she is the .I guess.


Like the other members of her gang, she too has had her ups and downs in the relationship.


When Monica got drunk…..


Monica is funny and has a good sense of humor….I mean sarcasm…. 🙂


Misha Mehta

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